I just got done watching HIMYM. And since I have an hour and a half to kill between that and Castle, I thought I’d blog so then I can just let the dogs out and read after Castle instead of type type type.

Ted Mosby, WTF?!?!?!?! At least I am fairly sure that *she’s* not the mother. Thank goodness.

So, let’s flash back to Saturday night…

Saturday Night Live was pretty funny. At least the familiar Dana Carvey stuff was (Wayne’s World, The Church Lady). I am a huge fan of Carvey, so I was beside myself during the first half hour… laughing at all the obvious and silly jokes. I shouted “Jon Lovitz!” when he appeared during the opening monologue. I LOVE Jon Lovitz! “ACTING!!!!!” Too good 🙂 I also really liked The Roommate trailer with Justin Beiber and Andy Samberg (I mean, Sir Ben Kingsley).

And then came Sunday… Super Bowl Sunday. Glee Sunday. A day of nothing but sitting in front of my television and absorbing football, commercials and Glee.

Game – I was soooooooo happy that the Packers won. I don’t really care about football on a whole, but I just really did not want the Steelers to win because I do not like their QB. On the other hand, I do like Aaron Rodgers. The couple Packers games I did catch this season, I was really impressed with his throwing game. That last half was really tense… the Steelers came close to overtaking them, but thank goodness for all the turnovers 🙂

So, everyone knows by now that Christina Aguilera botched the National Anthem. As I was watching/listening to her sing, I knew something was wrong. And I thought to myself, “Hold the phone… she totally sang the wrong lyrics.” How embarrassing for her 😦 Oh well… at least we knew she was singing live. Lea Michele did pretty good singing “America the Beautiful”. And that halftime show was a hot mess and a half. I am not a fan of the Black Eyed Peas at all. I know a bunch of their songs, though, because they are always on the radio. But I don’t like them as an entity. (I do enjoy some of Fergie’s solo efforts, though, not gonna lie… “London Bridge”, “Clumsy” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry” are awesome songs. Not great songs, but super catchy ones…). I was not impressed at all.

Commercials – My two most favorite commercials (besides some of the movie previews) were the Star Wars car one and the Doritos one (“Mmmmmmmm, cheese.”) That Star Wars one was sooooooooooooooooo cute. I can’t get over how adorable that was 🙂

Glee – (SPOILERS) – So, to be honest, I was not super impressed by this episode. Don’t get me wrong, I love Glee and there were some great parts of the episode. But on a whole, it was just meh for me.

I may be in the minority here, but I am beyond sick of Sue Sylvester and the Cheerios. The only time I really like Sue anymore is when she’s fighting with Mr. Schue and/or Coach Bieste.

I did not think that the Cheerios routine for “California Gurls” was all that awesome. Blue wigs, guys on bikes (with ramps) and fire-sparking boob cones are so overdone. When they released that clip earlier in the week, I watched it and was like, “Really?! That’s it? Lame sauce.”

I did like all of the other music numbers, though. I thought Rachel and Puck’s “Need You Now” was sweet. I’m not a huge fan of that song, but their performance was cute. And it was made extra cute because Coach Bieste was mouthing the words along to the song while they sang. A-dorable.

“Bills, Bills, Bills” was my favorite music number, though, because I heart the Warblers (and by the Warblers, I really mean mostly Blaine and Kurt). Nothing like a bunch of uniformed guys standing in a circle singing some a cappella Destiny’s Child 😉

Darren Criss’s vocals, as always, were solid. And I just love that song… I have been a huge Destiny’s Child fan since high school. I was sad that the Warblers were only in that one scene… and that Blaine and Kurt only got 2 1/2 scenes in the whole show. (I have a feeling that’s because the post-Super Bowl crowd is probably not as interested in Klaine as the rest of the gLeek population. *That’s* what tomorrow’s Valentines Day episode is for…)

“She’s Not There” was pretty good. I really like that song, and it was great to see the whole football team dressed up as Chuck Taylor-wearing zombies.

And of course “Thriller/Heads Will Roll” was epic. I was hoping for a bit more classic “Thriller” choreography, and I was not buying Finn’s voice during the Vincent Price part. But, the costumes and make-up were great. It was also a great moment for Karofsky…

So, Karofsky. Is it wrong that I like his character and hate his character at the same time? Because I totally do. And I credit that all to Max Adler, the actor who plays Karofsky. You just wanna give him a hug for really portraying Karofsky’s internal struggles so brilliantly. Karofsky hit some serious highs and lows in this episode, which was really great. Though he initially balked at joining the glee club (mandatory glee club joining – way to go Bieste!), Karofsky really got into it. (Way to go Mr. Schue – encouraging Karofsky and telling him he was talented and could be great in the glee club!)

