Glee Tuesday delivers once again…

But before I launch into a crazy long monologue about my love (and some critiques) of tonight’s episode, “Blame it on the Alcohol”, I should quickly recap my day:

I worked from 9:45-3:15. Work was okay… it was super slow. And the department I was working in had some themed display set up that unfortunately features overly scented bath stuff… which I am totally allergic too. I still have an epic headache from being around it. I tried my best to avoid the area, but I couldn’t. Yuck. But, on a good note, I helped a woman today find something for her daughter (and then helped look at paint samples… which is totally not part of my job). But the woman was super grateful for my help and said she was going to send in some customer feedback about me. Suck on that, manager. I know how to do my job.

After work, I found an Old Navy a couple miles away so I could get some new pants after yesterday’s unfortunate mishap. I think I ended up buying the same pants, though… boo. I got a couple shirts and another pair of skinny jeans… which totally only look good if one is wearing boots. But, luckily I have some boots, so all is well.

Home again, home again… my mom made stew (yum) and then we watched GLEEEEEEEEEEEE!

(SPOILERS if you haven’t seen the episode)

So, this week’s episode was “Blame it on the Alcohol” and it’s main premise was that principal Figgins wanted the glee kids to sing about the dangers of alcohol at a school assembly.

Within minutes of the show, Puck tells Rachel she should throw a party at her house because her dads are out of town (on the Rosie O’Connell cruise…). She turns him down, saying he only wants a party so he could have somewhere to drink and have sex. Exit Puck and enter Finn…

Rachel sings Finn the original song she’s writing for New Directions to sing at Regionals. Her song was about headbands… because she said you’re supposed to write what you know. And she knows about headbands. So, when Finn tells her she needs to have some life experiences in order to write about life experiences in song, Rachel storms off in search of Puck.

After a group phone call in the hallway, we know we are in for the “Rachel Berry House Party Trainwreck Extravaganza”

Rachel, in the fugilest green dress (which I’m sure she thought was awesome) hands her guests two tickets apiece for wine coolers, the drink of choice for the evening. Puck convinces her to let him get liquor from her dads’ liquor cabinet. Pretty soon, the house party is completely underway…

All of the glee kids, plus Kurt and Blaine are in attendance. This is the first time on the show we’ve seen Blaine not in his Warblers uniform. Blaine’s got his skinny jeans and a cranberry cardigan on, but his hair is still pretty much plastered to his forehead. As the night wears on, Blaine loosens up a bit… he throws an arm around Finn and comments how Finn and Kurt are brothers and how Finn is so tall. Blaine also dances it out a bit, and soon he no longer resembles the up-tight looking Warbler, but a curly haired hipster who seems to enjoy jumping up and down a lot.

Other happenings: Body shots, quarters, Brittany is striping/dancing, and Rachel is all over Finn. Finn gives us some good exposition and tells Rachel about the different kind of drunk girls – including mean ones (Quinn and Lauren), happy ones (Mercedes and Tina) and needy ones (Rachel).

A bit pissed, and a lot drunk, Rachel gets up and yells for everyone to play spin the bottle, as if that will show Finn. First up, Sam and Brittany kiss. Quinn and Santana are pissed about Sam kissing Brittany, but Artie seems to get a kick out of his girlfriend kissing Sam. Next up, Rachel’s bottle lands on Blaine. They lock lips, and then again, and then Blaine reaches his hand into Rachel’s hair and lets the moment keep going. Kurt looks on with wide eyes, and you can tell he thought that went on way to long.

When they finally break apart, Rachel has crazy love eyes for Blaine, tells him his face tastes awesome, and that she’s found herself a duet partner. Cue “Don’t You Want Me”.

Oh my goodness, this number is probably going in my Top 5 favorite Glee numbers ever. Rachel and Blaine each had a sparkly pink microphone (I totally want one), and they were singing to each other while Kurt just looked on from the sidelines. (Poor Kurt 😦 ) This song perfectly sets up the Kurt/Blaine/Rachel triangle for the rest of the episode. (And, btw – Blaine was shown falling on the floor drunk in the promos, but that was not in the episode… wtf, editors?)

