When I was a little girl, I rooted for the Packers because (1) I thought Brett Favre was cute (remember when he had braces?! He was so young… ) and (2) I loved the Cheese Head hat.

Well, here I am a bajillion years later, and I’m still rooting for the Packers.


Because Brett Favre no longer plays for them (I lost a lot of respect for him these past couple years), I really like their QB Aaron Rodgers (he throws really well… and he’s pretty cute too) and I’m still a fan of the Cheese Head hat.

Nothing against Da Bears, but I wanted the Packers to win and make it to the Super Bowl. And they did! What a great game too… and I’m not even a huge football fan. But that was a *great* game.

Now I’m kinda watching the Steelers vs. Jets game. Even though I was born in PA a bit south of Pittsburgh, I’m rooting for the Jets. But it’s half time and the Jets are losing like whoa, so I think I’ll just have to settle with one of my teams making it to the Super Bowl.

Besides physically sitting on the couch the whole afternoon/evening (with my OU blanket and Glee pillow… you know you’re jealous) and watching football, I did read some more of the Paul Newman book I started last night. It’s really good (it’s “Paul and Me” by A.E. Hotchner… a great read for any fan of Paul Newman, for sure).

And this morning, after watching the news and whatnot, my mom and I Wii bowled and then played Dance on Broadway for awhile. During “Little Shop of Horrors,” I jumped up with my arms straight above my head (as per the directions on the game at that point in the song) and I mashed my Wii-mote and my left fingers into one of the support beams on our living room ceiling. I had to pause the game I was laughing so hard… I seriously thought I was going to pee my pants. I actually got a high score today on Cabaret‘s “Money,” but I was sad that my mom beat my high score on the title track to Thoroughly Modern Millie. Sadness.

I have to work tomorrow, then I’m off for two days. I hope to make some progress on my thesis proposal then. Then I work Thursday morning and all day Friday.

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday! I’ll call and leave a message during the day and will try and call her again when I get home from work. She had a party last night, but seeing how she’s in Kansas and I’m not, I couldn’t go. Alas. She and I are trying to figure out when she can come and visit me, or when I can go down and visit her.

Well, back to the game and reading… Jets are down 24-3. Unless a Christmas Miracle happens, the Super Bowl will be Packers vs. Steelers. GO PACKERS!

Have a good one 🙂