I love days off because they are better than days at work (except for the not getting paid part…)

One day, when I have a job I love, I’ll love days at work too. For reals.

I woke up, watched some Six Feet Under (which I need to get to now, as I can’t renew my DVDs since someone has a hold on them… and I have 4 episodes left! Maybe I can watch more tomorrow night. Hmmm…)

Today was pretty uneventful. I cleaned my bathroom and folded laundry (fun times, right?). I played a lot of Wii Dance on Broadway and Latin Dance/Cardio Boxing with my mom. We laugh a lot because we never seem to get all of the steps quite right.

I watched a few episodes of Glee from Season One. God, I love that show…

We also watched American Idol – I really, really, really like Steven Tyler, J-Lo and Randy as the 3 judges thus far this season. I hope they can keep it up 🙂

True Story – I tried out for American Idol last year. It was at Disney World. My sister was auditioning and there was no line, so I decided to try out. We sang the exact same song to different judges and both got the exact same response – “You sing well, but your voice is better suited for musical theater.” That was better than I expected to hear, so I wasn’t bummed or anything when the lady told me I wouldn’t be advancing to the next round. I never wanted to be a pop star anyway… though a musical theater star would be okay 😉

Well, I’m sorry this post sucked. I really need to get to watching Six Feet Under

Work tomorrow, then probably to Target to pick up a few things. Then probably home to watch Six Feet Under!

Have a good one 🙂