So, last night was the first SNL of 2011. Jim Carrey hosted with musical guest The Black Keys (who hail from Akron, OH… my place of residence for almost 20 years… I totally went to high school with their brothers… then in college I sat next to one of said brothers in my freshman year history class…)

Anyway, The Black Keys are awesome. But besides that, SNL was actually pretty decent for the most part last night, and I believe that is due mostly to Carrey’s go-for-broke comedy style, as well as some select choice sketches.

My favorite sketch of the whole night was the Amusement Park bit. This was amazing to watch in High Definition… Jim Carrey, featured actor Taran Killam, and Bill Hader *made* this sketch brilliant. It wasn’t a super funny sketch by any means, but the body language and commitment to the Merryville Brothers was amazing.

I can’t get over how great this is… and superb sketch-length. Not even 3 minutes… brilliant. Way to go, SNL. Finally did something right this season…

I slept in this morning as I am still off my schedule due to working extremely late the other night. Tomorrow night I work from 8 pm – 3 am (but we all know that’ll probably be 4:30 or 5 am… blah), so I’ll be out of whack for a couple days more.

I was going to go to a movie today, but decided against it. Maybe tomorrow morning, depending on when I get up. I am seeing 2 movies this week, by hook or by crook.

Instead, I did laundry, coded for a while (I only have 7 more years to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), played some Wii Sports and Dance on Broadway, and watched Spring Breakdown (big disappointment like whoa, despite some of my favorite female comedians being in it). I also watched some old SNLs with my dad (Netflix is the best!!!).

And now I’ll catch up on some blogs I’ve been reading, and then read some more of a Carol Burnett autobiography I picked up at the library the other day. She’s a classy broad.

Have a good one!