I just got done re-watching The Jerk. I’ve probably seen this movie 10-20 times in my lifetime and will likely watch it 10-20 times more in the coming years. This movie is so good. You can’t help but laugh or smile at Navin R. Johnson. There are just too many amazing quotes from this movie, it’s ridiculous. I do the “He hates theses cans!” bit probably once a week just because I love it so.

This movie works because of Steve Martin. He’s just so amazing at physical and verbal comedy. That scene toward the beginning when he’s listening to the radio and his feet just start moving… and then he starts snapping… and how gets up and movies about the room after he tells his dad that the music speaks to him. It just kills me when he dances in and out of frame. It’s too funny for words 🙂

Navin’s naivety is endearing and it’s actually really smart of the script to have the other characters just go along with it. Navin should never have made it past the front gate of his parents’ house. But he does… and it’s just friggin’ hilarious to watch him out in the real world.

Steve Martin was (and still totally is) ridiculously adorable in this film. How can you not fall in love with this man?:

Besides The Jerk, some of my favorite Steve Martin moments are from his stand-up and SNL (of course, right?).

I used to have this King Tut routine down pat…

And this “Wild and Crazy Guys” sketch is my all-time favorite because I LOVE it when they are sad and doing the finger points at the ground (starting at 1:40… I am laughing as I typing this, I love this too much.)

That will never not be funny to me 🙂

Oh Steve Martin, how I love you so.

Besides gettin’ my chuckle on watching The Jerk, I met up with a couple friends for lunch today! The roads were tres horrible and it was super cold and snowy, but somehow we all made it to the restaurant. It was nice to see friendly faces and have a good chat with the girls. Being so far away from most of my friends from college, it’s great that there are some familiar faces nearby.

Also, it’s always nice getting to spend some time with your BFF of 15+ years 🙂 I’d like to thank her profusely for listening to me vent about everything she always lets me vent about… sometimes all it takes for me to realize that something actually happened is for me to get it out of my system, and my BFF is so patient with me as I am dealing with the remnants of what was. I love you, Molly J 🙂 My sister from another mother. But, of course I will disown you if you don’t start liking Darren Criss…

How can you not love this boy (and his friend Joey Richeter…)? (btw – this is from A Very Potter Musical and is a duet between Ron and Draco… which you will be watching with me as soon as humanly possible. Get ready to have your Potter-loving mid grapes blown.):

Well, OSCARS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am more excited than you will ever know…

Have a good one