So, remember on last night’s post when I was all like “Yay, I slept in!” Well, that didn’t happen today…

Last night was quite horrible, actually.

After posting my “meh Glee” blog, I was lying in bed doing a bit of reading. My throat began to feel all funny and I felt like I was going to throw up. I emptied my trash can as a “just in case” precaution and went back to reading. I began to feel worse, so I went into my bathroom and sat on the floor for awhile and played Solitaire on my iPod while listening to my Darren Criss mix. As the minutes ticked by, I felt worse and worse and got super cold, so I wrapped myself up in a bath sheet and shut off the iPod and just leaned back against the wall.

Not to be super gross, but you know when you know you are going to throw up and there’s nothing you can really do but wait it out until it happens? I did that for probably a half hour before I took matters into my own hands. I had never tried to make myself sick before (b/c throwing up is the all time #1 on my list of things I hate doing) and was super surprised how quickly everything progressed. So even though I hit the trifecta last night, I only initiated round one 😦 I hadn’t felt that sick since election night in 2008.

After brushing my teeth like there was no tomorrow, I grabbed a bottle of water from the laundry room and crawled back into bed. I had the chills from sitting on the bathroom floor for an hour and my whole body was shaking. I didn’t want to go to sleep since I thought I might be sick again, so I read for a long time, trying not to make any sudden movements. I finally drifted off to sleep, but I know I woke up around 4 because I saw the clock. I was in the middle of a bizarre dream where I was moving these huge shelves that had stacks of large pans on them. And I was trying to remove the bottom pans without disturbing the ones that were stacked on top of them. I was so out of it 😦

When I woke up for real around 8:45, I grabbed my computer to see if my professor had emailed me back from yesterday. He did – just to say that he “should” be in his office during office hours tomorrow. I will call then… oh, I will call then.

I shut off the computer and grabbed a hoodie, my book, my trashcan, a pillow and a blanket and dragged myself upstairs. My mom asked what was wrong and I told her I threw up a bunch of times last night. She crossed her arms in front of her in a giant “X” and told me to stay away. I asked if I should go back to my room, but she said no and then she got a blanket to put over the couch so I wouldn’t get my germs all over everything.

I stayed on that couch the entire day for the most part, sipping Sprite, choking down various bread products, reading, and watching Glee and Jeopardy. I was supposed to work tonight, but I called in and explained that I was sick and had a temperature (I’m usually a 98.6 degrees person, but I was at 97.1 degrees… so that’s not a fever, but it definitely wasn’t normal for me).

I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling so horrible. I ate the same food as my parents the previous day, and neither of them got sick. My mom thought it might be stress related. She’s probably right. Stress. Hormones. More stress. The radical changes in the weather. People are sick at work. More stress. BLAH

But, it was nice to just be still for the day. I rewatched two Glee episodes from this season – “The Substitute” (in preparation for Gwenyth Paltrow’s return to the show in a few weeks) and “Grilled Cheesus” (because I love all things Kurt and Burt Hummel and I had actually only seen this episode once, whereas I’ve seen every other episode anywhere from 2-10 times).

I also watched Jeopardy, as it was the last day of the Watson IBM computer thing. I was pissed that no one really explained why Watson got such an easy Final Jeopardy question waaaaaaaaaaaay wrong yesterday.

I did nap a bit today… not sure if I ever really fell asleep, but my eyes were shut and it was just kinda peaceful to lay down under some covers.

I actually didn’t watch Modern Family tonight, and instead my mom and I watched the whole 2 hours of American Idol. J’adore Hollywood week – especially group night! My favorite contestant so far, just based on personality, is that red haired kid from Louisiana (I think). He’s too cute for words.

Well, I should get to sleep… I still am feeling pretty crappy and I should try and get some rest. My head is thumping, but I totally just took some Excedrin, so that best be kicking in soon.

Have a good one