The next day at McKinley, all the Glee kids have sunglasses on and are hungover. Artie pulls out some Bloody Marys and tells everyone the only way to beat the hangover is with Bloody Marys, because that’s what Bloody Marys are for. Bottoms up for the glee kids as we segue into their version of “Blame it on the Alcohol”. The staging mimics that of the Jamie Foxx music video, which I thought was a good touch. (Note – this episode was directed by Eric Stoltz, who also directed “Duets”. He’s been one of my favorite Glee directors thus far… upon additional viewing of this episode, I will be able to point out more awesome directing choices he made, but since I only saw it once so far, those comments will come within a few days.)

Meanwhile, back at the Hummel household, Burt marches up the steps to his son’s room with a cookbook in hand. He enters Kurt’s room and starts talking to the body-shaped lump under the covers. Kurt peaks his head out from his bathroom and talks to his dad. Burt does a double take when the lump under the covers moves – it’s (a fully clothed) Blaine, wondering where the heck he is. Burt is obviously stunned (more on this in a bit…).

In teacher land, Emma and Will are trying to be friends. Emma asked Will if he was dating anyone. He said no. She said he should. Later Will lunches with Coach Bieste and the two of them make plans to hang out at a honky-tonk bar. (P.S. I LOVE that Will and Coach Bieste are friends.) They drink like whoa and then sing a duet at the bar. I’m not much for honky-tonk music, but to each his/her own. Bieste brings Will home. They drunkenly talk about drinking and how kids are going to drink, but they should at least be aware of the dangers of it. Bieste kisses Will goodbye (as friends) and they say they love each other (as drunken friends do). Will then drinks some more while he grades papers (A+s for everyone!), and then drunk dials Emma… well, he thinks he drunk dials Emma.

The next day, Will runs into Emma and apologizes, but she tells him he never called her. Whoops… he totally called Sue, though. (And you know that’s gonna come back to bite him.)

Back at Rachel’s house, she’s drinking some wine and listening to Carole King and decides to call Blaine. Blaine is at The Lima Bean with Kurt when Blaine gets the call. Rachel asks Blaine out and Blaine says yes, much to Kurt’s dismay. See, when Blaine and Rachel kissed, he thought me might have felt something. Kurt tells Blaine that Blaine is gay, but Blaine counters that maybe he’s bi. Kurt gets a bit mad that Blaine is questioning his sexuality. Blaine gets mad at Kurt for not allowing him to be himself. Karofsky is brought up (though not by name), and Kurt says that he was bullied because the bully didn’t like who he (Kurt) was. Blaine tells Kurt that he (Kurt) is doing the same thing to him (Blaine). Blaine admits that he might be confused, or at least not one hundred percent sure of who he is. He gets up and leaves the coffee shop…

[Small tangent – At this point, as a viewer, I am frustrated with Rachel, Kurt and Blaine, but for three very different reasons. Rachel – She’s Kurt’s friend, and she knows that Kurt likes Blaine and that Blaine is gay, but yet she still asks him out anyway. A polite person would talk this out with Kurt before making any moves on Blaine. However, Rachel is selfish, and when she wants someone, she doesn’t really think about other people’s feelings. Kurt – Just because he has the hots for Blaine doesn’t give him an excuse to not be supportive of Blaine’s unsure-ness. However, Kurt looks up to Blaine, as Blaine was the one who told him to not let bullies push him around just because of his sexual preference. So, I can see why he’d be mad. But friends should be supportive of friends. And Blaine – whoa there, chief. Just date Kurt already. But seriously… on one hand I’m glad the writers are using Blaine as a vessel for teenage sexual identity exploration. We don’t know his whole backstory, so it’s easier to believe he’d be questioning his sexuality rather than someone like Puck or Artie. However, Blaine was introduced to the audience as a gay role model for Kurt. Someone who is confident in who he is. And then to just up and have him make out with Rachel and then go from super confident gay guy to “well, I was kinda turned on by that kiss, maybe I’m bi” is a bit dodgy. But that’s just my opinion. … However, the more that I think about it, the more I am for Blaine’s little monologue to Kurt about how it’s great that Kurt is sure of who he is, but how Blaine is still searching. *But* I am still torn because while I think it’s super important for a show to have a teen character going through this plot point, it still bothers me that Blaine was first introduced as a confident, even a bit cocky, gay character. It was a great scene. But it just didn’t quite mesh with the few things we did know about Blaine. *But* he did say in “Silly Love Songs” how he had never been anyone’s boyfriend… but still. I am just very up in the air about this. But I thought this scene was great. I do explain later on, though, how I feel this awesome scene was turned, unjustly, into an afterthought.]

