Geez, it was a long day šŸ˜¦

We woke up to oh so much snow, and it just kept snowing the whole day (way to go, weather people, who said it was supposed to stop snowing this afternoon).

My dad ended up bringing me to work, as we weren’t sure how bad the roads were around where we live. The roads actually weren’t horrible, but it was nice to have someone w/a 4-wheel drive car driving me through the messy streets of MN.

Work was blah. I met my sales goal, so that was good. And there were a bunch of ladies there that I like working with, so that was good. But my manager is still down my throat about opening accounts. She gives me lectures and then makes me initial paperwork that she talked to me. I’ve opened 3 accounts in the last 3 weeks. That’s waaaaaaaay better than I was doing at the end of last year. She needs to back off – I don’t think she gets that her belittling me does not help me open accounts. If anything, it just makes me not want to even try. Also, with 2 hours of work left to go, the leg of my pants split open. Since we were short staffed, I couldn’t leave my area to go buy new pants. So, I channeled MacGyver and craftily taped up my pants. The tape-job held, but now I have to wear pants I really don’t like to work tomorrow. And instead of just going home after work tomorrow, I need to go buy pants. Boooooo. And there isn’t an Old Navy nearby, so I’m going to probably have to go to the Gap or somewhere. I hate shopping. šŸ˜¦

So, right now my dog is asleep in my lap and I am getting read to watch Castle. Then sleep, sleep, sleep. Woot.

Have a good one

P.S. I am super excited for Glee Tuesday tomorrow… Drunk Blaine!