March 2011

So, yesterday I was beyond upset about being under so much stress and whatnot because of my thesis and busy schedule the next few weeks/months.

I slept maybe 3 hours last night. I tried going to bed early, but I just tossed and turned for hours. I was too tired to turn the light on and be productive, but too awake to fall asleep. It’s been over a week of this kind of restlessness now, and I expect it to last awhile longer. Somehow I manage to stay awake during the day, though while I was waiting for my lunch to cook in the microwave, I basically was napping standing up in the kitchen. My eyes were closed tight and I just kind of stood there, swaying a bit to stay on my feet as my ravioli reheated.

I was up before 7:30, but I stayed in bed, trying to will myself back to sleep. That was a no go for launch, as Yukon started barking really loudly (there were guys outside trimming trees… she doesn’t like noises like that).

So, I dragged myself out of bed and went into the bathroom to wash the sleep outta my eyes. I didn’t even turn the light on because I was still so tired/out of it, but when I looked in the mirror, I could see the damage that this week’s lack of sleep has done. It basically looked like I got punched in the eyes – that’s how dark they are. Throughout the day they’ve gotten a bit better. The blackness has gone away, but there are bags there big enough to be checked at the airport. Alas.

After some breakfast, I went back to my room to work on my thesis stuff. Yesterday I had made a list of what I need to get done in the next few weeks. So, I started chipping away at that…

… and while I was looking up some statistics and fact-checking a few things online, I realized that I had royally screwed up some of my data. Luckily it was easy to fix… it just took a couple hours. And, while I was I fixing my mishaps, I somehow found out that I missed one category during 1968. So, I had to insert a new row in my data to accommodate for this one missing piece of information. But, since that was around 260-something out of 1470 lines of data, I then had to re-number 1200 cases. That took probably 30 minutes (my eyes were going screwy on me, so I had to go back and fix a couple of the numbers I had just fixed!).

Even though this was super stressful in itself, I was surprisingly more chill than I thought I was going to be in this epically frustrating situation. I am going to attribute some of that to Darren Criss.

Being a fan of him and his work, of course I have an iTunes playlist dedicated to songs that he wrote and/or sung. Said playlist is 8.8 hours long… which meant I could pretty much just listen to this all day without having to skip anything, since I worked in several-hour increments at a time.

So, for the first time in my entire life, I listened to one artist for an entire day without skipping any songs. (I am the queen of the “next” button.)

Sometimes I was so focused on what I was doing, I wasn’t even paying attention to what song was playing. But his music made great background noise and allowed me to get through what I was fixing.

At various points, I would come out of my funk/intense focus and actually listen to what song was playing. Sometimes it’d be a Warblers song from Glee (“Animal” and “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” always make me chuckle). Other times it would be a song from AVPM/AVPS (Oh, “Ginny’s Song” & reprise, you make me smile so… “You’re cuter than a guinea piiiiiiiiiiiiiiig… I wanna take you up to Winnipeg, THAT’S IN CANADA!”). A lot of the times, it’d be a song from one of his many live performances (“Part of Your World” is so money… as is his version of “Granger Danger” with Joey Richter from his gig at The Roxy.).

Besides writing songs for the StarKid shows, Darren Criss also released an EP last year. It only has 5 songs on it, but they are really great. Two of them were featured in StarKid productions (“Sami” in Little White Lie and “Not Alone” in A Very Potter Musical). Though the show versions are solid, I prefer the versions off the EP. “Not Alone” is a beautiful anthem. The other three songs are amazing too… the title track, “Human,” in an anthem of a different sorts. Besides epic appreciate for a baseball simile (“I feel like a shortstop / Along third base / I may just help you but I still don’t like your face”), I think the message of the song is good. (i.e. That we’re just dumb humans.) “Jealousy” is pretty powerful. It’s an inner monologue put to music. My favorite verse goes “Oh and I can’t stand what I’m feeling / It’s just like poison in my veins / I know that I’m speaking / But I don’t know what I’m saying.” That’s some honest prose… But my favorite track on the album is “Don’t You” because it’s refrain of “Don’t you want the way I feel for you” is just so downright simple and sweet.