Anyway… Kurt ends up over at Rachel’s house the night of her and Blaine’s “date,” which turned out to be a viewing of Love Story at a revival movie theater. She said they dressed up and spent the night mouthing Ali McGraw’s dialogue, but there was no kissing involved. Kurt told her that Blaine is gay and that she and Blaine have no chemistry. Rachel countered that she and Blaine have a lot in common. Rachel was talking boyfriend/girlfriend while Kurt tried to hammer the girlfriend/gay friend scenario into her mind. Rachel states that she’s going to kiss Blaine while she’s sober, and if there is something there, then she’s gonna get herself a boyfriend.

[Another tangent – Aw, Rachel. The girlfriend/gay friend is a tale as old as time. It has long been my belief that every girl has had, does have, or will have a gay guy best friend at some point in her life. More often than not, said girl will have [romantic] feelings for said gay friend and may even hope that he’ll magically turn straight for her, as they are destined to be together as long as they both shall live. Gay guy friends for a straight girl are often the best of both worlds. He’s a guy who will stand up for you and protect you, but he’ll also be able to talk/listen about the guys you find attractive, or someone you can vent about boy problems to. Rachel is trying to have her cake and eat it it… by having the gay guy friend in Kurt, but the gay guy friend-turned straight boyfriend with Blaine. And honey, that never turns out how you think it will. However, I am really glad that this was a plot line on Glee. Though it might be more of a middle school thing now, high school was when my peer group really started to address the dynamic between gay guys and straight girls. I remember sitting through a choir concert rehearsal, and during a really emotional song being practiced by one of the soloists, a gay guy friend who was sitting next to me and I grabbed each other’s hand and held it for awhile, just experiencing the power of the music together. Did I think he and I were going to date? No. But at the time did a small part of me wish I could find a straight guy who I could have little moments like that? Hells yes.]

Back at the Hummel residence, Burt and Kurt are baking something in the kitchen. Kurt is a bit standoffish, and when his dad asks why, Kurt reveals that he’s having problems with Blaine. Burt doesn’t quite know what to say. He does comment that he doesn’t want Kurt having anymore guys sleeping over. Kurt explained that he and Blaine were fully clothed the entire time and that Blaine slept over because he was too drunk to drive home. Burt asked if Kurt was drinking – and Kurt said that neither he nor Finn drank anything. Burt still had issue with a strange boy sleeping over in his son’s room. Kurt asks his dad if Finn and Puck were to have a sleepover if that would be okay because they wouldn’t want to have sex. Burt said that Finn isn’t allowed to have any girls sleep over under his roof. Burt also said that he didn’t know what went on with two (gay) guys when they are together, but mentions that he saw Brokeback Mountain and (I’m paraphrasing here) “something happened in that tent”. (I laughed so hard here, I almost choked on my own spit). Then Kurt told his dad that he (Burt) should educate himself in case sometime he (Kurt) had questions and wanted to come talk to his dad (about sex and relationship problems).

[Another tangent – A HUGE hats off to the Glee writers for working LGBT teen sex talk into tonight’s episode. I mean, no one sat down with anyone and gave them the specifics, but this little nudge in the “maybe you should be educated for when the time comes to talk to your gay teenage son about sex” direction for parent viewers. The sex talk is extra awkward already, but props to the Glee writers for creating Burt and Kurt to be the venue for conservativeish parents and their LGBT youth to have an open conversation about sex. I love Burt and Kurt. And I love how the writers have allowed Burt to learn as his son experiences new things. Burt may not be entirely comfortable with his son’s sexuality, but he makes strides where he can. Burt defended Kurt’s wish to try out for “Defying Gravity”. Burt got offended when an anonymous phone caller called Kurt a fag. Burt defended Kurt when Finn called the room decor/Kurt “faggy”. Burt stood up to Karofsky after Karofsky made a homophobic hand gesture toward his son, and then after Kurt told Burt and Finn about the death threat. Burt is flawed (as all characters should be), but he loves Kurt unconditionally. I have said it before and I will say it again, Burt and Kurt are one of the best father/son pairings in the history of television.]

