February 2011

I can’t believe we have to wait a whole week for the next episode of Glee. I needs my Glee… and I needs it now.

I’ll live… I have a bunch of stuff I need to work on. Plus, tomorrow night starts the American Idol Top 24 and the boys are singing. Casey is my favorite thus far… but he was in the hospital last week. The interweb said that he did perform during the show’s taping on Friday (so much for live TV…), so I hope he is doing better. I think he’s all sorts of awesome with his style of singing and his upright bass. Mmm mmm good.

Today was pretty productive. I signed up for my last thesis credit hour and called a woman to set up my thesis proposal defense room (even though I will still be in MN when this is all going down in a few weeks…).

I also finished coding!! I will need to have someone do some intercoder reliability this week (I’m gonna see if I can convince my mom to take a break from her scrapbooking kick to help me out with this…), and then I can start making charts and whatnot.

I watched a couple episodes of Community w/commentary. I tried to beat some more songs on Wii Glee karaoke (but the phone rang and messed me up… alas).

I worked this afternoon/evening. Usually Monday nights are dead, but I was really busy for most of the night. I surpassed my sales goal and opened an account. Suck on that, world.

When I got home, my mom caught me up on the plot to this week’s Castle and then we watched the last half of it together. I love that show… Nathan Fillion is so freakin’ adorable I can hardly stand it πŸ™‚

Also so freakin’ adorable… the song “Dress and Tie”. I cannot say enough good things about this song. It’s just too beautiful for words. The lyrics are great. The melody is great. The duet-factor is great… I just kinda a am loving it to pieces. So much so that it’s totally going on my “If I ever get married, these are the songs I would want to dance to at my reception” list. That list does not have very many songs on it, but “Dress and Tie” has secured itself a spot, for sure. It’s an older song, but the recording just came out last week… and it is so good. Charlene Kaye is awesome. For reals.

Have a good one πŸ™‚

Oscar day is my own personal holiday. For the past 10 years or so, I have written down my sister and my predictions for what we think the Academy will honor. (In addition to our predictions for Golden Globes ceremonies, etc…) So far I have never lost between the two of us… though this year I was cutting it close. I only out-predicted her by one category (Thank you, Best Editing). My gray notebook only has 3 pages left in it, so this time next year, I will have to start up a new notebook. But my old gray notebook that I have dragged around from state to state (I’ve moved 6 times in the past 10 years…) will forever be close at hand, as it truly holds the beginnings of my epic love for all things Oscars.

I will probably just do a quick-ish post tonight and expand on my thoughts of tonight’s ceremony a bit more in depth a little later this week.

However, I will say that while I was not overly impressed with this year’s telecast, it wasn’t the worst one I’ve ever seen either. I was really looking forward to James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting. Hathaway seemed to really embrace her job and kept a super happy/really into it attitude the whole night. She seemed excited to be introducing the people throughout the night, and I thought it was super cute of her to high-5 those PS22 kids at the end πŸ™‚

Franco turned in a very Franco performance. He cracked some jokes, seemed a bit aloof at points, and gave some awkward line readings. But I dig his humor, and for the amount of stuff this guy is involved in, I think he did a pretty all right job with what little time he probably had to prepare. I think James Franco is a hoot, but I also totally respect him as an actor. For ever General Hospital or Pineapple Express performance (which j’adore…), he gives a serious turn in Milk, Howl and 127 Hours (which I still need to see, but it’s in my Netflix queue). He’s really talented, and probably a lot smarter than people give him credit for.

Things I disliked about the show:

– Kirk Douglas’s introduction of Best Supporting Actress. I totally respect Kirk Douglas and am well aware of his cinematic legacy and the roles he played back in the day. But it is super hard to understand him, and even though he was cracking some decent jokes, they came at an epically slow pace (not the best way to spend time in the early hours of the show).

– Melissa Leo – Granted, her performance in The Fighter was amazing. But I really lost a lot of respect for her with those ads she put out for her nomination. And then she totally dropped the F word. And I’m sure it’s really shocking to win an Oscar, but pull yourself together woman. It’s your time to shine, but standing up there and gawking and rambling is less than classy. Especially when you probably knew you were going to win anyway… geez.

– Misuse of the set – I loved how they were using the back of the set to display scenes and moments from old films. But, after the first half hour or so, they didn’t do that anymore. I don’t even really like Gone with the Wind, but I was in awe of how they were using the set to show the fire scene… that was just gorgeous. But then after the Shrek bit, they didn’t use that backdrop to its full potential. Sadness 😦

– People with lists. Yes, I’m talkin’ about you, Colleen Atwood. I love your costume designs for Alice in Wonderland, but your speech was so robotic and boring because of your list. Boo.

What I did like:

– The opening bit. I’m a sucker for when people comedically insert themselves into films. And I was a big fan of James and Anne getting into the Delorean… punch that shit into 88 mph!!! (Back to the Future is one of my all time favorite movies… totally in my Top 20 favorite movies I could watch over and over again, for sure. Plus that score/theme is AMAZING.)

– The Best Score/Best Song presentations – I am also a sucker for ridiculously moving scores. So, before they introduced this year’s nominees for Best Score, I was all over that little medley of past Best Score winners. The theme from Star Wars will always have a special place in my heart (I love Star Wars like you don’t even know… and was totally obsessed with it in middle school. And even now I still love it… I wear a Yoda Hat.) And then the theme from Lawrence of Arabia… be still my heart! That is one of the most gorgeous pieces of film music EVER. If ever there were a score that could make your ears pregnant, it’s definitely the theme music from Lawrence of Arabia. I dare you to not fall in love with it. I need to rewatch that movie… for the music (and Peter O’Toole) are to die for. And even though I HATE E.T., the music is pretty pimp. And how about those Best Songs? I wasn’t really familiar with any of them, but I dug them all. Randy Newman is always great. And I love Mandy Moore, but I had NO IDEA that Zachary Levi could sing like that! I don’t watch Chuck, and yet now I am a little bit in love with Zachary Levi just because he can sing… And I like that lady from Florence and the Machine, so that song was pretty cool. And, even though I’m not a huge country music fan, I like Gwenyth Paltrow and appreciate that she actually sings pretty well live. Yay music.

The “movie musicals” bit. I laughed so hard I was almost in tears at this auto-tuned mess of songs from HP7, Toy Story 3, The Social Network and Eclipse.

– 4 wins for Inception AND The King’s Speech – They were my two favorite movies of the year, so I was thrilled that they both walked away with some serious hardware. This probably sounds snobby, but I like that movies that I thought were good were recognized as the “best” in their respective categories by the Academy. It kinda reinforces, for me, that my taste in movies doesn’t suck πŸ™‚ I mean, I see and love crappy movies too, but when I am really into a movie that also happens to be critically acclaimed, it makes me feel like I kinda know what I’m doing when it comes to understanding why a film is good. I mean, I can read a critic’s review and know of other people’s opinions and whatnot of a film, but when I go see a film and formulate my own thoughts before reading anything from critics and it turns out what I thought of the film is similar/the same as what the critics said, then I feel good about my abilities to understand the grammar of film. While I may not be the best when it comes to the grammar of the English language, I take pride in my quest to further understand the grammar of film. My Film Theory and Criticism class in grad school helped immensely when it comes to this, but since high school I have been reading up on and doing some independent study in this area. I know I’m a dork, but I do think of film as a language and am very much interested in continuing to learn how the various components of filmmaking are used as audio and visual forms of communication.

