So, a work colleague and I had way too much fun at work tonight. We were super bored and both our work areas were pretty straight, so we came up with a game. We would each hide an object in the other one’s work area and then have to find it.

Sounds pretty childish and stupid, eh?

You betcha…

But the objects were a small, wooden ketchup bottle and a lone Wise Man from one of our damaged Nativity scenes. So, that made it infinitely more funny… especially when she hid the Wise Man in a potted plant, so it looked like he was kneeling down in the shade behind a tree.

We were bored. It was funny to us. Go ahead and judge.

I worked from 3-9:15 and then zipped home as fast as possible (within the speed limit, of course) to watch Castle. I friggin’ heart that show. Nathan Fillion is a delight.

Before I went to work, I was pretty much a waste of space. I Wii bowled with my mom (and did horribly), got a shower, played Wii Glee Karaoke (the game obviously thinks I am a much better singer than I actually am, because I rocked it today), and then watched some clips from A Very Potter Sequel while I ate lunch. (“Harry Freakin’ Potter” and “No Way” [4:27 below] are my favorite songs from that show, hands down. Though I also heart “To Have a Home“, “These Voices“, and “Days of Summer“…)

“You listen to me now. For eleven years, I was a Muggle douchebag locked under some stairs. But this year, I find out I’m a wizard. I’m famous. I can fly and turn invisible, and I just traveled the f**k back in time. So f**k you, Draco. How’s that for a happy thought?” Bwhahahahahahaha πŸ™‚

But, throughout the day, I was dancing around like a crazy woman to Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”.

I know I am way behind the times here, but that song is so good. Besides brilliant lyrics, the beat is great … I didn’t even have to do my Latin Dance/Carido Boxing workout today because I was dancing my ass off to Pink while I was brushing my teeth, combing my hair, picking out clothes, driving my car, etc… I have off from work tomorrow. I bet I will listen to that song probably 10-15 times easy πŸ™‚

Have a good one

(P.S. Oscar nominations come out tomorrow!!!!!!!!! That’s like a holiday for me…)