Sometimes you just need a good chuckle… and an entire evening of Jason Segel media

After an extremely fitful night of sleep (or lack thereof), I awoke to some snow and totally did not feel like going to work. But, my mom offered to drive me (she’s the best mom ever, for reals), so I at least made it to work in one piece.

Today might have been the slowest work day ever – and I was only there for 5 1/2 hours. I was in a department with music playing, so at least that helped a bit. I didn’t have my first customer until about 2 1/2 hours into my shift. My manager did give me some small projects to work on, so that kept me awake and moving about the workspace.

My manager also gave me a talking to about something I neglected to do yesterday at work when she was standing right behind me. And then later, a colleague told me that my manager talked with her about my work performance. That kinda pissed me off a bit. My work performance is what it is. I do my best and I try and represent our store well and help customers the best I can. So I don’t hound every single customer multiple times to try and get them to open an account. Is that so wrong? I hate it when people ask me to sign up for a credit card. I’m not about to burden others with this same schtick. I ask as many people as I can, and I do give the hard sell if I think it will be most beneficial for the customer. But I don’t irritate people. And I certainly don’t like being treated like I suck at my job by my manager. Customers are always thanking me for being helpful, but it doesn’t seem like any of the higher ups really care about that. I just get told that I need to work on opening more accounts.

I’m no slacker at work – I help people and schlep stuff around for others – but I can’t help but think that this is all just temporary for me. I am not a bad employee. I do what I’m told, I help people, I am friendly to customers and colleagues. But I am not naive to think that this job is the end-all-be-all. One day I’m going to write a book or screenplay about the jobs I’ve had in the past few years. I won’t ever name names or anything, but I have so many stories about the shit that goes on behind the scenes.

End rant. for reals

My mom came and picked me up from work too – it was still snowing when we left at 3. It’s not bad here – but I worry for the rest of the country (specifically the locations of my brother and sister, as both of their areas of residence are supposed to get hit hard with massive amounts of snow and blizzard conditions).

When I got home, I changed out of my work clothes and into my jammies and then had an orange while I watched Glee (“Showmance”).

The rest of the evening was spent watching Jason Segel in HIMYM and I Love You, Man.

I love Jason Segel – the man is hilarious. I just want to hug him and thank him for providing me with a decade of honest and delightfully entertaining humor.

Three episodes of HIMYM, all reruns, is the best way to spend the 6-7:30 block of Monday night television.

But, even better, since everything else was reruns (the CBS lineup and Castle, alas), I asked my folks if I could pop in a movie. I had brought up Gosford Park, Bonnie & Clyde, Big Fish, Miracle, and I Love You, Man the other day so I asked my dad to pick a movie from that stack. I really wanted to watch Gosford Park, but I knew he wouldn’t go for that. So, he picked I Love You, Man – which was totally going to be my next choice.

Gosh, I love I Love You, Man. I will never not laugh at that movie. My love for Jason Segel and Paul Rudd knows no boundaries. They are a great pair and their humor plays well off of the other. I was laughing throughout the entire movie… Segel’s Andre the Giant impression always gets me. Same with every awkward line of dialogue that comes out of Rudd’s mouth. Priceless πŸ™‚

Well, since I didn’t sleep well last night, I’m gonna try and get to sleep early tonight. I work tomorrow from 9:45-1:45, but then I have off for a week!! Woot.

I just got an email from the library saying that Season Three of Six Feet Under is ready for me to pick up… excellent. Michael C. Hall and Peter Krause, here I come πŸ™‚

Have a good one