Oh, Glee Tuesday… you kinda let me down a bit. But more on that later…

I actually slept in this morning, which was a Christmas Miracle. I haven’t slept well in awhile, so I very much appreciated my body allowing me to sleep until 9:15.

I had some cereal and an orange while I watched some TV and then got ready to run a couple errands with my mom. We had to go to the library, which was good because I needed some more books. They had the 2 disc edition of A Streetcar Named Desire, so I checked that out as well as I am interested in watching the extras. Plus, that movie is just amazing… Marlon Brando at his finest (well, this and On the Waterfront). This film is just so beautiful and moving and gut-wrenching and there just aren’t enough words to express how I feel about it… I’m sure you’ve seen (or at least heard of) the “Hey STELLA” scene. But do you appreciate it for all its Brando amazingness? (Besides how incredibly sexy he is in this movie, of course…) Look at his face. Watch his body language. Listen to the pain in his voice. Then look at the woman playing Stella. You can read all of her feelings on her face. Look at the camera angles between the two of them – an upshot of her atop the steps. A down shot on him as he touches the railing. Watch her walk down the stairs. Look at her shadow on the wall. Watch his face crumble before he drops to his knees. See how she runs her hands through his hair and then down his back as they embrace each other. This two minute scene is a master class compared to most of the crap that gets released nowadays.

*This* is why film is important to me. *This* is why I would give anything to immerse myself in film for the rest of my life. *This* is why film is art. *This* is why film is truth. *This* is why film is relevant to culture and society.

(And this is me stepping off of my soap box…)

After the library we went to Target. While my mom shopped for groceries, I perused the clearance racks and got myself a $6 pair of jeans that fit amazingly well. I also caved and bought Glee Season Two Volume 1 (Happy Valentines Day to me…). I couldn’t help it. I need to be able to watch and rewatch my favorite numbers from the first half of this season now.

When we got home, we had lunch and watched the “Special Education” episode (i.e. Sectionals). Like Kurt, j’adore Blaine. Probably because he’s played by Darren Criss… So even though I don’t like Train’s “Hey Soul Sister,” I would watch Blaine/Darren sing that song a hundred times in a row. He’s “so gangsta, [he’s] so thug”. HA

After lunch and some Wii Sports, I went down to my room to start composing some emails to some professors at school. I was stopped before I started because I finally got an email from my professor who was/still is my thesis chair. We got some serious miscommunications going on… At a serious loss for words and what to do, I phoned another professor and luckily he was able to talk me through a few different scenarios about how my thesis committee will proceed.

My new deadline to figure all of this shenanigans out is Thursday afternoon. And then shit’s going down like whoa. I am friggin’ sick and tired of being jerked around by people who are supposed to have their shit together when it comes to academics. I’m on a friggin’ timeline here, people. This is my life and grad school graduation on the line… and I am sick of professors not taking that seriously. Quit friggin’ wasting MY time because I know I haven’t wasted yours. I had my shit together FOUR MONTHS AGO. There are no excuses that can make up for that time that’s been wasted. NONE.

(end rant)

Beyond pissed, I changed into my workout clothes (i.e. yoga pants and a Marvel t-shirt) and went upstairs to dance it out. Try as I might, though, I cannot beat my mom’s scores on my dance game. Buh-what the heck. So, after playing Dance on Broadway for awhile, I put in disc 2 of my new Glee DVDs because I wanted to dance it out to “Teenage Dream“. That song is my JAM this season… in addition to “When I Get You Alone,” of course. (Blaine/Darren…woot). I find Katy Perry songs (especially those covered by the Glee cast… see also “Firework“) to be the BEST songs for dancing it out. It just pumps you up and makes you feel like you can take on the world. I will definitely be doing more of that tomorrow, for sure.

After all that dancing, I parked it for 30 minutes to watch Jeopardy. It was day 2 of man vs. machine. It was bizarro watching Watson (that IBM computer thing) completely obliterate the two people contestants. However, I am beyond skeptical about it after watching Final Jeopardy. The category was U.S. Cities. And then the answer was that the city’s biggest airport was named after a WWII general, and the second largest airport was named after a WWII battle. The question was totally “What is Chicago?” (O’Hare and Midway, duh). The two people got the question right, but Watson answered “What is Toronto?????”

WTF, Watson?! Toronto is not a U.S. City. I refuse to believe that that computer can correctly respond to questions regarding euphemisms, slang and other irregularities of the English language, but it can’t answer a city that is in the U.S. when the CATEGORY is “U.S. Cities”. Something is not right with this scenario.

The rest of the afternoon/evening I read and watched the news waiting for Glee to start.

Glee – “Comeback”


So, this episode was not one of my favorites of the season/series. And that’s not just because there was no Kurt or Blaine (although both were mentioned by Rachel). It’s because I wasn’t a fan of the songs they sang (weren’t they supposed to be anthems?) and the plot was merely 42 minutes of mostly blah to get to the 3 most important things to happen during the episode (SPOILERS – DUH 1. Rachel suggests they should write original music for Regionals 2. Sue is the new coach for Aural Intensity, a rival Glee club who wiped the floor with New Directions at last year’s Regionals and 3. the promo for next week [which I will discuss further at the end of this post]).

