I can’t believe we have to wait a whole week for the next episode of Glee. I needs my Glee… and I needs it now.

I’ll live… I have a bunch of stuff I need to work on. Plus, tomorrow night starts the American Idol Top 24 and the boys are singing. Casey is my favorite thus far… but he was in the hospital last week. The interweb said that he did perform during the show’s taping on Friday (so much for live TV…), so I hope he is doing better. I think he’s all sorts of awesome with his style of singing and his upright bass. Mmm mmm good.

Today was pretty productive. I signed up for my last thesis credit hour and called a woman to set up my thesis proposal defense room (even though I will still be in MN when this is all going down in a few weeks…).

I also finished coding!! I will need to have someone do some intercoder reliability this week (I’m gonna see if I can convince my mom to take a break from her scrapbooking kick to help me out with this…), and then I can start making charts and whatnot.

I watched a couple episodes of Community w/commentary. I tried to beat some more songs on Wii Glee karaoke (but the phone rang and messed me up… alas).

I worked this afternoon/evening. Usually Monday nights are dead, but I was really busy for most of the night. I surpassed my sales goal and opened an account. Suck on that, world.

When I got home, my mom caught me up on the plot to this week’s Castle and then we watched the last half of it together. I love that show… Nathan Fillion is so freakin’ adorable I can hardly stand it 🙂

Also so freakin’ adorable… the song “Dress and Tie”. I cannot say enough good things about this song. It’s just too beautiful for words. The lyrics are great. The melody is great. The duet-factor is great… I just kinda a am loving it to pieces. So much so that it’s totally going on my “If I ever get married, these are the songs I would want to dance to at my reception” list. That list does not have very many songs on it, but “Dress and Tie” has secured itself a spot, for sure. It’s an older song, but the recording just came out last week… and it is so good. Charlene Kaye is awesome. For reals.

Have a good one 🙂