– There were some pretty solid acceptance speeches. Randy Newman never disappoints. I was moved by Christian Bale and Natalie Portman’s speeches, as well as the writer of The King’s Speech and Tom Hooper.

Well, I’m tuckered, so I’m going to head to bed… I’ll write more about the Oscars tomorrow or Tuesday.

Have a good one

I just got done re-watching The Jerk. I’ve probably seen this movie 10-20 times in my lifetime and will likely watch it 10-20 times more in the coming years. This movie is so good. You can’t help but laugh or smile at Navin R. Johnson. There are just too many amazing quotes from this movie, it’s ridiculous. I do the “He hates theses cans!” bit probably once a week just because I love it so.

This movie works because of Steve Martin. He’s just so amazing at physical and verbal comedy. That scene toward the beginning when he’s listening to the radio and his feet just start moving… and then he starts snapping… and how gets up and movies about the room after he tells his dad that the music speaks to him. It just kills me when he dances in and out of frame. It’s too funny for words πŸ™‚

Navin’s naivety is endearing and it’s actually really smart of the script to have the other characters just go along with it. Navin should never have made it past the front gate of his parents’ house. But he does… and it’s just friggin’ hilarious to watch him out in the real world.

Steve Martin was (and still totally is) ridiculously adorable in this film. How can you not fall in love with this man?:

Besides The Jerk, some of my favorite Steve Martin moments are from his stand-up and SNL (of course, right?).

I used to have this King Tut routine down pat…

And this “Wild and Crazy Guys” sketch is my all-time favorite because I LOVE it when they are sad and doing the finger points at the ground (starting at 1:40… I am laughing as I typing this, I love this too much.)

That will never not be funny to me πŸ™‚

Oh Steve Martin, how I love you so.

Besides gettin’ my chuckle on watching The Jerk, I met up with a couple friends for lunch today! The roads were tres horrible and it was super cold and snowy, but somehow we all made it to the restaurant. It was nice to see friendly faces and have a good chat with the girls. Being so far away from most of my friends from college, it’s great that there are some familiar faces nearby.

Also, it’s always nice getting to spend some time with your BFF of 15+ years πŸ™‚ I’d like to thank her profusely for listening to me vent about everything she always lets me vent about… sometimes all it takes for me to realize that something actually happened is for me to get it out of my system, and my BFF is so patient with me as I am dealing with the remnants of what was. I love you, Molly J πŸ™‚ My sister from another mother. But, of course I will disown you if you don’t start liking Darren Criss…

How can you not love this boy (and his friend Joey Richeter…)? (btw – this is from A Very Potter Musical and is a duet between Ron and Draco… which you will be watching with me as soon as humanly possible. Get ready to have your Potter-loving mid grapes blown.):

Well, OSCARS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am more excited than you will ever know…

Have a good one

‘Sup yo

I spent quite a few hours working on edits and whatnot of my thesis proposal today, so once again my wrists are hurting. I think normally they’d be okay… but since I spend a couple hours every night blogging and then reading other people’s blogs, my wrists are extra worn out. But I can’t not go on my computer… so I will suck it up and keep on typing/reading blogs.

I only have a few more things to edit on my paper before I’ll send it back to the members of my thesis committee. My proposal defense won’t be until the end of March, but after this weekend, I’m going full speed ahead since I will have all of the data I’m going to need for my content analysis.

Besides typing and thesising, I watched a few episodes of Community with commentary (I cannot get enough of that show). My mom and I played some Dance on Broadway… she beat two of her own scores today, whereas I could not win one to save my life. Later on my dad and I watched Get Him to the Greek. It was funny at parts, but on a whole, I liked Forgetting Sarah Marshall waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

What else, what else?

Last night after I posted my blog a couple interesting things happened:

1. I was on Twitter at the right time and the Executive Music Director of Glee, Adam Anders, was doing a Q&A session. I tweeted him to see if there were any plans to do a flashback of Will when he was in high school glee club and suggested a Boyz II Men song. He totally tweeted me back and said ” I like that! Not planned… but a great idea.” DUDE – SOMEONE WHO WORKS ON GLEE SAID I HAD A GREAT IDEA πŸ™‚ That totally made my night!!

2. As indicated above, after I post on my blog, I check out some other blogs that I read on a daily basis. Whilst perusing what some other people had to say, I saw on someone’s blog that Darren Criss was featured on a Charlene Kaye song that just got released on iTunes. So, I listened to it (I already had a live version of this song on my iPod), but completely fell in love with this studio recording, so I got it off of Amazon. The song is called “Dress and Tie” and it is beyond adorable. The lyrics are so sweet… just listen πŸ™‚

They’ve done a few songs and music videos together. I think the music video for “Skin and Bones” is a-freakin-dorable:

3. Not gonna lie… I read a few different Glee blogs. And I read a BUNCH of spoilers about the upcoming Regionals episode. I’m not even going to post a link here, because I’m not sure if the sources for those blogs are 100% accurate. But holy hell, I wish new Glee was on sooner rather than later. And I cannot WAIT for the studio versions of the songs that the Warblers will be singing at Regionals πŸ™‚

Well… off to read and watch some Modern Family from Wednesday night

Have a good one

I started editing my thesis proposal draft today. It wasn’t too awful… it’s actually going a lot better than I thought. Most of the stuff I needed to fix were grammatical or proofreading errors. I’m the first person to admit that I’m not an awesome writer, nor am I extremely skilled in word order. I tend to write (type?) how I talk… which in some cases works (like this blog), but that doesn’t really transfer too well to a scholarly paper. For being as well educated as I am, I have really bad grammar. A lot of people at my work who don’t know that I’m in the middle of a graduate journalism program probably think I didn’t make it too far out of high school with the mouth I have…

But, with all of the typing I do from this blog and for my thesis stuff, my wrists are worn out like whoa. So this will be short.

Really I spent most of the day behind the computer. I read through my thesis chair’s notes twice, then made an outline of what I needed to do, then I started fixing the “easy” stuff. I highlighted the parts I’ll need to get back to with further notes or sources. I will work on that more tomorrow. I did some of it today, but I will try and finish tomorrow.

I almost had a heart attack today. I was trying to register for my last credit hour and I saw that I needed a special code. So, I went and checked my DARS (OU kids know what I’m talkin’ about…) and it said that I still needed 4 credit hours to graduate. For a couple minutes I was panicking that I somehow overlooked a class I needed to take. I am a master at reading the DARS, there was no way I was off by 4 credit hours… but it turns out none of my thesis hours have counted yet. Phew…

I still need to register for my credit hour. I also still need to get a thesis proposal defense date set. During the time I wanted to do it, there was no day/time where all three members of my committee were available. BAH. So, I have to push it to the first week of Spring Quarter. I am panicking about this, but I feel I will be able to get everything done on time and still be able to graduate in June. I am going to punch someone if I don’t. I’m just saying… Fists will fly.

