I woke up earlier than I wanted to this morning, so I downloaded last night’s episode of Glee so I could watch some scenes over again throughout the day. I also folded laundry, washed dishes, played Wii Glee Karaoke and watched several episodes of Community with commentary, so I had a productive day before I went to work (thesis proposal editing will commence early tomorrow morning).

I worked from 4:15-9:15 and it was a l-o-n-g five hours. It was mostly dead, so I spent a bulk of my time dusting, singing along really loudly to the Adult Contemporary/Easy Listening crap that plays over work’s loud speakers, and thinking about last night’s episode of Glee.

Here are some further developed thoughts I had about “Blame it on the Alcohol”:


– I strongly dislike Rachel Berry as a character and think she’s a horrible protagonist for the show (if she’s even that anymore… Kurt seems to have taken over that role).

Now, this opinion has been a long time coming for me. Don’t get me wrong, I think Rachel is a great singer and I like that she is opinionated, determined, and has two gay dads. BUT, she is too selfish and full of herself for me to even care about this character any more. Everything is always all about her, and the writers need to have some other character knock her down a few pegs. She was talking about buying Kurt a slice of humble pie last night… well, there should be an entire bakery devoted to making the scores of humble pies she should be shoving through her big mouth.

It was epically frustrating today to rewatch her character’s thought process through last night’s episode. Every move she makes is to either one-up someone, prove someone wrong, or step over somebody to further herself. She didn’t care about Kurt’s feelings about Blaine. She didn’t care about Blaine’s feelings about himself. And when she kissed Blaine and he came to the conclusion that he’s 100% gay and not bi, she was so full of herself to feel any sort of hurt emotion – she was just super happy that she now had a life experience to write about. How do more characters on that show not hit her upside the head and tell her that she needs to cool it and think about other people for a change.

– The writers have a lot of work to do when it comes to the character of Blaine

When Blaine was first introduced in “Never Been Kissed,” I immediately thought “Holy hell, this character is awesome and dreamy and I hope he and Kurt become boyfriends sometime soon.” In “The Substitute” we saw Blaine at Breadstix w/Kurt and Mercedes and he seemed like a good guy still. In “Special Education,” I started to have mixed feelings about Blaine. I loved the way he looked at Kurt during “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,” but then thought he was a bit of a dick when he told Kurt that Kurt was trying to hard during his solo audition and that at Dalton, the goal is to fit in instead of screaming for attention. In “A Very Glee Christmas,” Blaine and Kurt’s duet of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” was beyond adorable, and cemented my thoughts that these two boys need to date asap. The Superbowl episode reinforced this… when Blaine, Kurt, Rachel and Mercedes went to the Lima Bean, Kurt and Blaine looked like they were a couple. However, after “Silly Love Songs” and “Blame it on the Alcohol,” I’m veering back toward the “Blaine is a bit of a dick” side of the tracks and seriously hoping that the writers are going to redeem him soon. Because Kurt deserves better than this…

Kurt has had the most bad stuff happen to him on Glee – his mom died (pre-series), he was in love with a straight guy who couldn’t reciprocate the feelings, he gets shoved into lockers, his dad had a heart problem/almost died, he gets bullied by Karofsky, he gets death threats, he’s the target of homophobia and gay slurs, he had to partake in the Warblers Gap Attack/help serenade a guy that his crush had a crush on, and now Blaine is going around macking on Rachel Berry and Blaine and Kurt had their first real fight, and Burt thinks that Kurt was being “inappropriate” when Blaine slept over after the party. Kurt just cannot catch a break. When Blaine was introduced, I think a lot of Glee fans were convinced that he was going to be “the one” for Kurt. I’ve read that this was not the intention for Blaine (to be Kurt’s BF), but the fandom and the cover of Entertainment Weekly would argue that Blaine and Kurt are on the path to becoming boyfriends. But do we really want the two of them to be boyfriends if Blaine is so cavalier about serenading another guy or dating Rachel Berry?

