I’m sure I had pleasant dreams last night, but I do not recall them at the moment. I am bonkers tired, so this will likely be quick.

I woke up at 9:00 (thanks, alarm) and worked from 11:30-8. It snowed about 3 inches by time I left work and the roads were not awesome. But, Blue Car handled the roads well, and my Pop mix-CD knew well enough to play all of the Lady Gaga songs in a row, even though it was set on Random!!

I got home and had an orange and some tea while my parents and I re-watched part of last week’s SNL. Neither of them had seen the Merryville brothers sketch, so I made sure to tell them to pay attention. My dad howled. It’s one of the best sketches ever.

I just saw that Jesse Eisenberg will be hosting SNL on January 29th. Woot!! I love him and have been a fan since The Squid and the Whale. All you people who are just jumping on the Eisenberg bandwagon because of Zombieland and The Social Network, shame on you! Just kidding… 🙂 But you should see his earlier stuff too! I hope he does a sketch where he plays Michael Cera… that would be so funny.

I don’t have to work all weekend, which is great because I do not want to be out driving in the snow. I am going to the library with my parents tomorrow, but my dad will drive. New SNL on tomorrow night, yay.

And then Sunday are the Golden Globes!!!!! I’ll post my reactions on Monday night, likely. I am super duper pumped. Every year for the past 9 or 10 years, my sister and I have written down our picks and then we see who gets the most right… it’s usually me. I hope to continue my streak 🙂

Well, I am sleepy, so I’m gonna go read some blogs and finish my Carol Burnett book so I can return it tomorrow!

Have a good one