Really all I did was work on my paper. I also watched American Idol and 30 Rock. I was sooooo happy Casey and Brett made it through on Idol!!! I think they are both adorable in their own way, and I look forward to their performances next Tuesday. 30 Rock was actually pretty funny… although I was like “Hey, that’s not Bob Ballard. I’ve seen Bob Ballard in person. That’s Terrence Mann! Who I’ve also seen in person…” Crazy times.

Tomorrow will be more of the same… workin’ on my editing my thesis proposal. Saturday I’ll get to see some friends, which will be awesome πŸ™‚ Yay for a break from paper typing.

And, last but not least, a big CONGRATULATIONS to my amazing friend Robin who found out she got a magazine job today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so freakin’ happy for and proud of her πŸ™‚ Words cannot express how super excited I am for her, as I know she was totally wanting this job. Get it, girl! You are the best πŸ™‚

Have a good one

I woke up earlier than I wanted to this morning, so I downloaded last night’s episode of Glee so I could watch some scenes over again throughout the day. I also folded laundry, washed dishes, played Wii Glee Karaoke and watched several episodes of Community with commentary, so I had a productive day before I went to work (thesis proposal editing will commence early tomorrow morning).

I worked from 4:15-9:15 and it was a l-o-n-g five hours. It was mostly dead, so I spent a bulk of my time dusting, singing along really loudly to the Adult Contemporary/Easy Listening crap that plays over work’s loud speakers, and thinking about last night’s episode of Glee.

Here are some further developed thoughts I had about “Blame it on the Alcohol”:


– I strongly dislike Rachel Berry as a character and think she’s a horrible protagonist for the show (if she’s even that anymore… Kurt seems to have taken over that role).

Now, this opinion has been a long time coming for me. Don’t get me wrong, I think Rachel is a great singer and I like that she is opinionated, determined, and has two gay dads. BUT, she is too selfish and full of herself for me to even care about this character any more. Everything is always all about her, and the writers need to have some other character knock her down a few pegs. She was talking about buying Kurt a slice of humble pie last night… well, there should be an entire bakery devoted to making the scores of humble pies she should be shoving through her big mouth.

It was epically frustrating today to rewatch her character’s thought process through last night’s episode. Every move she makes is to either one-up someone, prove someone wrong, or step over somebody to further herself. She didn’t care about Kurt’s feelings about Blaine. She didn’t care about Blaine’s feelings about himself. And when she kissed Blaine and he came to the conclusion that he’s 100% gay and not bi, she was so full of herself to feel any sort of hurt emotion – she was just super happy that she now had a life experience to write about. How do more characters on that show not hit her upside the head and tell her that she needs to cool it and think about other people for a change.

– The writers have a lot of work to do when it comes to the character of Blaine

When Blaine was first introduced in “Never Been Kissed,” I immediately thought “Holy hell, this character is awesome and dreamy and I hope he and Kurt become boyfriends sometime soon.” In “The Substitute” we saw Blaine at Breadstix w/Kurt and Mercedes and he seemed like a good guy still. In “Special Education,” I started to have mixed feelings about Blaine. I loved the way he looked at Kurt during “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,” but then thought he was a bit of a dick when he told Kurt that Kurt was trying to hard during his solo audition and that at Dalton, the goal is to fit in instead of screaming for attention. In “A Very Glee Christmas,” Blaine and Kurt’s duet of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” was beyond adorable, and cemented my thoughts that these two boys need to date asap. The Superbowl episode reinforced this… when Blaine, Kurt, Rachel and Mercedes went to the Lima Bean, Kurt and Blaine looked like they were a couple. However, after “Silly Love Songs” and “Blame it on the Alcohol,” I’m veering back toward the “Blaine is a bit of a dick” side of the tracks and seriously hoping that the writers are going to redeem him soon. Because Kurt deserves better than this…

Kurt has had the most bad stuff happen to him on Glee – his mom died (pre-series), he was in love with a straight guy who couldn’t reciprocate the feelings, he gets shoved into lockers, his dad had a heart problem/almost died, he gets bullied by Karofsky, he gets death threats, he’s the target of homophobia and gay slurs, he had to partake in the Warblers Gap Attack/help serenade a guy that his crush had a crush on, and now Blaine is going around macking on Rachel Berry and Blaine and Kurt had their first real fight, and Burt thinks that Kurt was being “inappropriate” when Blaine slept over after the party. Kurt just cannot catch a break. When Blaine was introduced, I think a lot of Glee fans were convinced that he was going to be “the one” for Kurt. I’ve read that this was not the intention for Blaine (to be Kurt’s BF), but the fandom and the cover of Entertainment Weekly would argue that Blaine and Kurt are on the path to becoming boyfriends. But do we really want the two of them to be boyfriends if Blaine is so cavalier about serenading another guy or dating Rachel Berry?

So why did the writers make Blaine do a 180? Blaine was introduced as a confident, out and proud character. Though he spoke of how he was taunted enough to make him leave his old high school and how he really regretted that, Blaine seemed to have his shit together. He was the one who told Kurt to stand up to Karofsky. He was the one who came to McKinley to help Kurt confront Karofsky. But then a few weeks ago, the audience is introduced to some kinks in Blaine’s shining armor. He’s a swoony teen who thought his relationship with the Gap Guy was more serious than it actually was. He was oblivious to the ways he was leading on Kurt (the smiles, flirty duets, coffee orders, blah blah blah). He admitted that he doesn’t know what he’s doing when it comes to romance. Okay… now we’re getting somewhere. Blaine is flawed. And really, that is for the best. It knocks him down from the pedestal that Kurt had him on. They need to be equals in their relationship. However, after last night’s episode, I think that Blaine is veering too far down the flawed path into the “Why would Kurt even want to date him, because Blaine’s kind of a dick” path.

In reality and fiction, drinking leads people to do some actions they may otherwise not have… drunk dialing. Drunk fights. Drunk texting. Drunk kissing… so it was fine that drunk Blaine and drunk Rachel kissed during Spin the Bottle. It was even fine (and hilariously funny … sorry, I just had to) when they did a duet of “Don’t You Want Me”. It was the coffee shop scene where things started to get iffy for me. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that Glee decided to have teens questioning bisexuality as part of their plot line. But the more I think about it, the more it didn’t make sense for Blaine to go from the seemingly confident gay guy to the “well, maybe I’m bi” after one kiss. To me, there should have been more of a build or more of a back story for his character. This “well maybe I’m bi” plot line kinda came out of thin air and I think was used more as a shock factor than a serious plot point by the Glee writers. Sort of the “oh no, *another* person that Kurt likes is going to turn him down for Rachel Berry”. I think this plot point should exist, but I just think it could have been handled better in the writing.

