Wow, I did not sleep much last night. I’m still thrown off from those late night Inventory shifts. I hope to sleep some tonight… please, let me sleep some tonight.

The alarm went off at 7:30 and I just stayed in bed for five minutes. I looked at the clock and seriously tried to will it to go back in time a bit, just so I could get some proper sleep. Alas.

I got up, ate some oatmeal and put on my work clothes. I sang really loudly to Glee in my car to try and wake myself up. Work was pretty slow for most of the day… I straightened up a bit and spent a good hour or two folding rugs and bath mats. I had so much lint all over me, I can’t imagine what the customers thought. I was thankful to leave on time for once. I got my stuff, put my AVPM/Glee mix in and drove off to fill up my car with gas before I went home.

I chose poorly and was waiting behind some car whose owner pretty much had just abandoned it at the pump. I switched pumps and luckily the guy I was behind now was walking out of the gas station when I pulled up. Success.

Upon arrival at the casa, I got my comfy clothes on and had an orange while watching Jeopardy. I love that Jeopardy is on at 4:30 here, and I love that I still know most of the questions to the answers. Makes me feel like I haven’t quite lost it yet.

Mom made hotdish for dinner and we watched an episode of Bones from Season 3. I have seen every Bones episode (especially seasons 1-4) about a bajillion times. So, I always know who the murderer is, and I always know if/when there are going to be cute Booth and Bones scenes. So, it’s fun to watch my mom watch the episodes.

After dinner, I grabbed a shower before I nestled back into my chair to watch the PBS American Masters series… they were featuring Jeff Bridges tonight. And I looooooooooooooove Jeff Bridges. I have seen a majority of his films. In fact, except for Tron Legacy, I saw every film of his that they showed a clip from/talked about. Jeff Bridges is such an amazing actor, and he seems like a genuinely stand-up guy. Plus, he’s sexy as hell… even still. Day-yum. Jeff Bridges. An American Master, for sure.

Because of the special that was on broadcast TV celebrating the survivors, victims, doctors and those affected by Saturday’s shootings, I was able to watch the whole Jeff Bridges show *and* Modern Family. (For the record, I did watch chunks of the Arizona special. I think it’s great that President Obama recognized those involved and was bringing to light the severity of this incident, as well as the hope we have to pull through this.)

Modern Family was great, as per usual. “Croctopus” is such a great word.

And now I’ll finish typing this (well, finding links) and then catch up on some blogs I read. You know, if I spent half as much time working and doing my own writing as I do reading other people’s blogs, I would get sooooooo much work and writing done. But I don’t. So I don’t. I will work on that in the coming weeks… for reals.

Blogs, then reading then sleep. I am so tired, and I really want to watch an episode of Six Feet Under, but sleep is too important. Plus, I gotta rest up… going to see The Fighter and go shopping with my mom tomorrow. Woot

Have a good one.