So besides listening to Darren Criss’s music all day long, I’ve been rewatching A Very Potter Sequel (on youtube via our Blu-ray player… so it’s basically like watching it as if it were a movie playing on our ginormous television). I rewatched A Very Potter Musical the other week, but the Sequel is definitely my favorite. I could rewatch the “Harry Freakin’ Potter” and “No Way” scenes a bajillion times over, but I’m actually rewatching most of the Sequel. Right now my mom and I are in the living room waiting for my dad to get home, and since my NBC shows are reruns, I’m watching the Sequel. At this very second, I’m on Act 1 Part 13… the whole Umbridge “Did you get ma text?” bit and where Dumbledore tells her that he only hit on her because he thought she was a sexy man. Oh, StarKid, how I love your reinterpretation of the HP books/movies…

Switching from StarKid to American Idol… I was soooooooooooooooo happy that Thia and Nayima went home tonight 🙂 Yay America for sending the right people home once again. I also liked how the contestants performed with each other in small groups. It’s a way we get to see them sing more, and it’s good to see that they all seem to be getting along/seem like legitimate friends.

Well… I’m off to watch some more AVPS. (It’s the Quidditch scene… love those Hogwarts Physical Education shirts. I may have to get one…)

I have to work most of the day tomorrow and Saturday, so that’ll suck. Hopefully I will get to talk with my manager and see if I can work things out so I can skip the convention/get to go see my sister instead in May.

Have a good one

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K“, and I am just not in a great place right now.

I don’t get it – I was having the highest of highs today, and then while I was supposed to be relaxing/unwinding during American Idol, I just started crying and I have a feeling that is how the rest of the night is going to play out. I should have grabbed a box of tissues from my bathroom cupboard. I’ll go get that in a few minutes. I just need to type it out right now and then try and sleep.

So, I had my phone conference today for my thesis proposal defense. It was a 38 minute long conversation which ended pretty well, but I have so much to do now. I was downright queasy before I called my professors at 1:00. I suck at talking on the phone, and I was super worried about what they were going to say to me.

All three of my committee members made some critiques. Luckily their notes weren’t anything too dramatic. My biggest criticisms were that I was repetitious a bit with some of my information, and I made a few broad generalizations that I need to make more specific examples. Also, the title of my paper is horrendous (which I already knew) and my research questions need to be reworded (again, something I already knew). So, I took a bunch of notes and really listened to what everyone had to say. I was grateful for their input and I have completed this leg of the race, if you will.

I need to do a bit more research to get a few statistics about women in the workplace and some civil rights stuff, but on a whole, I think the direction I was headed in was pretty good. I also need to plow forward with fixing my research questions so that I may design the right kinds of charts to fit my needs.

I have a really small window to get all of this done. I have to basically be finished with my thesis on May 6th. This means, though, I have to have it done and sent to my thesis chair a couple weeks before that so he can look it over before the other members of the committee get it.

This all didn’t really sink in until during American Idol.

I mean, after I hung up from the phone conference, I knew I had a lot to do in a little amount of time if I wanted to graduate in June.

But, I was just on such a high from being done with the phone call and passing my proposal defense that for a couple hours, I felt invincible.

My proposal defense was done. Last night I found out about an event in May in my sister’s town and we made arrangements to go see it. I was going to see one of my favorite people perform twice in less than a month. I was on Cloud 9.

Then, during American Idol, reality hit me like a ton of bricks and I just lost it. My first realization was that the event in May that my sister and I made arrangements for… I’m scheduled to drive back from Kansas on May 9th. I only just remembered that my manager wanted me to go to a convention on that day with a colleague of mine to learn more about the products in our area.

I completely forgot about this when I went last night to request May 8th and 9th off from work. Now, I don’t want to piss off my boss. But I also don’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity I will have if I go to Kansas that weekend to see my sister.

