This is a problem I’ve had for a while… I hated coming up with titles for term papers, projects, and scripts. When I wrote for an Indiana pop culture magazine, I always had trouble coming up with good titles for my entertainment stories. I would submit a whole bunch and my editor would always just make one up before my stuff ran. My lack of skills when it comes to titling things came to a climax during my News Editing class the summer before I started graduate J-school. Coming up with headlines and sub-heads for my newspaper layouts was a hot mess and a half. I remember that class was coming to an end one day and I was just having the worst time trying to come up with a catchy, brief, but awesome headline. I think I ended up typing “I HATE THIS” where the headline was supposed to go (or something along those lines…). It was just frustrating.

The reason my suckiness of coming up with headlines and titles is on my mind is that today I was trying to come up with an awesome title for my thesis. Instead, I just ended up making it longer and even more boring-sounding, which sucks because my thesis topic is AWESOME. I’m just sayin’, it’s gonna knock the socks off of the masses when this shit finally gets done.

Oh, thesis. Why do you bog me down so?

Today I made some progress of my own… I edited my coding key and sheet (though I might have made the key a bit worse… I’m too verbose). I also went through my Works Cited page and double checked that I actually had all of my sources listed. I forgot one,, so I added that in. Nice. I also took out the one Wikipedia citation that I had. It wasn’t necessary, and just made me look like an idiot for citing Wikipedia.

I’m always worried about citations. I know a decent amount about the topic I’m working on, as well as some background information about the film industry that I’ve picked up from film classes or my leisure reading. So, sometimes I know facts and whatnot off the top of my head. But I’m worried that people won’t believe that I just know this random stuff. So then I have to go out of my way and find someone else who had the same thoughts and facts and cite them. Bah!

I emailed my thesis chair again and re-sent him my stuff. I asked if I could call him next week on one of my day’s off, as I am fearful I am not on the right track to completing my thesis in time to graduate in June. I need to be done by the end of this school year. The rest of my life needs to start, and in order for that to happen, my thesis needs to be DONE. So, hopefully he’ll acknowledge my concerns and we’ll be able to get this straightened out.

So, last night after I posted, I was browsing around on some blogs like I do and saw that Chris Colfer and Darren Criss were to be on the cover of this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. My heart leapt a bit, as j’adore them both. I always get my EWs on Thursdays, so today I was beyond looking forward to getting the mail. When the mail finally came at 6 pm, my mom handed me the stack and I dug through it to get to my magazine. My magazine was ripped!!!! 😦 There was a giant tear right through Darren Criss’s face! I am going to have EW send me another issue… but I can’t do that for about a week because they don’t have this issue in the Customer Service queue yet. Booooooooooooo

Besides thesis stuff and torn magazines, the rest of my day was spent dancing and reading. My mom and I were crazy people again and decided to do the Expert level on our latin dance/cardio boxing game. At least we had mostly good songs today… Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Madonna. It’s way easier to dance and punch it out when there is a good song playing. After that, we did a bunch of the Dance on Broadway dances too. I do really good on the tap numbers for some reason, which doesn’t make any sense at all.

After our crazy dancing, I went back to my room to read the latest installment of Dalton. This is the closest thing to a soap opera that I’ve ever been into. Holy hell, it’s addictive. And it’s sooooooo cheeseball, but I love it. It helps pass the time while I wait for new Glee episodes.

Tonight we watched American Idol again (I am really liking this season thus far… all two episodes) and Bones. I am so looking forward to next week’s Gravedigger episode! After that, I actually got to watch 30 Rock (return of Cheyenne Jackson – yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!)! Since 30 Rock used to be up against Bones, I would miss it live and have to watch it on the computer. BUT since NBC changed it’s lineup for tonight, 30 Rock is on after Bones – woot! (BTW – I finally broke up with Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve missed 2 episodes and I don’t even miss it. Yay!)

All in all, a grand night for television 🙂

I work all day tomorrow (9:45-5:30), but then have the weekend off! My sister is supposed to be on TV on Saturday afternoon, so it looks like I’ll have to watch college basketball. Boooooo 😦 But I love my sister, so I will watch. It’s her b-day on Monday. This is her first b-day in 4 years where we won’t get to celebrate together. Sadness 😦

Well, off to read. I’m gonna try and finish my Gilda Radner book tonight… that might not happen But I will try!

Have a good one