I totally spent the whole day waiting for Glee to happen…

Well, that’s not entirely true. I did do laundry and house chores and watched two movies (both about cello players for some reason…)

I watched Jeremy (1973). Wow, that was awful. And then I watched An Education (2010). That was the opposite of awful. Although, the whole movie I was asking the television why NO ONE besides educators had a problem with a 16-year old girl getting involved with an obviously much older (albeit sexy… that Peter Saarsgard) man. I thought it was a really beautiful movie (that time period fascinates me) and a brilliantly told story.

Young love seemed to be the theme for the day…


(SPOILERS if you haven’t seen the episode yet)

Ah, Valentines Day. What a potentially horrible time in a young person’s life. When having or not having a Valentine can seemingly make or break your day/life.

“Silly Love Songs” was one of my favorite episodes of the season… and also earned itself a spot in my Top 5 favorite Glee episodes ever thus far.

For me, this episode did for Blaine what the Super Bowl episode did for Karofsky. (Now, stick with me on this one as I explain…). See, in the Super Bowl episode, we got little glimpses into the real Karofsky. What made him smile, what made him angry, what made him fit in, and what he did to appear what he was not. The same goes for Blaine (which I will discuss further as we make our way throughout the episode). I appreciate character growth such as this – yay Glee writers. Also… I know I totally gush about the characters and their actions. Please know that i know all of this is due to the writers and the actors and it’s not like I think these are real people πŸ™‚ I know sometimes I write/type like the characters’ actions are their own, but I know these were all conscious choices by the those involved with the production. I used to write scripts and make videos/movies… I know how “this business we call show” works πŸ˜‰

I loved that the episode started with Puck pining over Lauren Zizes. And while this could seem like the weirdest Glee couple yet (especially because Puck is notorious for saying he doesn’t like bigger girls), I think they are totally a good match for each other because she can handle herself and he knows it. Although, I wish they would stop having Lauren eat in practically every scene she is in. We get it – she’s not super skinny like any of the Cheerios. Stop making her eat all the time.

And oh Finn… so full of yourself because you QBed the winning game. Him and his bucket-o-candy hearts in his locker.

From McKinley’s football stud to my two favorite Warblers, we find Kurt and Blaine at a coffee shop discussing Valentines Day. Kurt calls it an excuse for chocolates and cards, but Blaine is all for the romance aspect of the holiday. Props to Chris Colfer for letting Kurt wear his feelings all over his face. When Blaine speaks of love and having feelings for someone he’s only known for a little bit and wanting to express said feelings in song, Kurt looked like he was ready to explode. This was only magnified when Blaine orders them both coffee and a cupid cookie for them to split. Cue Kurt declaring Valentines Day his new favorite holiday.

Back at McKinley, Mr. Schue tells the group they are going to be singing love songs. Yay for this week’s lesson/theme of the show. Then Finn has an announcement – he decides to use his “celebrity” status to start a kissing booth and give the $$ to the glee club. Awwwwwwwwwwww. (*rolls eyes*) The kissing booth idea was pretty good because it gave way to the Finn/Quinn/Sam/Santana/Rachel storyline that would unfold throughout the episode. Also, yay for everyone for finally telling Santana what a bitch she is. Her crying in the hallway was great. Someone made a GIF of her sobbing… if you’ve been on any Glee fansites in the past few days, you know the one I’m talking about.

At Dalton, Kurt is doing when any high school kid in love does (or at least I know I totally did at various points in grade school) – drawing a ginormous heart with the name of the object of his desire in it. Of course this is when Blaine comes strolling up and asks Kurt what he’s doing. (Oh, nothing…) Blaine then asks Kurt to come with him to ask the Warbler council if they can help him declare his love in song… off campus (gasp! The Warblers haven’t done that since 1927…). Kurt, still thinking that he is the song’s recipient, backs up Blaine and manages to persuade the Warblers that performing outside of a school environment builds confidence. Awesome! Blaine’s wish to go sing at the Gap is fulfilled (“I call it, the Warblers Gap Attack.”). Kurt is all like “Buh-whaaaaaaaaat?” with his face. Why would Blaine want to sing at the Gap? Because he’s in love with the junior manager there…

Poor Kurt 😦

Yay for the sleepover at Rachel’s! Kurt, Rachel and Mercedes are the best three girlfriends on television. I LOVE that they have all bonded and are on hanging out terms… the three biggest divas of the bunch all getting along. It’s really sweet. I felt so bad for Kurt when he was telling the girls how he thought Blaine liked him, and then was like “I made it [their relationship] all up in my head!” Awwwww, Kurt! It happens, honey. Again, props to the writers for sliding realistic storylines into the scripts. Also, yay for Mercedes for saying none of them needed a man to be successful. But we all know Rachel wants Finn and Kurt wants Blaine. Like whoa. (btw – I totally have those pajamas that Mercedes had on. My sister got them for me for my b-day a couple years ago… footies!)

