I am a mostly happy camper right now. That is such a good feeling πŸ™‚

Once again, the dogs let me sleep in until 8:00. However, I didn’t listen to Yukon before I tried to give her breakfast and that resulted in her throwing up in one of the downstairs bedrooms. Not fun to clean up at 8:15 in the morning, but it was my fault. (This sounds weird, but Yukon has a way of communicating her needs. She gets this look in her eyes and/or will make certain body movements. You’d think after 11 years I would just adhere to what she needs so everything runs smoothly. But, I was really cold this morning and wasn’t feeling like standing around outside while she poked around in the snow. I should have let her poke… then I wouldn’t of had to pick up puke. Oh well, lesson learned.)

The rest of the morning went much smoother. I watched an episode of Six Feet Under with breakfast and then decided that today’s workout was going to be most of the dances from the Dance on Broadway Wii game. I beat two of the high scores, so now I think I have 4 or 5 high scores while the rest belong to my mom. I was *this close* to beating a few more, but I was a couple thousand points off. Maybe tomorrow!

After throwing some more laundry in the washing machine, I sat down at my computer to work on the in-text citations for my thesis proposal. Fun times, eh? Booooooo

I let the dogs outside and we all ran around for awhile in the front yard. It wasn’t a nice day out like it was yesterday, but it was fun instigating the dogs to faux fight each other in the snow. The both had snow all over their faces… they are too cute for words.

I watched another episode of Six Feet Under with lunch. I am really, really, really loving that show.

Post-lunch I threw my laundry in the dryer and then once again sat down to the computer. This time, I was reading an outline of a script that a friend from undergrad had sent me. I’ve read some of his other stuff before and it’s always nice to read more because he’s got some great ideas. I always liked reading the scripts of my peers because I felt they were so much better than mine (even though one of my scripts from undergrad totally got made into a short film for a project my senior year… that’s my crowning life achievement thus far).

I decided to make taco salad for dinner tonight so I had to chop up some venison steaks into cubes. I felt like I was on my own musical cooking show… I had this giant knife and my music was turned up really loud. It all turned out really good… I was glad. I hadn’t ever used venison steak before, but it was pretty good. I’ll use more tomorrow when I make chili for the Super Bowl!!!! (Chili is, like, my favorite food… and it’s so good for the Super Bowl. Mmmmmmmmmmm)

I watched yet another episode of Six Feet Under with dinner (I only have 4 episodes left to go for Season Three… woot). Then, I watched Howl.

I don’t pretend to understand poetry. I mean, it’s not like I am completely lost, but it usually takes me awhile to get the gist of some poems. I wasn’t that familiar with Allen Ginsberg or his poem “Howl,” but I wanted to see the movie because I love James Franco (and Jon Hamm, David Strathairn, Jeff Daniels and Bob Balaban…). Franco is a great actor. I have loved him since Freaks and Geeks and he seems to just get better and better with every role or project he takes on. I admire the amount of stuff that he is involved with these days.

The movie Howl was good, but I don’t need to see it again any time soon. However, I am thankful for its themes and messages about First Amendment rights and what should/should not be considered obscene. I took an Art and Morality class in college and this movie totally would have fit right in to what we were learning. I mean, who are we to say what is or is not obscene if something does or does not fit into our own morals and ideals. Especially when it comes to the written word. Like, child pornography is obscene for sure. But Ginsberg’s choice to use certain graphic words or phrases was his choice and helped to tell his story his way. I liked in the interview portions of the movie where Ginsberg talked about how people should write like how they are. Use the same words you would use in conversations with friends with your muse. That’s inspiring. I try to write how I talk. It’s not eloquent by any means, but at least it’s honest. I don’t have the best grammar. I don’t have the biggest vocabulary. Sometimes I’m very frank, while other times I know I skirt around certain subjects. But that’s me. And I write. So my writing should reflect me because my writing is an extension of me.

This is why I always had trouble writing term papers and whatnot for school. When I try to sound all academic, it usually comes across as not awesome. I am a very academic person. I am well educated. I am learned. But I know I speak and write like the common man. I don’t use big words all the time, even though I aced those friggin’ Word Power tests in 9th Grade. I speak and write so that I may more easily communicate with my peers and my community. At least I think that I do.

Speaking of my writing… I got an email from a member of my thesis committee today (not my thesis chair, but another member). And *he* says that my thesis proposal as is is ready for a thesis proposal defense πŸ™‚ He remarked how there needs to be some editing, but that that can be done in preparation for the final thesis defense. WHAT UP NOW?!?!?!?!?!

So, tomorrow I will bask in the glory of the Super Bowl and new Glee and Monday I will make a phone call to my thesis chair and hopefully discuss with him some options I have for getting a thesis proposal defense underway πŸ™‚

See… today is so much better than yesterday. And there’s a new SNL on in an hour and a half…

And over the past few days we’ve gotten videos of two Warblers performances from Glee (btw – Happy Birthday, Darren Criss. You are the greatest thing to happen to television in the last few months and us StarKid fans and gLeeks are indebted to your sexy self and your triangle eyebrows.)

1. Bills, Bills, Bills

2. When I Get You Alone

I cannot friggin’ wait until Super Bowl Glee and Tuesday Glee πŸ™‚

Have a good one