I flipped my calendar last night while I was brushing my teeth… Hello Mr. Schue (yes, I have a Glee calendar, go ahead and judge). How on EARF is it already February? Jimminy…

I had a bizarro dream last night that included a bunch of friends/people I knew from grad school and we were playing 500 in the street with a football. Weird. Especially because in the dream I missed catching an easy throw, and then I had a hard time throwing a football. And that just doesn’t happen. Also, mid-dream, I thought my cell phone was vibrating and I was getting a call/text. I distinctly remember checking the phone in my dream, and right at that moment, my alarm clock went off. I checked my cell phone when I woke up, but there was no call or text. Of course.

I drove myself to work today because the weather/roads weren’t bad here. I feel soooooo bad for the rest of the country that is dealing with this awful weather. I’m pretty sure my brother has a snow day tomorrow… and he’s in grad school, so you know the weather must be super awful if grad students are given snow days.

Thank Jesus I only worked for 4 hours today. Once again my manager was seemingly on my case about opening accounts. She makes me feel bad about myself. I don’t feel bad for not opening accounts. I feel bad that it appears she has to be on my case because it makes me get to thinking that I suck at my job. And I know I don’t suck at my job. But every time she sees me she asks if I’ve opened an account, or if I’ve asked customers to open accounts. She even took a sale away from me today because she said it was going to lower my sales average. My sales average numbers are not an end-all, be-all statistic for me. But I’m guessing it probably reflects on her. And I get that… but I just disagree with the way she goes about interacting with me sometimes. I haven’t been able to tell her that, though, because I don’t know how to say “Please stop making me feel like I’m incompetent” to her without being bitchy about it.


I have 8 days off now, so I will take that time to enjoy the quiet. Woot. I’m really looking forward to getting some work done, watching some movies and playing with my dogs. I have the best dogs in the world – they like to run around in the snow, and we have plenty of that, so that will be fun for them.

I was such a waste of space when I got home from work today. I watched an episode of Glee from Season One (“Throwdown” – I like “No Air” and “Keep Holding On” a lot), Jeopardy, 2 reruns of HIMYM, the rerun of Rocky Horror Glee Show (which I totally already gushed about in this post), and Million Dollar Drop (seriously, how did more people not win money on that show? The questions were so easy).

(In between Jeopardy and HIMYM, I totally fell asleep on the recliner in the living room. I was awaken by Moose… she climbed up on the arm of the chair and started licking my forehead. She’s so friggin’ cute. So, I called her up onto the chair with me and she slept on my lap for a half hour. She’s so warm… better than any blanket.)

Now I’ll read some blog posts and perhaps some more of the Lady Gaga biography I started reading the other night.

I have my alarm set to wake up at 9 tomorrow morning so I don’t miss Darren Criss on Ellen’s talk show 🙂 I’m pretty sure this is his first talk show… I wish he’d be booked for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Baby steps, though. Criss is also on the cover of Prestige magazine… mmm mmm good. Soooooooo looking forward to new Glee on Sunday and Tuesday. Btw, have you heard “Bills, Bills, Bills” yet? It’s uh-may-zing. Beware, listening to Darren Criss sing will make your ears pregnant. But watching him sing is even better…

Or hows about one of my favorites…

You’re welcome 🙂

Have a good one