Back at McKinley, the glee kids are getting ready to perform Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” in front of the school. Everyone is nervous… but not to fear, Rachel has brought with her some liquid courage (the rest of the alcohol from the liquor cabinet, plus cough syrup, mixed together). They drink the purple sludge and then cue the music… and you know that’s not gonna be good. Halfway through the song, Brittany says she’s not feeling well. By song’s end, Brittany throws up on Rachel, someone else throws up (luckily it was comical and purple, or I would have hurled), and then Brittany tells the kids not to drink. Around this time, Sue and Becky (w/a xylophone a la that lady in Grease) make an announcement and play Will’s drunk dial over the loud speakers. Whoops… looks like someone still has feelings for Emma (duh).

Though Principal Figgins is super happy with the assembly (he thought the drunkeness and vomit was acting), Will was not. He asks the kids to sign a pledge that they will not drink until after nationals. He also says he’s going to stop drinking too. There is a mini lecture about how underage drinking is illegal, and how he doesn’t want to see anyone hurt. And while this is all a very good message, underage drinking is not going to stop. (And while I love Glee to bits, the show didn’t really show any major consequences of underage drinking… making it still kinda seem that drinking just makes you, at the worst, a drunk dialer and hungover.) So, props to Glee for trying to say underage drinking is bad, but shame on Glee for not really showing the true consequences of drinking. I used to be an RA in a freshman dorm. I knew kids who didn’t drink responsibly and had to have their stomachs pumped from alcohol poisoning. I knew someone who got a roofie put in her drink. I’ve seen people with vomit all over themselves from drinking too much. I’ve seen girls get drunk and fall over in their heels. I’ve seen guys try to take advantage of drunk girls. Drunk dials. Drunk texts. Drunken fights. Auto accidents. Injuries from falling. You name it… But Glee didn’t show any of this. Just some purple vomit, a drunk dial, and the need for sunglasses and people to talk quieter.

And, to end the episode, Glee wrapped the whole Kurt/Blaine/Rachel triangle up with a big fat neat bow. Kurt and Rachel awaited Blaine’s entrance to the coffee shop so that Rachel could kiss Blaine while she is sober to see if she and he were meant to be. Kurt tried to tell her that she was going to get hurt (but you know he was thinking that he was the one who was going to be hurt most of all if it turned out that Blaine was bi). Enter Blaine… Rachel walks up to him and plants one on him. When they finally pull away, Blaine pauses and then announces to himself (and Rachel) that he is 100% gay. He excuses himself from the line to go to the bathroom while (a very pleased) Kurt walks up tot Rachel to console her that her man is gay. Rachel is not fazed at all, and instead is super happy that a man she had a relationship is gay, which in her mind is life experience and fuel for her burgeoning song-writing career. So, Kurt’s feelings for Blaine and how the Rachel/Blaine relationship would have affected him didn’t even cross Rachel’s mind as she saunters off to go pour her newfound life experiences into song. Though this makes sense, because Rachel is selfish, it would have been nice for Kurt and Blaine to have a conversation between just the two of them about Blaine’s decision that he is 100% gay and not questioning. The conversation earlier between the two boys at the coffee shop was so important, and this little blip of a scene kind kind of cheapened it. The “Blaine is still questioning his sexuality” scene was Kurt and Blaine’s first real disagreement where feelings and friendship were at stake. Blaine was visibly upset that Kurt wasn’t taking his sexual identity crisis seriously… and then to just have Blaine be like “I’m 100% gay, and I need to go to the bathroom” in that final scene just kinda made Blaine seem like an indecisive teen. *Which I guess could be the point…* Kurt did have Blaine up on this ginormous pedestal. It’s nice to see that pedestal continue to get knocked down. If/when Kurt and Blaine finally end up together, it needs to be with them as equals.

Who knows, maybe this will come up in 2 weeks… as the promo shows Blaine and Kurt (and Sue…) at The Lima Bean once more.


Wow… 3160+ words. I should stop and read or something…

Have a good one

(P.S. I got my thesis notes from my prof today in the mail… I will be starting editing tomorrow. I warn you, these will likely be an onslaught of thesis woes on here soon. Ye have been warned.)