Back at school, Puck and the boys sing Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” in Puck’s attempt at a love song for Lauren. I LOVED this version of the song… even though it’s so not PC to be singing at a high school girl. But that totally fit Puck to a T. He never says the right things, so why should he sing them? I was glad Lauren called him out on how the song made her feel like crap.

Kissing booth time… I’m not sure how Finn was able to set up shop in the hallway like he did, but whatever. Becky got herself a kiss on the cheek, as did a pissed off Rachel (she wanted the real deal). My heart did break a little bit for her when he pulled out her belated Christmas (Hanukkah?) present. The necklace was perfect for her (gold stars are kind of her thing, you know). And you can tell that the writers left some wiggle room for Finnchel to reunite sometime down the line.

Santana is evil. Buying her own necklace and then trying to get Puck to pay for it and go out with her and not Lauren. And then Lauren and Santana fought… not very pretty. Not at all. I am on Team Lauren, for sure.

More kissing booth action… Sam watches Quinn and Finn kiss. They both see Fireworks. Quinn tells Finn to meet her in the auditorium later. That obviously means trouble.

Artie sings “P.Y.T.” while Mike Chang dances… I love this song, but the Mike Chang hall dancing was kinda awkward. But yay for Artie for being friends with Mike, even though Mike totally is the reason why Tina broke things off with him. This is such a great song, though. Every time it comes up on my iTunes, I always start dancing because the song just has the best beat πŸ™‚

Oh look – Warblers have flown the Dalton coup and are now in a Gap. Blaine starts to chicken out, but Kurt gives him a pep talk. (Four for you, Kurt, for encouraging your man to go hit on another man.) Nervous Blaine cues the Warblers and they all start singing Robin Thicke’s “When I Get You Alone”.

Now, I have read other people’s opinions of this music number and some say that this was awkward and uncomfortable. Now, if I was Gap Guy, it would be awkward and uncomfortable. But as a home viewer who thinks Darren Criss can do no wrong, this scene was Mmm Mmm good. Why? Oh so many reasons. Here are just a few:

1. That song… have you listened to the lyrics? To be honest, Blaine was basically verbally harassing that Gap Guy because them lyrics are highly suggestive. And not even that suggestive… they are flat out full of sexual content.
2. Pink Sunglasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:56) I totally have been wearing my pink sunglasses the past few days because it is hella bright out here in MN. But to see the pink sunglasses worked seamlessly into Glee was pretty special.
3. Chris Colfer/Kurt’s facial expressions throughout the song. There were looks of surprise, frustration, longing (1:47) … Poor Kurt. Watching your man serenade the Gap Guy. 😦
4. The way Darren Criss sang that song… day-yum. He really let Blaine let loose with the vocals. I dare say that last “My father’s last name!” (2:12) was borderline primal/urgent.

I liked the scene after the Warbler Gap Attack. Blaine looked ridiculous in that hat (but those scarves were fierce). But it was cute to see him nervous and all “what did I just do?”. Gap Guy walked out of the store, told Blaine that what he did was not cool (even though the other customers liked it…) and that he was fired. He also reminded Blaine that other people don’t know he’s gay (Gap Guy, not Blaine), they weren’t even dating, and that they couldn’t date because Blaine is underage.

Once again at McKinley Santana is evil. She realizes Finn and Quinn have a little somethin’ somethin’ going on, so she makes out with some kid who has mono and then kisses Finn. Finn later kisses Quinn and surprise, surprise, Finn and Quinn get mono. Poor Sam, I guess. And what was up with Tina? She totally broke down singing “My Funny Valentine”. I thought her off camera “I LOVE MIKE CHANG” was kinda sad… Pull yourself together, woman.

