I have two phobias that outweigh all of my other phobias combined:

1. E.T. (yes, the little alien guy from the movie of the same name)
2. Tornadoes

I have been scared of E.T. ever since I was a little girl. He gives me the willies and I still have to sleep facing a wall because I have this feeling that if I don’t face a wall, I’ll wake up and see E.T. next to my bed. I know this is highly unlikely, but I can’t risk it. Besides intruders, E.T. is the reason I sleep with my softball bat next to my bed.

And then there are tornadoes. Now, I’ve never been in a tornado. But, I saw Twister in theaters and that has f-ed me up ever since. (Somehow the tornado from The Wizard of Oz never scared me, but those ones in Twister have made me the most sky-aware person you will ever know.)

For many, many years, I have had several nightmares per year featuring tornadoes. The location is always somewhere I am very familiar with. The people I’m with are either family, friends and/or famous people. And it’s usually the same kind of scenario… everyone is talking and having a good time, and then all of a sudden the sky goes weird and one or more tornadoes form off in the distance. Me and the others are forced to take cover and/or lie/crouch down in a ditch with our arms covering our necks like we did during tornado drills in elementary school. No one ever gets sucked up or blown away, and the tornadoes usually disappear off into the distance once they’ve past, or just disappear altogether. Even though there are no casualties, the nightmares usually disturb me enough to wake me up and make sure that I am in my bed and not in the tornado-infested area.

Last night, I experiences yet another tornado. However, I will not categorize this one as a nightmare, but a dream as it ended up being pretty awesome because of the celebrity appearances (Alec Baldwin was in the one that took place at Hardesty Park in Akron, OH).

Like they say in Inception, I don’t know how the dream started, but I was already in the swing of things.

In the first part of the dream, some family and friends and I were out at some buffet and we were sharing with each other hand-drawn pictures that we ourselves had drawn. Upon exiting, we were walking to the entrance of the movie theater that I frequent here.

Then, I was in some sort of office setting. I was sitting on a chair in a circle of chairs with colleagues (who I didn’t recognize) having some sort of meeting. We all had pens and reporters notebooks. The phone in the office rang, and it was Darrn Criss leaving a message for me. Embarrassed, I got up from my chair and went to the office to try to jot down the phone number he was leaving, but I missed it. The message light was blinking, indicating that there were several messages on the machine. I pressed the button and it was him, rambling on but saying different things than the message we all heard to begin with.

Later, I was in Akron, OH on the street where I grew up. I wasn’t in my house, but the house next door – the one we shared a driveway with. However, instead of being that house, it was more of a barn/wooden storage facility. The same family some friends from the buffet/movie were there, but there were to be others as well. While my family and friends were chatting, I noticed that Darren Criss was sitting by himself underneath one of the windows facing the driveway. I walked over to him and asked if I could join him. We started talking about the Chronicles of Narnia movies. I mentioned how I saw The Lion, the With and the Wardrobe in theaters and told him that I initially didn’t like it, but upon second viewing thought it was okay. I mentioned how I saw Prince Caspian and didn’t like it, and had now interest in seeing The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

As we were talking, the sky went dark and it was thundering and lightning. The wind whipped the large tree across the street so hard I thought it would rip out from its roots. There were no tornado sirens, but we could see through the front window that a tornado had formed and was coming our direction. Everyone stopped what they were doing and laid down, face down on the floor, and put their arms over the back of their necks. As the tornado approached our building, Darren Criss was talking to distract me from the tornado. Even though the wind was so loud and the nearby trees were shaking, he remained calm. I’m surprised I didn’t wake up because in the dream I was shaking and just knew that this time, I was a goner. Although my face was facing the floor, I could see out of my peripherals that the tornado was coming up our street and headed toward us. It ended up swirling left into our driveway, right between the houses, and then it stopped. The sun came out and the tornado got smaller and smaller until it just disappeared back up into the sky.

Everyone went outside to survey the damage. Our brick street was torn up pretty bad, as was our driveway. It was afternoon, but going on dusk. As the sun began to set and we were all still outside, a car followed by several cop cars came speeding down our block. The car didn’t stop in time and it ended up crashing onto the brick rubble down the block a bit. The cop cars stopped in time to flank the crashed car.

As the sun finally set, all our neighbors came out and we had a block party. There was a big bonfire and everyone was having a good time. Then, Will Ferrell, Ana Gasteyer, Seth Meyers, Rachel Dratch, Chris Parnell and Amy Poehler showed up. They were all wearing red t-shirts. Ferrell had this huge Earth ball-like thing that he kept rolling toward people. While in the driveway, he rolled the ball toward me and was goading me on in some ridiculous voice. As the ball knocked me down, I began quoting Shakespeare.

And then I woke up and saw it was 10:01 am.

Bonkers, right? I didn’t watch anything SNL related yesterday, but yet there they all were… I guess Darren Criss was there because I watched some of A Very Potter Musical last night, and he is the background on my computer. But I have no idea why we would discuss the Chronicles of Narnia movies. That’s just silly… As for the Shakespeare, that doesn’t make any sense either. I definitely haven’t been keeping up with the Bard as of late.

So I will probably have another tornado dream/nightmare in a few months. Hopefully it’s as entertaining as this one. (It was entertaining to me… probably not to you people who read this.)

But I totally slept, and I slept in. Woot.

It snowed some this morning, but my mom and I still decided to go to the mall (had to do a return and then I wanted to go to Victoria’s Secret. Too bad they don’t sell bigger bra sizes, as $12.99 is ridonkulously cheap. Alas.) and then to see The Fighter.

The Fighter was great. It did wrap up nicely with a bow, but on a whole I dug it. The ensemble was amazing. Christian Bale best get the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. For reals, yo. He’s so good, he’s scary. And Melissa Leo?! Amazing. But I love Mark Wahlberg… even though Mickey Ward is similar to several other characters he’s played before. I’m glad I saw it before the Golden Globes this weekend.

After the movie, my mom and I came home, drank some hot tea/cocoa (it’s coooooold here, yo) and then did our carido boxing/latin dance workout. We were both tired, so we didn’t last long. We watch some Bones with dinner, then I started watching Barry Munday. It’s only meh. But I love Patrick Wilson and Judy Greer.

I work all day tomorrow, but then have the weekend off. I hope to finish coding. And I’m soooooo looking forward to the Golden Globes!!

Have a good one