It’s not that I don’t think my job is meaningless. I work really hard and I try to please the people I work with as well as the people I help out. However, I know that I am not going to have a career at this place. I really only planned on working there until this past January… it only has been longer than that b/c I hadn’t gotten my thesis done yet. I was not meant to work where I’m working – this has always just been temporary means to pay my bills. So really, if I was planning on quitting when I was ready to move away from here (which looks to be June or July…), then maybe I shouldn’t be the one going to this convention in the first place, because I don’t plan on sticking around for longer than I have to.

I know I will need to tell my manager that I can’t go to this convention. And I know she will be super pissed off at me. And she’ll probably throw in my face that she told me the date to mark on my calendar a couple weeks ago. But that completely slipped my mind last night when this opportunity arose. I have to go see my sister.

I also am going to have to take like, 4 or 5 days off when it comes time for me to defend my thesis, as I’m going to need to go to Ohio to do so. And my place of business has these stupid attendance rules and rules about how many days one is allowed to request off in a row. Well, sorry place of business, but my higher education is way more important than the $7 an hour I’m making to get treated poorly by entitled people. (I’m just venting… not everyone I help is snobby at me. For reals. Some of the people are downright delightful.)

So, I’m going to need those days off to go to Ohio so I can be gone with grad school and move on with my life.

I’m also pissed because I wish I could just devote the next few weeks to working on my paper. But I work 3-4 days a week. So, I have then 3-4 days to work on my paper a week, as well as a couple hours here and there on days where I do have to work. But I am so bad at writing papers, that I am worried I won’t be able to produce the quality of work that my committee is looking for in such a short amount of time.

I mean, I am going to finish. By hook or by crook, I will get this fucker done if it kills me. The thing is, I’m worried that it might.

Well, my thesis won’t kill me. But it is making me physically ill.

I don’t sleep much anymore because I’m too worried about not having enough time. And while I guess I could turn all my lights on at 4 in the morning when I can’t sleep and try to work on my stuff, but my head just hurts so bad and my thoughts are just racing so much that nothing I would write at that time of day would even be usable. (And here come the waterworks… pause break for tissues. God, where does all this snot come from?)

In high school, I was so stressed out that I got really bad tension headaches (like, my head hurt so much, it hurt to comb my hair or touch my head… kinda like now), my face broke out like whoa (also like now, though luckily not as bad as back then) and a stress-induced cyst formed inside of my eyelid so it looked like I had a Very Cherry Jelly Belly jellybean growing over my eye (fingers crossed that doesn’t happen again… let’s just say, I had the worst senior picture of all time).

I don’t deal with stress well. I’ve known this for many, many years. I can’t relax. I can’t not think about everything all the time. I can’t sleep. I get really emotional really quickly and at times can burst into tears at the drop of a dime. I’m not proud of any of this, and I can’t figure out how to make it stop. Hopefully the cyst thing won’t repeat itself. I had two of those removed in 2006-2007… I can’t handle that again. I’d describe the procedure, but you’d probably get sick to your stomach.

So, I have a feeling for the next few weeks I am going to be a mess and a half. And hopefully I will be able to ease myself out of this by getting a lot done on my paper sooner rather than later. I have to work a boat load this weekend, which is not ideal. But next week I have a couple days off and I will really just need to focus and get it done.

I need to sleep, but I don’t think that’s going to happen right now. So, I will read a couple blogs I’ve been trying to keep up with, and then read some Women in Film books to get my mind in a good place for tomorrow. I have off tomorrow, so I hope to address all of my professors’ notes from today, and then press forward with starting to make charts so I can work on my discussion section.

I just need to think happy thoughts. (P.S. Speaking of Hook, I totally named the new red squirrel who frequents our patio box Rufio because he has a bit of a mohawk and looks gangsta.)

Have a good one

First of all, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Robin!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Dude, I was just reminiscing about how you had everyone meet up at Broney’s on the first day of Spring Quarter last year. Those were good times… I hope you had the best birthday today!!