Also, Blaine’s decision that he is 100% gay should have been handled differently too. I mentioned in my post last night about how that sudden realization after Blaine’s sober kiss with Rachel cheapened the serious meaning of Blaine and Kurt’s prior coffee scene. Props to Chris Colfer and Darren Criss for nailing that coffee scene. Were it nestled among a better thought out plot regarding Blaine’s identity crisis, this would have been beyond heartbreaking. I mean, it was still pretty heavy… Blaine was basically confessing to being completely unsure about who he is, which was an extremely vulnerable moment for that character. Darren Criss’s eyebrows deserve an Emmy for the amount of expression they put into that scene. His face when he was confiding in Kurt that he (Kurt), of all people, should understand how (Blaine) was feeling, just made my insides hurt. *But* I still expect more from the writers. Glee is a show that has substance, even if people want to just brush it off as entertainment. I think the writers missed a huge opportunity to further discuss a potential identity crisis and in turn made one of it’s really great new characters come across as a bit of a dick. (Though to fair, Kurt was not entirely in the right during this scene… Sure, he was probably pissed that the guy he likes may like girls, in addition to boys. But the writers could have used Kurt to ask Blaine how long Blaine had been questioning his identity, or why hadn’t he brought this up sooner.)

Also, I think if the writers do decide to make Blaine and Kurt a couple, they need to still keep them apart for awhile so Blaine can realize that he’s been a dick. Kurt should not chase after this guy. If anything, Blaine is the one who needs to woo Kurt.

– Burt Hummel talking about the Blaine sleepover incident was masterful

Burt and Kurt Hummel are the best pair on Glee, hands down. And after rewatching the scene where Burt tells his son that Kurt was being inappropriate when Blaine slept over, Burt was totally in the right. These kids are supposed to be 16… it makes sense for a father to be concerned that inappropriate actions could have taken place. And Burt was being fair… he said he wouldn’t allow Finn to have a girl sleep over in his bed, which is the same as not wanting Kurt to have a (gay) boy sleeping over in his bed. Those rules are the same – Kurt shouldn’t have questioned his dad about this, as his dad wasn’t being homophobic in the slightest. Kurt twisted his dad’s words so it seemed like Burt was giving his son harsher rules, but Burt was not. I think Kurt was just taking out his hurt feelings about Blaine’s questioning on his dad… poor Burt. But, I still think it was pretty great of the writers to have Kurt ask his dad to educate himself in case Kurt had any questions regarding sex. I wonder if there will be an awkward Burt and Kurt sex chat in an upcoming episode? Glee writers have a hard time following through with potential plot lines…

(And Scene.)

See, I had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time to think about Glee while I was at work. But I think it’s good that a show makes me think this much. I can’t say that about a lot of the other programs I watch.

No work for the next four days… but I will be working on thesis stuff. Expect epic amounts of sad faces in tomorrow night’s post.

Have a good one

Glee Tuesday delivers once again…

But before I launch into a crazy long monologue about my love (and some critiques) of tonight’s episode, “Blame it on the Alcohol”, I should quickly recap my day:

I worked from 9:45-3:15. Work was okay… it was super slow. And the department I was working in had some themed display set up that unfortunately features overly scented bath stuff… which I am totally allergic too. I still have an epic headache from being around it. I tried my best to avoid the area, but I couldn’t. Yuck. But, on a good note, I helped a woman today find something for her daughter (and then helped look at paint samples… which is totally not part of my job). But the woman was super grateful for my help and said she was going to send in some customer feedback about me. Suck on that, manager. I know how to do my job.

After work, I found an Old Navy a couple miles away so I could get some new pants after yesterday’s unfortunate mishap. I think I ended up buying the same pants, though… boo. I got a couple shirts and another pair of skinny jeans… which totally only look good if one is wearing boots. But, luckily I have some boots, so all is well.

Home again, home again… my mom made stew (yum) and then we watched GLEEEEEEEEEEEE!

(SPOILERS if you haven’t seen the episode)

So, this week’s episode was “Blame it on the Alcohol” and it’s main premise was that principal Figgins wanted the glee kids to sing about the dangers of alcohol at a school assembly.

Within minutes of the show, Puck tells Rachel she should throw a party at her house because her dads are out of town (on the Rosie O’Connell cruise…). She turns him down, saying he only wants a party so he could have somewhere to drink and have sex. Exit Puck and enter Finn…

Rachel sings Finn the original song she’s writing for New Directions to sing at Regionals. Her song was about headbands… because she said you’re supposed to write what you know. And she knows about headbands. So, when Finn tells her she needs to have some life experiences in order to write about life experiences in song, Rachel storms off in search of Puck.

After a group phone call in the hallway, we know we are in for the “Rachel Berry House Party Trainwreck Extravaganza”

Rachel, in the fugilest green dress (which I’m sure she thought was awesome) hands her guests two tickets apiece for wine coolers, the drink of choice for the evening. Puck convinces her to let him get liquor from her dads’ liquor cabinet. Pretty soon, the house party is completely underway…

All of the glee kids, plus Kurt and Blaine are in attendance. This is the first time on the show we’ve seen Blaine not in his Warblers uniform. Blaine’s got his skinny jeans and a cranberry cardigan on, but his hair is still pretty much plastered to his forehead. As the night wears on, Blaine loosens up a bit… he throws an arm around Finn and comments how Finn and Kurt are brothers and how Finn is so tall. Blaine also dances it out a bit, and soon he no longer resembles the up-tight looking Warbler, but a curly haired hipster who seems to enjoy jumping up and down a lot.

Other happenings: Body shots, quarters, Brittany is striping/dancing, and Rachel is all over Finn. Finn gives us some good exposition and tells Rachel about the different kind of drunk girls – including mean ones (Quinn and Lauren), happy ones (Mercedes and Tina) and needy ones (Rachel).

A bit pissed, and a lot drunk, Rachel gets up and yells for everyone to play spin the bottle, as if that will show Finn. First up, Sam and Brittany kiss. Quinn and Santana are pissed about Sam kissing Brittany, but Artie seems to get a kick out of his girlfriend kissing Sam. Next up, Rachel’s bottle lands on Blaine. They lock lips, and then again, and then Blaine reaches his hand into Rachel’s hair and lets the moment keep going. Kurt looks on with wide eyes, and you can tell he thought that went on way to long.

When they finally break apart, Rachel has crazy love eyes for Blaine, tells him his face tastes awesome, and that she’s found herself a duet partner. Cue “Don’t You Want Me”.

Oh my goodness, this number is probably going in my Top 5 favorite Glee numbers ever. Rachel and Blaine each had a sparkly pink microphone (I totally want one), and they were singing to each other while Kurt just looked on from the sidelines. (Poor Kurt 😦 ) This song perfectly sets up the Kurt/Blaine/Rachel triangle for the rest of the episode. (And, btw – Blaine was shown falling on the floor drunk in the promos, but that was not in the episode… wtf, editors?)

