Glee (re-run) Tuesday!

And boy, did I need that.

I slept better than the night before but still didn’t get a solid night’s worth of ZZZZZZs last night. What the what, sleep?! I got up around 8:30 and had an orange and some cinnamon swirl bread with vanilla frosting on it (don’t knock it till you try it). My mom and I were out the door around 9:30 to run some errands. Post office to mail my sister’s b-day package, Target so I could buy a puffy vest (which I couldn’t buy because they only had 1, and it was a size Small… HA) and so my mom could print out a bunch of pictures, Panera for a bagel, and then the grocery store. We were home by noon – woot.

I was a bit pissed about the vest… I was going to go get a few the other week, but put it off because of the weather. I’ll try another Target in the area. Plus, I was just in a pissy mood today. PMS, probably. I was just really down on myself… I got a lot going on in my mind grapes. Work, thesis stuff, the weather, more thesis stuff, personal stuff. You know. Stress. Blah.

I cheered up this afternoon, though, thankfully. My mom and I worked out to our latin dance/cardio boxing and Broadway dancing Wii games. We decided to do the Expert level on the latin dance and cardio boxing. That was a hot mess and a half, but it burned a bunch of calories and we had a good laugh.

After that I went down to my room to check email and see if there was a new chapter of Dalton to read. There wasn’t (and still isn’t – alas). I texted with Robin for a bit, which was good times. Between her job hunting and my thesis issues, we got a lot of frustration to deal with. Epic blah all around.

I had to go because our house phone rang – it was my grandmother! It was nice to chat with her for a bit, as I hadn’t talked to her since Christmas. My grandfather was out fishing, so I didn’t get a chance to talk to him. I love them both so much 🙂 It’s strange… less than 10 years ago, I had 3 great-grandparents and 4 grandparents. After my great-grandmother passed away last summer, now I’m just down to 2 grandparents. I very much miss my relatives who have passed away. But, I know that I am a lucky girl to have known all of them in my lifetime, and got to know them too. I have fond memories with all of my late great/grandparents. And for that I am thankful.

After talking with Grammy, I went upstairs and made some tea. My throat is epically scratchy because of the weather – boo. I got some covers and snuggled up in a chair in the living room and watched the remake of Fame. It wasn’t that great… but I wasn’t a huge fan of the first one either. However, I do enjoy the premise – a performing arts school with drama 🙂 In another life, I would like to be one of those people. I love singing, dancing and acting. But I’m not super awesome at any of those skills. I can hold my own, but I’m nowhere near good enough to make a living performing.

After that, my dad came home and we had dinner and watched HIMYM. I laughed because it was the episode that featured a boy I went to college and worked on two student videos with – Brian Kubach. I was in an acting class with him, and then he ended up playing the lead in one of the student videos I worked on, and then a supporting role in one that I actually wrote the script for. Crazy times. He was in an episode of Hannah Montana, a few episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place and was more recently in Piranha.

After HIMYM, it was time for Glee! It was the rerun of “Never Been Kissed,” one of my favorite episodes 🙂

I first and foremost love this episode because it is the first one that featured Darren Criss as Blaine. And Blaine singing “Teenage Dream” with the Warblers is one of my favorite music performances on that show… it’s so flippin’ catchy and adorable all at the same time. Darren Criss’s eyebrows are the best eyebrows of all time. They even have a website (Well, Blaine’s eyebrows do)…

The other music numbers in this episode are solid as well. I especially love “Start Me Up/Livin’ on a Prayer” because “Livin’ on a Prayer” is one of my favorite songs of all time. I know that’s a cliche, but I friggin’ love that song. And anytime I hear it, I sing it loud and proud. That key change is so money. And the boy’s mashup of “Stop in the Name of Love/Free Your Mind” is great too. I love their blue coats 🙂

Another reason why I love the episode is that it really starts the Kurt/Karofsky/school bullying/self acceptance arc that we are in the middle of right now in the season. Karofsky was just the football player jerk guy who slushied everyone… but this episode marks his character’s giant leap into the Glee history books as the guy who kissed Kurt. All that anger, frustration and confusion… oh what glorious socially relevant television.

My dad and I actually had a decent conversation about Glee during Glee. Usually he rags on me and my love of the show, but he liked the Warblers. Though he thought it was a bit odd for a group of guys to be singing this particular Katy Perry song, he thought that this song was better produced than the other ones. (He always comments how auto-tuned all the Glee kids sound.) I also explained to him how the guy who plays Blaine is the same guy who plays Harry Potter in the StarKid Very Potter Musical and Sequel. (He’s seen clips from both because I tend to watch them via Youtube on our Wii or Blu-ray player…)

I am so friggin’ looking forward to new episodes of Glee, starting up February 6th after the Super Bowl. I keep looking on Google and whatnot for spoilers about upcoming episodes. I know some of the songs that will be sung, but I am very much looking forward to where the Karofsky/Kurt/Blaine stories will go.

After Glee, we watched that Million Dollar Drop show. We laughed SO HARD when that couple lost the whole million because they didn’t know who was on the dime. COME ON! We were glad the next couple won $300,000 – but seriously, if I were playing, I would have had the whole million. Which is why they probably wouldn’t let someone like me on that show. I wouldn’t make for good TV. I wouldn’t hem and haw over stupid trivia, because I know stupid trivia. And I would have gotten all of those questions right without second guessing myself on any of them.

I went downstairs after that show to brush my teeth and get ready to type this up/read/go to sleep.

While brushing my teeth, I had my iPod on (as per usual). As much as I listen to Glee and showtunes, the three songs I ended up flipping through were:

Jason Derulo – In My Head

Ludacris – One More Drink

Faith Hill – Cry

And wouldn’t you know, I know all the words to all those songs… “In My Head” is one of my favorite songs to dance to/sing along to like an idiot. It’s soooooooooo good. (Even if the music video is a total rip off of Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You” video. You know it is…)

I love my eclectic taste in music.

Well, time to read and then sleep. Gotta be up at 7:30 for work at 9:45. Only workin’ till 4 – woot. And then American Idol starts tomorrow night… I guess I’ll give this season a whirl. Sigh

Have a good one