Meanwhile, Puck asks Lauren out to the Stix (w/a Ring Pop, no less. Nice.). She stands him up, so he macks on a waitress. Puck confronts Lauren the next day and she’s all “Oh, poor you.” She totally has her guard up and is playing hard to get… probably because she’s thinking that Puck’s intentions are not great. But they talk it out and she tells him that she wants to take it slow and they they can go out on Valentines Day, as friends. Awwwwww πŸ™‚ I hope they make it a few more episodes… I like Puck and Lauren together.

Coffee shop again… this time Blaine is saying how sick he is of hearts and love. He comes to the realization that he embarrassed himself and that his “relationship” with Gap Guy was all in his head. (Sound familiar?) Kurt, knowing that Blaine’s story is his own, tells Blaine that he initially thought that the guy Blaine was going to sing to was him because of all their flirting, duet singing and knowing each other’s coffee orders.

Blaine’s mind is blown for a fraction of a second, and he realizes that he is clueless. He admits to Kurt that he has never had a boyfriend and it is painfully obvious after the Warbler Gap Attack that he’s not good at romance. He can sing it, but he can’t just be it. Blaine tells Kurt that he cares for him a lot, but he doesn’t want to mess things up between the two of them. Kurt suggests that they be friends like in When Harry Met Sally…, if Kurt can be Meg Ryan. Blaine seemingly agrees and mentions, “Don’t they get together in the end?” YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT THEY DO (Klaine4ever, yo).

Now, this was the key scene for Blaine in this episode that I liken to some of the Karofsky scenes from the Super Bowl Episode. They are similar and different at the same time. For both Karofsky and Blaine, the audience finally gets a peak into another side of each of these guys. We saw Karofsky smile, dance, and genuinely have a good time (but then also morph back into the bully that he is). In this episode, we saw Blaine smile, express what he thought was love, get shot down, feel like an idiot for allowing himself to become vulnerable, get told that Kurt likes him, and then open up about his own inexperiences when it comes to love. The big difference, though between Karofsky and Blaine is that Karofsky doesn’t allow himself to feel or act on his feelings to their utmost potential. Blaine, on the other hand, allows himself to feel a full range of emotions in front of Kurt throughout the entire episode. This scene started off with Blaine feeling mortified, but finally coming around to accepting himself for his self-proclaimed shortcomings. So far this hasn’t happened with Karofsky, though I think somewhere down the road he might finally break down and be honest about who he is too.

Blaine was overly confident, then got a reality check when his cockiness/singing confidence couldn’t protect his heart from the reality that he didn’t/still doesn’t quite know what he’s doing. Karofsky is going to keep his feelings locked up for a bit more, likely. Blaine, though, now has the opportunity to recognize that he’s not the best at everything and can move forward in his relationship with Kurt. Though they aren’t dating (yet…), this is obviously more than just a friendship. And, I hope the writers continue to explore Blaine’s character and give the audience some more of his backstory. We know he has flaws. Kurt is our proxy for finding them out.

Also, this scene also leveled the playing field a bit between Kurt and Blaine. In prior episodes, Kurt seemed to look up to Blaine as being the more experienced out teen. I think the pedestal Kurt had Blaine on has been lowered a bit… not knocked down, mind you, but it’s more at eye-level now. Blaine might be older, but he doesn’t seem much wiser, at least when it comes to matters of the heart. That’s where Kurt could be of some help… the writers have written Kurt as one of the characters most able to express and give love on that show. Perhaps he could be Blaine’s spirit guide. πŸ™‚

Back at McKinley, Finn is in the nurse’s office with mono. Quinn’s mom already picked her up, but he’s still there feeling sickly. Rachel (in her black nail polish…) pats his forehead with a washcloth and then kinda interrogates him about Quinn. She asks what he felt when he kissed Quinn… fireworks.

*cue Rachel singing “Firework“* So, Glee has blessed us now with two versions of Katy Perry songs that manage to be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the Katy Perry originals. First we had “Teenage Dream” and now “Firework”. I dug this version of “Firework,” and even though the lyrics are a bit cheesy, I like the overall message πŸ™‚

I thought the final scene was pretty cute too. It was nice to see all the New Directions kids at Breadstix and them having a good time watching the Warblers sing “Silly Love Songs“. What a happy way to end the show πŸ™‚ Also, Kurt’s message to everyone was great – “To all the singles out there, this is our year.” PREACH.


Wow, I just wrote a lot about tonight’s episode… probably because I liked it a lot πŸ™‚

I should get to sleep now… I can’t wait to download this episode from iTunes tomorrow so I can have the Warblers Gap Attack in my pocket when I need a good chuckle.

Have a good one!