So, since my thesis proposal defense is tomorrow, I obviously have not been sleeping very well. I rolled out of bed around 8:30 (I don’t think I fell asleep until well after 3… boo) to see the last bit of Britney on GMA. I sucked down a piping hot mug of tea as I cringed during her performance. Now, I love me some Britney Spears… I have been a fan of her music since the “… Hit Me Baby One More Time” days. But her dancing just isn’t what it was. And you know she’s not singing… I’m not calling what she did half-assed (b/c God knows I wouldn’t be able to get up there and perform like her), but it just didn’t seem full-out. And I love her new music. I just wish she looked like she loved it too 😦

After GMA and some horrendous Wii sports with my mom (I did so poorly on the age thing today, which sucked), I went back down to my room to work on thesis stuff. I figured I could start organizing my data for one of the charts I need to make. I knew that even if they told me I had to change something on my coding sheet w/regards to number of categories I’m working with, the amount of nominees and winners per year is going to be the same. So, I spent the day counting nominees and winners.

I know this could have been done in SPSS, but I have yet to download it onto my mom’s computer. And, I wasn’t going to do the SPSS until after I had my proposal defense, so working out all the numbers by hand/with my trusty TI-83 Plus was the way to go today. I love math, so this was actually quite enjoyable and a way for me to calm myself in preparation for tomorrow.

I got an email from my thesis chair and he suggested I have a 10 minute summary ready for the committee for tomorrow’s conference call. I wrote something out, but I will edit it tomorrow morning. I couldn’t think straight and knew I needed to sleep on what I wrote in order to actually make it make sense.

Today during lunch I finished watching Please Give. I liked it a lot… I am totally a fan of movies with solid scripts and no need for special effects. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love explosions and shoot ’em ups (totally saw Shoot ‘Em Up in theaters – SNAP), but I appreciate a quality script over effects any day of the week.

After lunch I did some laundry and continued to work on my math stuff. I took a break before dinner b/c my eyes were going screwy and did the dishes for my mom. She’s been busy doing spring cleaning. Plus, she hadn’t been feeling well the past couple days, so I’m trying to help out where I can.

We’ve been on an Italian kick around here (which oddly kinda coincides with the anniversary of the passing of my very, very Italian great-grandfather… not that we planned that or anything. Actually, my parents were influenced with this week’s Italian meals after watching Eat Pray Love. Boo.), so we had ravioli. YUM like whoa.

During meals my mom usually reads, so I get to watch whatever I want. I opted to continue watching a documentary about screenwriters that I started awhile ago called Tales From the Script. I love it. I am fascinated by screenwriters. I took a few screenwriting classes and actually cranked out a couple short scripts in undergrad (one which totally got made into a short film for one of our classes… check out the trailer!!! We totally shot that where they shot the plane scene in Fight Club, among other movies and TV shows. Here’s a really great article about Aero Mockups 🙂 )

I started a couple outlines for feature scripts, but I haven’t made the time to work on them. I never thought I was a good enough writer. But I was super proud of Turbulence 🙂

Watching this documentary got me thinking about what I want to be when I grow up. I keep thinking that I might like to work for a film production company. I’m super interested in how films get made, which films get made, which films don’t get made, etc… So, I think I may look into that. Or something like that. I dunno…

After dinner, I folded laundry and worked a bit more on my thesis stuff I was doing today. I finished up during the commercials of Glee and DWTS.

So, it was Glee Tuesday… not a new episode, unfortunately. But a rerun of “Special Education” (2×9)


Now, since I already discussed this episode here, I won’t give you a play by play of the plot. I will, however, delve into some thoughts I have about this episode, having seen it probably 10-15 times by now.

