So, that’s what I did for a good chunk of my day.

I tried to sleep in, but that didn’t happen. So I was out of bed by 8 to watch the news and have breakfast with my parents. Then my dad and I watched Tommy Mac on PBS at 9 – we friggin’ love his woodworking show. I’m neither here nor there with his woodworking skills, I just like his accent, the t-shirt and how he always says “Nice.”. It makes me laugh 🙂

After that, I changed into my workout clothes and my mom and I played Wii sports, Latin Dance/Cardio Boxing and Dance on Broadway. We opted to do the “Challenge” level on Latin Dance/Cardio Boxing. It wasn’t too hard, but it was definitely a faster pace than some of the other ones. At least we got to box to Jai Ho. I love that song! My mom still manages to beat me at the Dance on Broadway, which is frustrating. I’m going to have to practice when she’s out so I can get the top scores back. Yes, I’m that competitive.

This afternoon, I watched a bunch parts from A Very Potter Musical while we were waiting for the Texas vs. Kansas basketball game to start. The first time I saw AVPM was on my computer on youtube, so it was a pretty small screen. However, through the gloriousness of Blu-ray, you can access youtube through your television (and ours is ginormous) and can watch youtube videos the size of your television screen. It was basically like watching a DVD – Nice. 😉

I put a pause button on the glorious StarKids and my parents and I watched the basketball game, hoping to get a glimpse of my sister (she’s the director of the pep band). We thought we saw her once, but when she called after the game and we asked if she was wearing a white puffy vest, she said she wasn’t. So, we didn’t actually see her, but we saw some of the band a few times. I strongly dislike watching basketball and shan’t watch again. Unless Kansas makes into March madness… but only for them.

After the game we had dinner and watched the news. Oh look, cold weather. Booo….

My dad went downstairs to work on something in his workroom, so I put AVPM back on to finish it up. My mom watched it with me (well, she was reading and playing Sodoku and doing a crossword puzzle throughout), but I explained that the plot points were mostly accurate ones from the books. She’s seen movies 1-6, so doesn’t really know what the 7th one is about. She didn’t see Part 1 w/me when I saw it, so she’ll have to wait for both parts to come out on DVD.

I, on the other hand, know my HP movies and books frontwards and backwards. And I know AVPM and AVPS frontwards and backwards by now… Thank Rumbleroar for StarKid. I am so looking forward to Starship 🙂

Now, I know I am a late-comer to StarKid. And I only really found out about them because of my love of Darren Criss on Glee. But I am a StarKid admirer through and through. I watched Little White Lie, Me and My Dick, AVPM and AVPS *and* have some of the songs/soundtracks. Though, to be fair, when I bought my pink sunglasses last night, I had to get them from Darren’s website and not StarKid b/c StarKid was out of neon pink ones… and I needed the neon pink ones, not only because Darren wears the neon pink ones, but because I love neon pink. I’ve had my neon pink shoes (2 pairs, yo) for longer than I’ve known about Darren Criss and/or StarKid. So, the pink glasses will match my shoes, a few of my purses, my rainboots, etc…

Well, I should be off as there is not much else to report. I did finish that Gilda Radner autobiography. I’m now starting a book about Paul Newman (I love non-fiction books like whoa). I also am at a temporary stand-still on my thesis stuff. Still haven’t heard from my thesis chair. I predict a phone call this week… this shit needs to get done, yo.

I started an episode of Six Feet Under last night that I need to finish. Also reading. Also sleep… I’m crazy tired (even though I totally fell asleep during the basketball game. Hmmm…)

So, have a good one!