‘Sup yo

I spent quite a few hours working on edits and whatnot of my thesis proposal today, so once again my wrists are hurting. I think normally they’d be okay… but since I spend a couple hours every night blogging and then reading other people’s blogs, my wrists are extra worn out. But I can’t not go on my computer… so I will suck it up and keep on typing/reading blogs.

I only have a few more things to edit on my paper before I’ll send it back to the members of my thesis committee. My proposal defense won’t be until the end of March, but after this weekend, I’m going full speed ahead since I will have all of the data I’m going to need for my content analysis.

Besides typing and thesising, I watched a few episodes of Community with commentary (I cannot get enough of that show). My mom and I played some Dance on Broadway… she beat two of her own scores today, whereas I could not win one to save my life. Later on my dad and I watched Get Him to the Greek. It was funny at parts, but on a whole, I liked Forgetting Sarah Marshall waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

What else, what else?

Last night after I posted my blog a couple interesting things happened:

1. I was on Twitter at the right time and the Executive Music Director of Glee, Adam Anders, was doing a Q&A session. I tweeted him to see if there were any plans to do a flashback of Will when he was in high school glee club and suggested a Boyz II Men song. He totally tweeted me back and said ” I like that! Not planned… but a great idea.” DUDE – SOMEONE WHO WORKS ON GLEE SAID I HAD A GREAT IDEA πŸ™‚ That totally made my night!!

2. As indicated above, after I post on my blog, I check out some other blogs that I read on a daily basis. Whilst perusing what some other people had to say, I saw on someone’s blog that Darren Criss was featured on a Charlene Kaye song that just got released on iTunes. So, I listened to it (I already had a live version of this song on my iPod), but completely fell in love with this studio recording, so I got it off of Amazon. The song is called “Dress and Tie” and it is beyond adorable. The lyrics are so sweet… just listen πŸ™‚

They’ve done a few songs and music videos together. I think the music video for “Skin and Bones” is a-freakin-dorable:

3. Not gonna lie… I read a few different Glee blogs. And I read a BUNCH of spoilers about the upcoming Regionals episode. I’m not even going to post a link here, because I’m not sure if the sources for those blogs are 100% accurate. But holy hell, I wish new Glee was on sooner rather than later. And I cannot WAIT for the studio versions of the songs that the Warblers will be singing at Regionals πŸ™‚

Well… off to read and watch some Modern Family from Wednesday night

Have a good one