Oh Sunday…

So, that massive snowstorm hit MN. It’s still snowing right now… Zoinks, yo.

I decided since I haven’t received my thesis proposal notes from my professor yet (they should get here tomorrow, I think) that I should do chores and whatnot today.

This morning I cleaned my bathroom and attempted to straighten up and vacuum my room. I did some more laundry, as I had a couple more blankets and towels to wash from when I was sick this week. Boo illness.

Before lunch, my mom and I played our Dance on Broadway game some more. She beat one of her own scores today and I was just 100 points away from stealing the top slot on “Good Morning, Baltimore”. I just need one less “OK” and I’ll be golden. We’ve gotten 100% on several songs and are quickly approaching 100% on some more. I told her we’re going to need to invest in a new dancing game soon because we’re going to beat this one. At this point, I know all of the dances by heart… but my mom somehow doesn’t remember them, even though we play them just about every day. I tease her for not being able to remember the order of the dance moves. When it comes to pop culture stuff, I can somehow remember the most random details. I don’t know why.

After lunch, I decided I should probably do my taxes, just to get that out of the way. I didn’t officially file anything today, but I did my federal return and the state returns for the states I lived in in 2010. I’m awesome at math, but the programs I was trying to use were frustrating. I’m not going to pay $50 to file my shit online. Come on, now.

Once taxes were done, I decided I was going to watch Community with commentary. I started doing that yesterday, but my parents got home and I turned off the commentary since they hadn’t seen the episode. The same thing happened today… I was in the middle of the pilot’s commentary when my dad came upstairs from his workroom and he was reading the subtitles to watch the show while I was trying to listen to the commentary. I ended up turing it off again just because I knew he didn’t want to sit through commentary on a show he doesn’t watch on a regular basis. Alas… someday I’ll get through all of Season One w/commentary. Today was not that day.

Instead, I turned on a movie – Balls Out, starring Seann William Scott. It was pretty bad, but was actually kinda funny in spots. Plus, I will basically watch any movie about tennis, just because there are hardly any movies about the sport (and I love tennis).

The rest of the night was spent watching the news (oh weather updates), Amazing Race (It’s people who played before… and I am familiar with 8 of the 11 groups, so I at least recognize a lot of the people and it’s nice to see them playing the game again. My sister totally got me hooked on this show… I think she and my brother should audition for the show, as they would be awesome on it.), and a Behind the Scenes look at Saturday Night Live.

I have seen every episode of Saturday Night Live from the past decade or so, and have seen a bunch of episodes from before that (thank you, Comedy Central, E!, and Netflix…). There are great episodes. There are subpar episodes. There are beyond memorable hosts. There are people who I question why they even got to host once. There are sketches I will laugh at every time I see them, regardless of how many times I see them. There are other sketches that I wish I would not have seen.

Saturday Night Live has been a popular culture/comedy staple in my life since I was in middle school. It used to be a treat to get to stay up and watch the shows live. I had a VHS tape of the 25th Anniversary special that I would watch over and over again, memorizing the sketches. I learned entire routines from that show… from Mary Katherine Gallagher’s monologues from made for TV movies, to the synchronized swimming routine with Martin Short and Harry Shearer. I can do impressions of Eddie Murphy as Gumby, Mr. Robinson, Velvet Jones, and Buh-weet. I use the phrase “Oh no, Mr. Bill” and/or “The H is O” in everyday conversation. I named my sister’s ghost decoration “Weebs” after the Boston Teens sketch with Ben Affleck. I know the lyrics to most of the songs used in sketches or digital shorts.

It’s all a bit ridiculous, probably, how much SNL influences me on a day to day basis. When I was a little girl, one of my dreams was to be a cast member on the show, or host, or even just see an episode live. I know that’s not likely to happen ever, but part of me still would like to work on that show one day (in a behind-the-scenes position).

When we went to NYC a few years ago and did the NBC tour, we got to go into Studio 8H. There wasn’t a live show the week we were there, but the Jake Gyllenhaal episode had just aired a week or so prior, so I was chatting up the NBC Page about how we liked his monologue. In one of the rooms we got to see the prosthetic heads they used for one of the Brendan Fraser episodes where they did a Peanuts sketch. I was dying on the inside… I was just so happy to be there, in that studio. There’s so much history… I was in the same room that my comedy idols once performed – John Belushi. Gilda Radner. Dan Ackroyd. Billy Crystal. Christopher Guest. Dana Carvey. Chris Farley. Phil Hartman. Ana Gasteyer. Darrell Hammond. Tina Fey. And then some… My SNL-loving heart could barely contain my excitement.

When I have more time, I will post some of my favorite sketches and digital shorts. I know SNL sometimes gets shoved aside, or people think it’s past its prime. But I will continue to stick with it as long as it is on the air. Live comedy is something that should be appreciated more. SNL, even at its worst, is a great representation of current events, relevant music, and a variety of comedy. Sometimes the comedy is crass, and goes for the easy laugh. Other times it’s more cerebral, or at least can catch you off guard (like that Merryville Brothers bit from a few weeks ago…).

I love Saturday Night Live. I always have and I always will 🙂

Have a good one