You know… from The Pajama Game?

I’m sure probably no one has seen this show and/or heard of it. My high school actually did this show my senior year and then my sister and I saw the revival on Broadway (starring Harry Connick Jr and Kelli O’Hara … 2:07… You’re welcome).

I’m super tired, and when that happens, random song lyrics pop into my head. I was going to start the blog post off with “Hey there,” but then I just continued on with the song lyrics… and I’m rambling. I need to stop typing.

Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday. By time I got home from the airport with my parents I was super tired and couldn’t type because (1) I was tired and (2) I was really cold and just wanted to curl up into a ball in my sleeping bag and go to sleep forever.

I’m still tired and cold, but I figured I should post.

Hence this post.

Yesterday I finally bought the rest of the songs I needed to complete my A Very Potter Musical/A Very Potter Sequel mix CD. Also, I got a couple more tracks from the Little White Lie and StarKid albums. Woot. I totally was belting out “No Way” on my way home from work today… god, I love StarKid 🙂

Also yesterday I rewatched Glee “Silly Love Songs”. May I just give a big “Cheers, Cheers, Cheers,” to Tate Donovan, the man who directed the episode. I was totally loving a lot of the shot choices. My two favorites were:

1. During “Fat Bottomed Girls,” when Puck is singing to Lauren and the camera is on a M/CU of her, and his head pops into the left side of the frame when he sings the word “Yeah”. LOVE IT. (in the linked clip, since it’s flipped, he comes into the right side of frame at 1:37 … but the effect is still the same. So Money.)

2. During the Warblers meeting when Blaine asks if they can serenade a boy off campus, j’adored the backwards dolly shot from a CU of Kurt’s face right after Blaine says that he wants to sing at the Gap because the guy he likes is a junior manager there. I love how perfectly the camera move is matched with the song “Tell Him” from The Exciters. (I cannot find a clip right now 😦 But know that this scene is soooooo good, and this is a great way to transition from the Warblers meeting to Kurt, Mercedes and Rachel’s sleepover.)

Today I had to work from 9:45-2. I hadn’t been to work in 8 days, so it was weird being back. At least the music was back on in the area where I was working.

When I got home from work, my mom and I played some Dance on Broadway, then I finished watching Zombieland (I love this movie – Jesse Eisenberg is so great). I basically watched TV the rest of the night… HIMYM, Idol, Bones (poor Booth!!!!!!!!!!!! But I’m glad that happened.) and 30 Rock (which is still my favorite show, even though it’s gone downhill as of late).

I work tomorrow afternoon/evening and then all day Saturday. But at least I have Sunday off – GRAMMYS!

Have a good one