The next day at McKinley, all the Glee kids have sunglasses on and are hungover. Artie pulls out some Bloody Marys and tells everyone the only way to beat the hangover is with Bloody Marys, because that’s what Bloody Marys are for. Bottoms up for the glee kids as we segue into their version of “Blame it on the Alcohol”. The staging mimics that of the Jamie Foxx music video, which I thought was a good touch. (Note – this episode was directed by Eric Stoltz, who also directed “Duets”. He’s been one of my favorite Glee directors thus far… upon additional viewing of this episode, I will be able to point out more awesome directing choices he made, but since I only saw it once so far, those comments will come within a few days.)

Meanwhile, back at the Hummel household, Burt marches up the steps to his son’s room with a cookbook in hand. He enters Kurt’s room and starts talking to the body-shaped lump under the covers. Kurt peaks his head out from his bathroom and talks to his dad. Burt does a double take when the lump under the covers moves – it’s (a fully clothed) Blaine, wondering where the heck he is. Burt is obviously stunned (more on this in a bit…).

In teacher land, Emma and Will are trying to be friends. Emma asked Will if he was dating anyone. He said no. She said he should. Later Will lunches with Coach Bieste and the two of them make plans to hang out at a honky-tonk bar. (P.S. I LOVE that Will and Coach Bieste are friends.) They drink like whoa and then sing a duet at the bar. I’m not much for honky-tonk music, but to each his/her own. Bieste brings Will home. They drunkenly talk about drinking and how kids are going to drink, but they should at least be aware of the dangers of it. Bieste kisses Will goodbye (as friends) and they say they love each other (as drunken friends do). Will then drinks some more while he grades papers (A+s for everyone!), and then drunk dials Emma… well, he thinks he drunk dials Emma.

The next day, Will runs into Emma and apologizes, but she tells him he never called her. Whoops… he totally called Sue, though. (And you know that’s gonna come back to bite him.)

Back at Rachel’s house, she’s drinking some wine and listening to Carole King and decides to call Blaine. Blaine is at The Lima Bean with Kurt when Blaine gets the call. Rachel asks Blaine out and Blaine says yes, much to Kurt’s dismay. See, when Blaine and Rachel kissed, he thought me might have felt something. Kurt tells Blaine that Blaine is gay, but Blaine counters that maybe he’s bi. Kurt gets a bit mad that Blaine is questioning his sexuality. Blaine gets mad at Kurt for not allowing him to be himself. Karofsky is brought up (though not by name), and Kurt says that he was bullied because the bully didn’t like who he (Kurt) was. Blaine tells Kurt that he (Kurt) is doing the same thing to him (Blaine). Blaine admits that he might be confused, or at least not one hundred percent sure of who he is. He gets up and leaves the coffee shop…

[Small tangent – At this point, as a viewer, I am frustrated with Rachel, Kurt and Blaine, but for three very different reasons. Rachel – She’s Kurt’s friend, and she knows that Kurt likes Blaine and that Blaine is gay, but yet she still asks him out anyway. A polite person would talk this out with Kurt before making any moves on Blaine. However, Rachel is selfish, and when she wants someone, she doesn’t really think about other people’s feelings. Kurt – Just because he has the hots for Blaine doesn’t give him an excuse to not be supportive of Blaine’s unsure-ness. However, Kurt looks up to Blaine, as Blaine was the one who told him to not let bullies push him around just because of his sexual preference. So, I can see why he’d be mad. But friends should be supportive of friends. And Blaine – whoa there, chief. Just date Kurt already. But seriously… on one hand I’m glad the writers are using Blaine as a vessel for teenage sexual identity exploration. We don’t know his whole backstory, so it’s easier to believe he’d be questioning his sexuality rather than someone like Puck or Artie. However, Blaine was introduced to the audience as a gay role model for Kurt. Someone who is confident in who he is. And then to just up and have him make out with Rachel and then go from super confident gay guy to “well, I was kinda turned on by that kiss, maybe I’m bi” is a bit dodgy. But that’s just my opinion. … However, the more that I think about it, the more I am for Blaine’s little monologue to Kurt about how it’s great that Kurt is sure of who he is, but how Blaine is still searching. *But* I am still torn because while I think it’s super important for a show to have a teen character going through this plot point, it still bothers me that Blaine was first introduced as a confident, even a bit cocky, gay character. It was a great scene. But it just didn’t quite mesh with the few things we did know about Blaine. *But* he did say in “Silly Love Songs” how he had never been anyone’s boyfriend… but still. I am just very up in the air about this. But I thought this scene was great. I do explain later on, though, how I feel this awesome scene was turned, unjustly, into an afterthought.]

Anyway… Kurt ends up over at Rachel’s house the night of her and Blaine’s “date,” which turned out to be a viewing of Love Story at a revival movie theater. She said they dressed up and spent the night mouthing Ali McGraw’s dialogue, but there was no kissing involved. Kurt told her that Blaine is gay and that she and Blaine have no chemistry. Rachel countered that she and Blaine have a lot in common. Rachel was talking boyfriend/girlfriend while Kurt tried to hammer the girlfriend/gay friend scenario into her mind. Rachel states that she’s going to kiss Blaine while she’s sober, and if there is something there, then she’s gonna get herself a boyfriend.

[Another tangent – Aw, Rachel. The girlfriend/gay friend is a tale as old as time. It has long been my belief that every girl has had, does have, or will have a gay guy best friend at some point in her life. More often than not, said girl will have [romantic] feelings for said gay friend and may even hope that he’ll magically turn straight for her, as they are destined to be together as long as they both shall live. Gay guy friends for a straight girl are often the best of both worlds. He’s a guy who will stand up for you and protect you, but he’ll also be able to talk/listen about the guys you find attractive, or someone you can vent about boy problems to. Rachel is trying to have her cake and eat it it… by having the gay guy friend in Kurt, but the gay guy friend-turned straight boyfriend with Blaine. And honey, that never turns out how you think it will. However, I am really glad that this was a plot line on Glee. Though it might be more of a middle school thing now, high school was when my peer group really started to address the dynamic between gay guys and straight girls. I remember sitting through a choir concert rehearsal, and during a really emotional song being practiced by one of the soloists, a gay guy friend who was sitting next to me and I grabbed each other’s hand and held it for awhile, just experiencing the power of the music together. Did I think he and I were going to date? No. But at the time did a small part of me wish I could find a straight guy who I could have little moments like that? Hells yes.]

