Hey you…

This will probably be a short post. I have 2 episodes of Six Feet Under to watch tonight before I go to bed, as the DVDs were due at the library today and I didn’t have time to finish up Season 2. So, I will forego some sleep tonight and finish these last two episodes. I should of started with Season One, but I’m sure I’ll go back and watch that at some point. This show is fascinating like whoa.

I worked all day today – 10:00-5:30. As I was walking in, I bypassed the morning meeting (I wasn’t responsible for going, as I wasn’t the one scheduled to open). However, I heard my name come up right when I walked passed the rest of the employees… awkward.

Work was okay today. No music = sad Katie. I was in a different area because I needed some change for my register, and I heard Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” playing over the speakers. WHAT?!?!?! Since when do we play Katy Perry music at work?!?!?! See what I’m missing 😦 Luckily, I’m in a music-playing area on Sunday-Tuesday (when I work next). And then I have a week off… wooooooooooooooooooooooooot πŸ™‚

I was consistently helping people at work, but today went so s-l-o-w for some reason. And there were lots of us there, so it’s not like I was musicless and alone. I was surrounded by colleagues and customers, but still the day dragged on. At 5:30, I was like “CYA!!!!!!!!,” punched out and power walked to my car. And then I decided to take the back way home, since it was rush hour, and I accidently went the wrong way (I was flustered because my windshield wiper fluid was not coming out of their spouts, even though I filled it up yesterday, so I wasn’t thinking clearly and went left instead of right. I am so directionally challenged when it comes to the layout of the place where I work and its parking lot.). But, I still made it home in good time.

My mom made these ridiculously delicious turkey burger sliders – they were stuffed with CHEESE. Glorious like whoa. We had dinner and watched The Town. I still stand by my opinion that I like that movie a lot. Jeremy Renner is so amazing, I can’t even put into words how amazing he is.

And now I’m here, typing this up. I’ll read a few blogs real quickly to see what I missed today, and then watch those Six Feet Under episodes. I’m so tired, but I must watch them.

Have a good one!