I had today off… and will have the next week off, so that’s pretty cool.

Know what else is pretty cool?

Darren Criss was on Ellen this morning. He was on for maybe 5 whole minutes, but it was the best 5 minutes of any Ellen show I’ve seen in a long time. The guy is so friggin’ charming, it’s all a bit ridiculous.

And he filmed this little back-stage video on a flipcam… He’s too cute for words.

New Glee needs to be on now. Like for reals.

I watched a lot of Glee today, actually… I watched the Pilot and Theatricality. I also played Wii Glee Karaoke for an hour (Modern Family was a rerun and I didn’t want to call it a night at 8, so I sang Glee for an hour… yep, I’m that much of a dork.). I am *this close* to beating Rachel, Puck and Kurt’s Scrapbooks… perhaps over the next week I will beat those levels.

What else, what else…

Since I was off from work and basically just spent the day chilling at home (with the exception of a frustrating hour+ drive to and from St. Paul during rush hour… blah times infinity. I hate driving in the city.), I watched Glee, finished my Lady Gaga biography (reading one, not writing one), and watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

I was kinda disappointed in the Scott Pilgrim movie. Now, I’ve never read the graphic novels, but I saw the trailer for the movie a lot earlier last year and really wanted to see the movie.

As much as I loved all the video game/comic book/graphic novel visuals and sounds, I was not a huge fan of the film. And I love Michael Cera… but even I am tiring of his schtick. Alas. I still love Kieran Culkin, though. He’s so good in everything. Anywho… I’m putting that back in the mail tomorrow and am supposed to get Howl next from Netflix. Oh, James Franco, how I love you so.

Tomorrow I think I will go see Blue Valentine and maybe go to DSW for some new black shoes for work. My shoes I am using now are super beat up from all of the salt and weather and physically stubbing my foot on fixtures at work. Blah.

So, movies and shoes… and maybe stop in to work to see some of my colleagues. And then to the library to pick up my Six Feet Under Season Three!!!!!!!!

Then I’ll come back home and do some chores… get those out of the way so I can spend the weekend watching Six Feet Under, movies the Super Bowl and GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay team

Have a good one 🙂