Back at the Hummel residence, Burt and Kurt are baking something in the kitchen. Kurt is a bit standoffish, and when his dad asks why, Kurt reveals that he’s having problems with Blaine. Burt doesn’t quite know what to say. He does comment that he doesn’t want Kurt having anymore guys sleeping over. Kurt explained that he and Blaine were fully clothed the entire time and that Blaine slept over because he was too drunk to drive home. Burt asked if Kurt was drinking – and Kurt said that neither he nor Finn drank anything. Burt still had issue with a strange boy sleeping over in his son’s room. Kurt asks his dad if Finn and Puck were to have a sleepover if that would be okay because they wouldn’t want to have sex. Burt said that Finn isn’t allowed to have any girls sleep over under his roof. Burt also said that he didn’t know what went on with two (gay) guys when they are together, but mentions that he saw Brokeback Mountain and (I’m paraphrasing here) “something happened in that tent”. (I laughed so hard here, I almost choked on my own spit). Then Kurt told his dad that he (Burt) should educate himself in case sometime he (Kurt) had questions and wanted to come talk to his dad (about sex and relationship problems).

[Another tangent – A HUGE hats off to the Glee writers for working LGBT teen sex talk into tonight’s episode. I mean, no one sat down with anyone and gave them the specifics, but this little nudge in the “maybe you should be educated for when the time comes to talk to your gay teenage son about sex” direction for parent viewers. The sex talk is extra awkward already, but props to the Glee writers for creating Burt and Kurt to be the venue for conservativeish parents and their LGBT youth to have an open conversation about sex. I love Burt and Kurt. And I love how the writers have allowed Burt to learn as his son experiences new things. Burt may not be entirely comfortable with his son’s sexuality, but he makes strides where he can. Burt defended Kurt’s wish to try out for “Defying Gravity”. Burt got offended when an anonymous phone caller called Kurt a fag. Burt defended Kurt when Finn called the room decor/Kurt “faggy”. Burt stood up to Karofsky after Karofsky made a homophobic hand gesture toward his son, and then after Kurt told Burt and Finn about the death threat. Burt is flawed (as all characters should be), but he loves Kurt unconditionally. I have said it before and I will say it again, Burt and Kurt are one of the best father/son pairings in the history of television.]

Back at McKinley, the glee kids are getting ready to perform Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” in front of the school. Everyone is nervous… but not to fear, Rachel has brought with her some liquid courage (the rest of the alcohol from the liquor cabinet, plus cough syrup, mixed together). They drink the purple sludge and then cue the music… and you know that’s not gonna be good. Halfway through the song, Brittany says she’s not feeling well. By song’s end, Brittany throws up on Rachel, someone else throws up (luckily it was comical and purple, or I would have hurled), and then Brittany tells the kids not to drink. Around this time, Sue and Becky (w/a xylophone a la that lady in Grease) make an announcement and play Will’s drunk dial over the loud speakers. Whoops… looks like someone still has feelings for Emma (duh).

Though Principal Figgins is super happy with the assembly (he thought the drunkeness and vomit was acting), Will was not. He asks the kids to sign a pledge that they will not drink until after nationals. He also says he’s going to stop drinking too. There is a mini lecture about how underage drinking is illegal, and how he doesn’t want to see anyone hurt. And while this is all a very good message, underage drinking is not going to stop. (And while I love Glee to bits, the show didn’t really show any major consequences of underage drinking… making it still kinda seem that drinking just makes you, at the worst, a drunk dialer and hungover.) So, props to Glee for trying to say underage drinking is bad, but shame on Glee for not really showing the true consequences of drinking. I used to be an RA in a freshman dorm. I knew kids who didn’t drink responsibly and had to have their stomachs pumped from alcohol poisoning. I knew someone who got a roofie put in her drink. I’ve seen people with vomit all over themselves from drinking too much. I’ve seen girls get drunk and fall over in their heels. I’ve seen guys try to take advantage of drunk girls. Drunk dials. Drunk texts. Drunken fights. Auto accidents. Injuries from falling. You name it… But Glee didn’t show any of this. Just some purple vomit, a drunk dial, and the need for sunglasses and people to talk quieter.

And, to end the episode, Glee wrapped the whole Kurt/Blaine/Rachel triangle up with a big fat neat bow. Kurt and Rachel awaited Blaine’s entrance to the coffee shop so that Rachel could kiss Blaine while she is sober to see if she and he were meant to be. Kurt tried to tell her that she was going to get hurt (but you know he was thinking that he was the one who was going to be hurt most of all if it turned out that Blaine was bi). Enter Blaine… Rachel walks up to him and plants one on him. When they finally pull away, Blaine pauses and then announces to himself (and Rachel) that he is 100% gay. He excuses himself from the line to go to the bathroom while (a very pleased) Kurt walks up tot Rachel to console her that her man is gay. Rachel is not fazed at all, and instead is super happy that a man she had a relationship is gay, which in her mind is life experience and fuel for her burgeoning song-writing career. So, Kurt’s feelings for Blaine and how the Rachel/Blaine relationship would have affected him didn’t even cross Rachel’s mind as she saunters off to go pour her newfound life experiences into song. Though this makes sense, because Rachel is selfish, it would have been nice for Kurt and Blaine to have a conversation between just the two of them about Blaine’s decision that he is 100% gay and not questioning. The conversation earlier between the two boys at the coffee shop was so important, and this little blip of a scene kind kind of cheapened it. The “Blaine is still questioning his sexuality” scene was Kurt and Blaine’s first real disagreement where feelings and friendship were at stake. Blaine was visibly upset that Kurt wasn’t taking his sexual identity crisis seriously… and then to just have Blaine be like “I’m 100% gay, and I need to go to the bathroom” in that final scene just kinda made Blaine seem like an indecisive teen. *Which I guess could be the point…* Kurt did have Blaine up on this ginormous pedestal. It’s nice to see that pedestal continue to get knocked down. If/when Kurt and Blaine finally end up together, it needs to be with them as equals.

Who knows, maybe this will come up in 2 weeks… as the promo shows Blaine and Kurt (and Sue…) at The Lima Bean once more.


Wow… 3160+ words. I should stop and read or something…

Have a good one

(P.S. I got my thesis notes from my prof today in the mail… I will be starting editing tomorrow. I warn you, these will likely be an onslaught of thesis woes on here soon. Ye have been warned.)

Geez, it was a long day 😦

We woke up to oh so much snow, and it just kept snowing the whole day (way to go, weather people, who said it was supposed to stop snowing this afternoon).

My dad ended up bringing me to work, as we weren’t sure how bad the roads were around where we live. The roads actually weren’t horrible, but it was nice to have someone w/a 4-wheel drive car driving me through the messy streets of MN.

Work was blah. I met my sales goal, so that was good. And there were a bunch of ladies there that I like working with, so that was good. But my manager is still down my throat about opening accounts. She gives me lectures and then makes me initial paperwork that she talked to me. I’ve opened 3 accounts in the last 3 weeks. That’s waaaaaaaay better than I was doing at the end of last year. She needs to back off – I don’t think she gets that her belittling me does not help me open accounts. If anything, it just makes me not want to even try. Also, with 2 hours of work left to go, the leg of my pants split open. Since we were short staffed, I couldn’t leave my area to go buy new pants. So, I channeled MacGyver and craftily taped up my pants. The tape-job held, but now I have to wear pants I really don’t like to work tomorrow. And instead of just going home after work tomorrow, I need to go buy pants. Boooooo. And there isn’t an Old Navy nearby, so I’m going to probably have to go to the Gap or somewhere. I hate shopping. 😦

So, right now my dog is asleep in my lap and I am getting read to watch Castle. Then sleep, sleep, sleep. Woot.

