Didn’t sleep. I was burning up like whoa… which doesn’t make any sense because last night was the coldest night it’s been around here. But I was in shorts and a t-shirt and kicked off my socks and camping bag and was just down to two comforters. I basically spent a majority of the night trying to spoon the wall because it was nice and cold and I felt like I was on fuego.

I was up at 7:30 this morning to be at work for 9:35. My car thankfully started on its third try. It was so cold out that my nose hairs were freezing together. I think it was -14 when I left the house (not including the wind chill). Brrrr. I sang really loudly to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry music on the way to work. That seemed to help a bit.

Work was soooooo boring for the first couple hours because I was by myself and there were no customers because it was so cold. Things picked up after the girl I was working with arrived. I helped her for most of the day – we changed out some beds and put spring patterned stuff out instead. I suck at folding sheets. Like a lot. But I was doing pretty well with pillowcases. And I used a steamer for the first time ever in my life. I also got picked on multiple times for how I saw the word “water”. For the record, I say it exactly how my parents say it. Some of my relatives say it like that too…


That’s my aunt and uncle at the end of the video (starting at 2:02). Her salon was messed up pretty bad in that explosion. I’m just really glad they are all right. One of my cousins was there that night too… she posted some pictures of the explosion and the aftermath on her Facebook page. Whoa. I can’t believe they were right there when it happened.

I got out of work around 5:30ish and drove home through the snow, cold and traffic. Glad to be off for the weekend, for sure.

We had dinner and watched some HIMYM. We got Kick-Ass in the mail from Netflix, so we watched that. My dad and I like that kind of overtly violent movie. We could tell my mom wasn’t very into it, but she watched the whole thing with us. It wasn’t the best movie ever (and I won’t need to see the sequel), but it was entertaining and parts of it made me laugh out loud.

Time to read a bit and try to sleep. I was going to try and watch an episode of Six Feet Under, but I doubt I’ll last.

Gonna watch the Kansas basketball game tomorrow, as my sister will be there and will likely be on TV at some point. Woot.

Have a good one