I’m not a fan of Quinn cheating on Sam with Finn. I’m also not a fan of Quinn on a whole, so watching her try and figure out who she wanted to date was pretty meh for me. Unlike Quinn (and my mom who has told me repeatedly today that she likes Sam over Finn), Sam’s Justin Beiber Experience did not do it for me. I don’t have the “Beiber Fever”. Nothing against that kid, but I’m 27. “Baby” doesn’t work on me like it does for those Glee girls. Neither does “Somebody to Love“. The only “Somebody to Love” I need from Glee happened in Season One.

I was most looking forward to the diva-off between Rachel and Mercedes, but only because I like the song “Take Me or Leave Me” from Rent. I liked how they went from enemies back to besties by the end of the song. I like Rachel and Mercedes as friends… it’s good to see them working together and being friendly instead of Mercedes always being frustrated at Rachel like last season.

As much as I like the whole Puck/Lauren relationship, I was not digging Lauren’s performance of “I Know What Boys Like“. That outfit was not becoming, nor were her dance moves. And that has nothing to do with how she looks. If Santana would have worn that/done that, it would have been a turn off too. However, I did chuckle audibly when they showed Puck in his underwear behind his guitar (there isn’t a video clip up of this yet, but trust me, it was funny). Also, I am not a huge fan of The Waitresses. Sorry 😦

I did like that Sue was in the Glee club for a week. And I LOVED it when Will took her to see the kids at the hospital. Sue has a heart… she just doesn’t show it much. And I LOVED her plaid tracksuit during the group number of “Sing“. I loved everyone’s outfits during that song… red plaid is hot.

I loved a lot of the outfits during the episode, actually (except for Lauren’s during her song). The subplot involving Brittany’s ability to turn Rachel’s wardrobe into fashion trends was great. I need to find me a carousel horse sweater…

But, like I said earlier, the most important parts of the episode came in the last couple minutes. During the final glee meeting of the episode, Rachel suggested that instead of doing the My Chemical Romance song for Regionals, that the only way they would have a leg-up over The Warblers (who have Kurt and Blaine) and Aural Intensity (who beat them last year) would be to write their own music and sing an original song. Everyone shot down that idea… well, everyone but Finn. After the meeting, he stopped Rachel in the hallway and said that he agreed with her. Though she asked if they should write it together, he said that she should do it herself. But, he walked away saying that he liked the Rachel he saw in there and that she’s making a comeback. Aww. How sweet.

After Glee is out, Sue approaches Will and starts teasing him, a sign that Sue is back to normal. (She was depressed throughout the episode, but was determined to change that. As well as break up the glee club from within… that failed, though, when Mercedes and Rachel remained friends after their Diva-off.) So, Sue told Will that she is the new coach for Aural Intensity. I did not see that coming, but I applaud the writers for this plot twist, as it gives Sue a reason to still be a coach (now that the Cheerios are disbanded, thank Glee-God), still be the glee club’s biggest antagonist, and allow for future Sue vs. Will moments. Yay team.

The third best thing of the episode is what happened after… during the “next week on Glee” part. That 30 second promo was chock-full of more amazing plot than the whole of tonight’s episode.


Next week’s episode is called “Blame it on the Alcohol”. From the promo, and some stuff I read online, Will and Beiste look like they are going to have a little fun at some honky tonk bar, while the glee kids (and Blaine) are going to have some drunken fun at a party at Rachel’s – “The Rachel Berry House Party Train Wreck Extravaganza”. The promo shows Brittany in a bra and shorts dancing, and then a drunk Rachel initiating a game of Spin the Bottle. Rachel and Blaine are showing kissing while a stunned Kurt looks on, encouraging the two of them to stop because they’ve had enough. Blaine is shown rolling around on the floor (in clothes other than his Dalton uniform! huzzah! *And* it looks like he’s w/o hair gel. Double huzzah!) and the promo alludes to consequences of the drunken fun by all parties (“That, sir, is what we call rock bottom” -Kurt).

And while this game of Spin the Bottle is not the whole plot of the show, it’s participants and their sexual orientation have been recent discussion online and in a recent issue of Out magazine. A few days ago, Ausiello at TV Line released this Blind Item that a gay TV character would be questioning his/her orientation. Yesterday, it was revealed that that character was Blaine.

In the latest issue of Out magazine, of which Blaine’s portrayer, Darren Criss is the cover boy, Glee creator Ryan Murphy discusses how Blaine will be questioning whether he is bisexual, and if bisexuality is even real. (This discussion happens in the middle of the feature article about Criss… and did you see his photo spread? Day-yum.)

Murphy has confirmed that Blaine is gay and not bisexual, but I don’t think that will take anything away from the overall significance of the show addressing this topic. Four for you, Glee writers. As a straight person who has had conversations with friends who are LGBT about this same topic, I am very much looking forward to seeing how they’ve written this conversation happening among high school students. It’s going to be really interesting to see how people react to next week’s episode.

Also, it’s going to be interesting to see how the Blaine/Rachel kiss affects the Blaine/Kurt friendship.

Another also… I read somewhere that Jonathan Groff would be back this season as Jesse St. James. I wonder if that is actually happening?

We shall just have to wait and see…


So yeah…

I should get to reading… as I heart books.

Have a good one