Have a good one

P.S. I am super excited for Glee Tuesday tomorrow… Drunk Blaine!

Oh Sunday…

So, that massive snowstorm hit MN. It’s still snowing right now… Zoinks, yo.

I decided since I haven’t received my thesis proposal notes from my professor yet (they should get here tomorrow, I think) that I should do chores and whatnot today.

This morning I cleaned my bathroom and attempted to straighten up and vacuum my room. I did some more laundry, as I had a couple more blankets and towels to wash from when I was sick this week. Boo illness.

Before lunch, my mom and I played our Dance on Broadway game some more. She beat one of her own scores today and I was just 100 points away from stealing the top slot on “Good Morning, Baltimore”. I just need one less “OK” and I’ll be golden. We’ve gotten 100% on several songs and are quickly approaching 100% on some more. I told her we’re going to need to invest in a new dancing game soon because we’re going to beat this one. At this point, I know all of the dances by heart… but my mom somehow doesn’t remember them, even though we play them just about every day. I tease her for not being able to remember the order of the dance moves. When it comes to pop culture stuff, I can somehow remember the most random details. I don’t know why.

After lunch, I decided I should probably do my taxes, just to get that out of the way. I didn’t officially file anything today, but I did my federal return and the state returns for the states I lived in in 2010. I’m awesome at math, but the programs I was trying to use were frustrating. I’m not going to pay $50 to file my shit online. Come on, now.

Once taxes were done, I decided I was going to watch Community with commentary. I started doing that yesterday, but my parents got home and I turned off the commentary since they hadn’t seen the episode. The same thing happened today… I was in the middle of the pilot’s commentary when my dad came upstairs from his workroom and he was reading the subtitles to watch the show while I was trying to listen to the commentary. I ended up turing it off again just because I knew he didn’t want to sit through commentary on a show he doesn’t watch on a regular basis. Alas… someday I’ll get through all of Season One w/commentary. Today was not that day.

Instead, I turned on a movie – Balls Out, starring Seann William Scott. It was pretty bad, but was actually kinda funny in spots. Plus, I will basically watch any movie about tennis, just because there are hardly any movies about the sport (and I love tennis).

The rest of the night was spent watching the news (oh weather updates), Amazing Race (It’s people who played before… and I am familiar with 8 of the 11 groups, so I at least recognize a lot of the people and it’s nice to see them playing the game again. My sister totally got me hooked on this show… I think she and my brother should audition for the show, as they would be awesome on it.), and a Behind the Scenes look at Saturday Night Live.

I have seen every episode of Saturday Night Live from the past decade or so, and have seen a bunch of episodes from before that (thank you, Comedy Central, E!, and Netflix…). There are great episodes. There are subpar episodes. There are beyond memorable hosts. There are people who I question why they even got to host once. There are sketches I will laugh at every time I see them, regardless of how many times I see them. There are other sketches that I wish I would not have seen.

Saturday Night Live has been a popular culture/comedy staple in my life since I was in middle school. It used to be a treat to get to stay up and watch the shows live. I had a VHS tape of the 25th Anniversary special that I would watch over and over again, memorizing the sketches. I learned entire routines from that show… from Mary Katherine Gallagher’s monologues from made for TV movies, to the synchronized swimming routine with Martin Short and Harry Shearer. I can do impressions of Eddie Murphy as Gumby, Mr. Robinson, Velvet Jones, and Buh-weet. I use the phrase “Oh no, Mr. Bill” and/or “The H is O” in everyday conversation. I named my sister’s ghost decoration “Weebs” after the Boston Teens sketch with Ben Affleck. I know the lyrics to most of the songs used in sketches or digital shorts.

It’s all a bit ridiculous, probably, how much SNL influences me on a day to day basis. When I was a little girl, one of my dreams was to be a cast member on the show, or host, or even just see an episode live. I know that’s not likely to happen ever, but part of me still would like to work on that show one day (in a behind-the-scenes position).

When we went to NYC a few years ago and did the NBC tour, we got to go into Studio 8H. There wasn’t a live show the week we were there, but the Jake Gyllenhaal episode had just aired a week or so prior, so I was chatting up the NBC Page about how we liked his monologue. In one of the rooms we got to see the prosthetic heads they used for one of the Brendan Fraser episodes where they did a Peanuts sketch. I was dying on the inside… I was just so happy to be there, in that studio. There’s so much history… I was in the same room that my comedy idols once performed – John Belushi. Gilda Radner. Dan Ackroyd. Billy Crystal. Christopher Guest. Dana Carvey. Chris Farley. Phil Hartman. Ana Gasteyer. Darrell Hammond. Tina Fey. And then some… My SNL-loving heart could barely contain my excitement.

When I have more time, I will post some of my favorite sketches and digital shorts. I know SNL sometimes gets shoved aside, or people think it’s past its prime. But I will continue to stick with it as long as it is on the air. Live comedy is something that should be appreciated more. SNL, even at its worst, is a great representation of current events, relevant music, and a variety of comedy. Sometimes the comedy is crass, and goes for the easy laugh. Other times it’s more cerebral, or at least can catch you off guard (like that Merryville Brothers bit from a few weeks ago…).

I love Saturday Night Live. I always have and I always will πŸ™‚

Have a good one

Weekend – what up!

I went to the library this morning with my parents. My mom goes through books like whoa. I keep returning books and getting new ones in hopes that I’ll have time to read. I think I may have finished 4 or 5 books so far this year. My mom has read probably 20. I did just put “Bloody Crimes: The Chase for Jefferson Davis and the Death Pageant for Lincoln’s Corpse” by James Swanson on my night stand, so hopefully I’ll get to that soon. I know that book title sounds uber gross, and full of history and non-fiction and like one should be reading that for a Civil War/1800s America class, but I’m that much of a dork that I read stuff like this for fun. Historical non-fiction is sooooooo good. I love facts. I love learning about real people and what really happened in their lives. I love history. I love learning about wars. Plus, I know there are a couple movies about Abraham Lincoln that will be coming out in the next few years, and I would like to be prepared πŸ™‚ (Robert Redford’s The Conspirator comes out April 11th and Steven Spielberg is supposed to be directing a Lincoln biopic starring Daniel Day Lewis, though neither man’s IMDB page mentions it)

This afternoon, I spent a large chunk of time playing Dance on Broadway with my mom. We are super competitive. She beat one of my scores, but then I beat two of hers *and* got 100% points on one of the songs I already had a high score on. To top it all off, I am still feeling sick from the other day, so I wasn’t even dancing at my full potential. When I get better, she best watch out.

I did do some laundry today, though I need to do more tomorrow. I’m still trying to catch up washing all my blankets and whatnot from when I was sick this week. I just feel like I am one big germ. Gross.