Karofsky’s hard edge was polished down a bit throughout the episode… he seemed to really get into the dancing and performing. Though a slushie to the face set him back a few steps, I know a huge smile crept across my face when he grabbed his jersey and joined the rest of the group for their halftime show.

But then Karofsky went back into bully-mode at the end of the episode. Props to the writers for giving Finn a speck of common sense and instigating a Karofsky/Kurt apology. Though that totally didn’t happen (of course), I think Finn is onto Karofsky. He did question why Karofsky bullies others about being gay but doesn’t ever seem to have a girlfriend. And I think if Finn would succumb to one of Kurt’s “lady chats,” I think Finn would pick up more clues about the reasons behind Karofsky’s hostility toward his step brother.

Oh Kurt… I was thankful for that little scene with Kurt, Blaine, Mercedes and Rachel in the coffee shop (The Lima Bean… how cute!). I love that Mercedes and Rachel have met Blaine and all of them hang out with Kurt together. (btw – I already read all of the spoilers for tomorrow’s episode. I will leave it at that. But will totally expand on this little group after the show tomorrow night.) And I thought it was entirely appropriate for Blaine to know the high school football rules and regulations with regards to numbers of players allowed on the field, because it was established in an earlier episode that Blaine loves football. (And Kurt loves scarves… hahaha).

So even though I was not super thrilled with this episode, it was nice to have new Glee. But I am more excited about tomorrow’s episode. There will be some great songs, hopefully some good character development, and more Kurt 🙂


Today I was both a waste of space *and* I accomplished some stuff. Nothing awesome with regards to thesis stuff… I am in the middle of communicating with my thesis chair. Hopefully I’ll know more tomorrow. I did do a lot of dishes, vacuumed, cleaned up outside a bit and worked out (or, at least I did the best I could while the dogs were wrestling each other at my feet the whole time…).

I also watched a lot of television. I finished the last couple episodes of Six Feet Under (though none of the plot points were surprising to me, I still love that show), watched Chris Colfer on Live with Regis and Kelly (they showed this clip from Glee tomorrow… how can people not love these guys?), and then totally watched The Last Song.

Yes, that Miley Cyrus movie based on that Nicholas Sparks book by the same name. (And yes, I am aware that there are a million things wrong with that sentence.)

Confession time – I have read a fair few Nicholas Sparks books. And I think I have seen all of the movies that have been based off his books… yep. I have. (just checked IMDB) Though it looks like I need to read “The Lucky One” since they are making a movie from that one… and it stars Zac Efron. So, I’m sure I’ll see that at some point too…

Yes, dear readers, I read bad books and watch bad movies. And while these books/movies are pretty sappy (so much death, water, music, and bad dialogue), for some reason I find them mindless entertainment. Sometimes I don’t want to think about what I’m reading or watching. I like a little cheese every now and then. I don’t even particularly like these books or movies, but that’s what makes them more tolerable in my opinion. I like aspects of them… they are all about love (and who is against love? no one). There are select scenes/moments that resonate. And the movies usually have decent people in them. I say *usually* because some of them are just “meh” (I’m not a huge Channing Tatum or Miley Cyrus fan. They are pretty people who act as opposed to actors who are also aesthetically pleasing.).

There is just so much death in Nicholas Sparks’s work. (This coming from the girl who loves Six Feet Under…). It’s just that Sparks’s work is so tragic. He pairs up people in these epic love stories and then just rips them apart or kills someone off under some horrible circumstances.

Reading and watching stuff like this always makes me thankful for my family and people I care (or cared) about. And while it’s sad to take in, I end up thinking about the good times and happy memories of people I have loved and lost. This week, I have been reminiscing a lot about people I have known. Sometimes I’ll have a thought and laugh to myself. Since my dogs follow me around everywhere, I’ll tell them about relatives or people I used to know. I know the dogs don’t understand what I’m saying, but it’s just nice to say these stories out loud. It’s like, if I say it out loud, then it’s proof that these things happened. That these people existed. That they still have an impact on my life. And I won’t forget them, even though they are gone. My favorite stories are the ones about my dad’s dad. I miss him so much, but I think of him often and always smile because he was such an important person in my life. Always made me laugh 🙂 And it’s nice to remember him.


Well, I should wrap this up… gotta get ready for Castle!

Yay for new Glee tomorrow night 🙂

Have a good one