So why did the writers make Blaine do a 180? Blaine was introduced as a confident, out and proud character. Though he spoke of how he was taunted enough to make him leave his old high school and how he really regretted that, Blaine seemed to have his shit together. He was the one who told Kurt to stand up to Karofsky. He was the one who came to McKinley to help Kurt confront Karofsky. But then a few weeks ago, the audience is introduced to some kinks in Blaine’s shining armor. He’s a swoony teen who thought his relationship with the Gap Guy was more serious than it actually was. He was oblivious to the ways he was leading on Kurt (the smiles, flirty duets, coffee orders, blah blah blah). He admitted that he doesn’t know what he’s doing when it comes to romance. Okay… now we’re getting somewhere. Blaine is flawed. And really, that is for the best. It knocks him down from the pedestal that Kurt had him on. They need to be equals in their relationship. However, after last night’s episode, I think that Blaine is veering too far down the flawed path into the “Why would Kurt even want to date him, because Blaine’s kind of a dick” path.

In reality and fiction, drinking leads people to do some actions they may otherwise not have… drunk dialing. Drunk fights. Drunk texting. Drunk kissing… so it was fine that drunk Blaine and drunk Rachel kissed during Spin the Bottle. It was even fine (and hilariously funny … sorry, I just had to) when they did a duet of “Don’t You Want Me”. It was the coffee shop scene where things started to get iffy for me. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that Glee decided to have teens questioning bisexuality as part of their plot line. But the more I think about it, the more it didn’t make sense for Blaine to go from the seemingly confident gay guy to the “well, maybe I’m bi” after one kiss. To me, there should have been more of a build or more of a back story for his character. This “well maybe I’m bi” plot line kinda came out of thin air and I think was used more as a shock factor than a serious plot point by the Glee writers. Sort of the “oh no, *another* person that Kurt likes is going to turn him down for Rachel Berry”. I think this plot point should exist, but I just think it could have been handled better in the writing.

Also, Blaine’s decision that he is 100% gay should have been handled differently too. I mentioned in my post last night about how that sudden realization after Blaine’s sober kiss with Rachel cheapened the serious meaning of Blaine and Kurt’s prior coffee scene. Props to Chris Colfer and Darren Criss for nailing that coffee scene. Were it nestled among a better thought out plot regarding Blaine’s identity crisis, this would have been beyond heartbreaking. I mean, it was still pretty heavy… Blaine was basically confessing to being completely unsure about who he is, which was an extremely vulnerable moment for that character. Darren Criss’s eyebrows deserve an Emmy for the amount of expression they put into that scene. His face when he was confiding in Kurt that he (Kurt), of all people, should understand how (Blaine) was feeling, just made my insides hurt. *But* I still expect more from the writers. Glee is a show that has substance, even if people want to just brush it off as entertainment. I think the writers missed a huge opportunity to further discuss a potential identity crisis and in turn made one of it’s really great new characters come across as a bit of a dick. (Though to fair, Kurt was not entirely in the right during this scene… Sure, he was probably pissed that the guy he likes may like girls, in addition to boys. But the writers could have used Kurt to ask Blaine how long Blaine had been questioning his identity, or why hadn’t he brought this up sooner.)

Also, I think if the writers do decide to make Blaine and Kurt a couple, they need to still keep them apart for awhile so Blaine can realize that he’s been a dick. Kurt should not chase after this guy. If anything, Blaine is the one who needs to woo Kurt.

– Burt Hummel talking about the Blaine sleepover incident was masterful

Burt and Kurt Hummel are the best pair on Glee, hands down. And after rewatching the scene where Burt tells his son that Kurt was being inappropriate when Blaine slept over, Burt was totally in the right. These kids are supposed to be 16… it makes sense for a father to be concerned that inappropriate actions could have taken place. And Burt was being fair… he said he wouldn’t allow Finn to have a girl sleep over in his bed, which is the same as not wanting Kurt to have a (gay) boy sleeping over in his bed. Those rules are the same – Kurt shouldn’t have questioned his dad about this, as his dad wasn’t being homophobic in the slightest. Kurt twisted his dad’s words so it seemed like Burt was giving his son harsher rules, but Burt was not. I think Kurt was just taking out his hurt feelings about Blaine’s questioning on his dad… poor Burt. But, I still think it was pretty great of the writers to have Kurt ask his dad to educate himself in case Kurt had any questions regarding sex. I wonder if there will be an awkward Burt and Kurt sex chat in an upcoming episode? Glee writers have a hard time following through with potential plot lines…

(And Scene.)

See, I had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time to think about Glee while I was at work. But I think it’s good that a show makes me think this much. I can’t say that about a lot of the other programs I watch.

No work for the next four days… but I will be working on thesis stuff. Expect epic amounts of sad faces in tomorrow night’s post.

Have a good one