My parents went out to dinner with another couple this evening, so I had the house to myself for a few hours. During dinner, I put in all of the Glee Season 2 DVDs (the first 10 episodes of the season) and watched almost all of the music numbers (I skipped a few songs that I don’t like… even though I love Glee, I can’t stand a few of the performances.)

While watching, I was really moved by two of the songs/performances. Now, as I have mentioned before, I have only ever cried once while watching television (during the episode of American Dreams where Sam’s mom died… Dear Lord, that episode ruined me). But I was almost moved to tears by two of the numbers I watched today:

1. “I Want to Hold Your Hand” – sung by Kurt (Chris Colfer) in episode 2×3 “Grilled Cheesus”

Though I am not a huge fan of the Beatles, I do find the lyrics of a lot of their songs to be extremely beautiful and moving. However, the decision to turn this usually upbeat and joyous number about wanting to hold someone’s hand into this heartbreaking number filled with utter sadness and desperation… well, I could feel a lump forming in my throat. This is one of those television/musical moments that is the emotional equivalent of being punched in the stomach. This scene is just so incredibly sad, but still so beautiful and full of love at the same time. That kid that they got to play young Kurt was spot-on. And the montage of the past juxtaposed with Kurt singing the the choir room and the other glee kids just sitting there, stunned, is very well balanced. Chris Colfer’s face at the end of that number just rips your heart in half. He seems to lose himself in the song… like even though he’s singing in front of the glee kids, he’s all alone and just singing to himself/his dad. It’s such an intimate and vulnerable scene. This was one of the most emotional moments on Glee and it was played out masterfully.

2. “Just the Way You Are” – sung by Finn (Cory Monteith) in episode 2×8 “Furt”

Kurt (Chris Colfer) is my favorite character on Glee. He’s had some meaty story lines throughout seasons one and two, but his relationship with Finn gets its full circle moment in this scene and it is kinda beautiful. In season one, Kurt had a mad crush on Finn, even though Finn is straight. Kurt introduced his own dad to Finn’s mom for the lone purpose of getting closer to Finn. Finn and his mom end up moving into Kurt and Burt’s house and Finn and Kurt are forced to share a room. *This* fight happened and things were a bit off between Finn and Kurt. Finn’s not a homophobe, but he was uncomfortable with Kurt’s advances. This season, Kurt gets bullied by Karofsky, but Finn doesn’t do anything about it because Finn’s worried about his own reputation. It’s in this episode that Finn finally mans up and tells his now step-brother that he has his back. This scene is great because you know that Kurt is no longer in love with Finn, but that the two boys do love each other, and that Finn accepts and loves Kurt just the way he is. And that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside πŸ™‚

I totally spent then the rest of the night playing Wii Glee Karaoke (I beat Finn’s scrapbook and I almost beat Rachel’s!) and having a dance party in the kitchen while I finished washing dishes (I totally had “Born This Way” and the Glee version of “Don’t You Want Me” on repeat. I cannot express how much I am looking forward to seeing “Don’t You Want Me” performed on this week’s episode… and how excited I am for when the Glee version of “Born This Way” is released.)

After watching and singing to all those Glee songs today, it really got me thinking to how much I am affected by music, and other forms of media. I have cried while listening to some songs (“Broken“, “Now and Forever,” “Annie’s Song,” and a few others) and on a good day, I can make myself cry when listening to some specific showtunes (I know that sounds masochistic, but I consider it more of acting practice than anything else. Part of me still thinks I could have been a Method Actor… I shouldn’t have read all those Stanislavski books in undergrad.).

Though I cannot cry while watching television (except for American Dreams), and I’ve only cried tears (to the point of hysterical sobbing) at three movies (A League of Their Own, In America, and Million Dollar Baby), there are a bunch of movie scenes that have made me tear up. No tears actually fell, but I know I was moved to the point that I did feel something.

I once started a list of these film scenes to see if there was some common thread or to see if I could figure out why those scenes were the ones to evoke feelings. I once watched Love Story, Terms of Endearment and The Way We Were all in a row to see if I would cry, but I couldn’t. (I may be able to now that I’m older and have more life experience… as this viewing was many, many years ago.) However, if I watched the right string of scenes from several other films, I’m sure at some point I would just finally break down.

Here’s a sample of some of the film scenes that have most moved me:

1. Ordinary People(1981) – Basically all of the scenes involving Timothy Hutton and Judd Hirsch’s characters are really intriguing to me. But it’s Timothy Hutton’s performance that destroys me every time I watch this. I cannot empathize with the losses that his character suffers through. I do not have such a strained relationship with my parents. But I cannot help but feel something during these scenes… ” I feel bad about this. I feel really bad about this. Just – just let me feel bad about this!”

2. On the Waterfront< (1954) – No matter how many times I have seen this clip whether within the context of the film, or on its own, I can’t help but feel for Brando’s character. Betrayed by his own brother… and for what? God, that music. And Brando was so beautiful… and by that I don’t just mean how gorgeous he was (which he totally was… day-yum). I mean that watching him act was about as close to perfection as one could get. It wasn’t that he was playing Terry Malloy… he *was* Terry Malloy. And that heartbreak and… oh Lord. “You don’t understand, I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been *somebody*, instead of a bum. Which is what I am. Let’s face it. It was you, Charlie.”

3. East of Eden (1955) – There are so many scenes from this film that tear at my heart (my favorite being between Cal and Abra on the Ferris Wheel, but I couldn’t find that on youtube…), but this one is pretty stellar. Dean was an amazing talent. Like Brando, he went for it and was the character instead of playing a character. There are a multitude of scenes from East of Eden and Rebel Without a Cause that have impacted me, but this one from East of Eden is particularly heartbreaking because it’s such a sad, sad moment between a boy and his father.

4. Moulin Rouge! (2001) – This is still my favorite movie of all time. And after all these years, “El Tango De Roxanne” still makes my stomach turn. The juxtaposition of the tango dancers, Satine/the Duke and then Christian screaming out his window is all too much for me to take in, and yet there I sit, completely fixated on the screen while my insides twist up into something awful from the pain and hurt that I see/feel during this sequence. It’s so beautiful, but it’s so horrendous at the same time.

5. Shakespeare in Love (1998) – The dance sequence… holy hell, I love this scene. I love this whole movie (3rd favorite movie of all time) and a lot of the scenes have had a huge impact on me over the years. But this scene stands out because of the music and because of Joseph Fiennes’s facial expressions. My heart stops every time at moment 1:06-1:14… the music is so amazing and the realization and awareness of the other person between both characters is nothing short of breath-taking and romantic.

6. Stage Beauty (2004) – Though the Otello sequence will never cease to blow my mind (Billy Crudup is amazing), it’s the audition in front of the king and company that breaks my heart into a million pieces every time I watch it (5:55-9:40). Once he gets to that 3rd and 4th “Oh,” I am completely gone. Though the tears do not fall, there is always an epic lump in my throat and I just want to hug Kynaston 😦

Ah, movies… perhaps I will expand on this tomorrow. But for now, I must sleep!

Have a good one

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