1. Rachel Berry has secured herself a spot as one of my least favorite characters on that show (along with Quinn and Terri). I wonder why the writers make her so dislikable. I mean, Jesus. The girl is annoying and selfish. She sings really well… but there is not really that much to like about that character besides her voice. My Schue was right to flip out on her multiple times this episode, and Finn was right to dump her cheating self. What I do like about this episode is that Rachel only sings half of one song. I’m tired of that character always being in the spotlight. She does have one of the best voices on the show, but talent alone does not a star make. Rachel Berry needs to eat a slice of humble pie. I did like, though, how she and Kurt kicked started their friendship in this episode. (Though her disregard for Kurt’s feelings about Blaine in “Blame it on the Alcohol” completely ruined their friendship for me. Boo.)

2. Why don’t any of the kids parents ever go see them perform? I mean, Quinn’s mom showed up at last year’s regionals. But nobody’s parents are ever at the performances! I would LOVE to see Burt Hummel in the audience at one of these competitions. Or Rachel’s gay dads. Or Artie’s dad. Or Tina’s parents. Or Mercedes’s mom. When I was in high school, one or both of my parents were almost always at my band or choir performances.

3. This episode, for me, marks the first time that Blaine shows hints of being smitten with Kurt. We all know Kurt was instantly attracted to Blaine in “Never Been Kissed” when Blaine grabbed Kurt’s hand and then slow-mo ran with him down the hall, only to sing “Teenage Dream” directing at/to Kurt Hummel. But, it’s during Kurt’s performance of “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina” where Blaine is the one who is moved by Kurt’s performance. You can see it in his eyes… the way he stares and Kurt, and his eyes follow Kurt about the room as he sings. Blaine seems to almost tear up a bit at the end of the song – like he appreciated/felt the words and emotions that Kurt was singing. Also, during the scene toward the end of the episode when Kurt is worried about Pav… Blaine kind of gives Kurt the once over, leans in close to remind him about Warblers practice that night, smiles wide, and then pats Kurt on the knee/leg before Blaine leaves. Aw, those two.

However, this also is one of a couple episodes where Blaine is a bit dismissive toward Kurt. Kurt is down because he didn’t make it through to the next round of solo auditions, and Blaine tells him not to try so hard the next time. Kurt confides that he didn’t know caring was frowned upon and how he’s used to having to scream to be noticed. Blaine counters that he doesn’t know how things worked at Kurt’s old school, but at Dalton everyone wears uniforms and are part of a team. He doesn’t mean this to be condescending, but it was pretty much a “you need to blend in instead of stick out” talk. Kurt just kind of sits there and takes it. This is Kurt’s first episode at Dalton. Throughout later episodes of the season, Kurt does come into his own and is able to speak up to the other Warblers, as well as having meaningful conversations with Blaine as equals (whether it’s an argument, teasing, conversations about feelings, talking about sex, etc…) instead of Blaine being the more dominant contributor to the scene.

4. I’m continually glad that Will and Emma aren’t together this season. Whether they are endgame or not, who’s to say, but I think the show works better when they aren’t able to be together. I do wish, though, that there were more Will and Coach Beiste scenes, because j’adore them as BFFs. (Beiste wasn’t even in “Special Education”… alas)

And, speaking of Glee… I am beyond pumped for the Warblers album to be released on April 19th. I already have all of the songs (except the two that have yet to be released yet), but I am totally going to go buy this album so (1) I can have the CD (and it’s case… what) in my car at all times and (2) to support the Tufts Beezlebubs (who do all of the vocals for the Warblers) and Darren Criss (not a Beezlebub, but he actually does sing lead on all of the songs). I was a fan of the Bubs from when they were on The Sing Off two seasons ago, so I will gladly support their work on Glee 🙂

They just released “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” last night. This song won’t be featured on Glee – it’s just an extra song to drive Warblers fans extra crazy. I listened to it a couple times today and it just makes me laugh. I hate all things Rod Stewart, but I will gladly listen to Darren Criss growl “If you want my body and you think I’m sexy…” hahahaha Oh man, if they sing this on the tour, I will likely pee my pants from laughing so hard.


So yeah… my thesis proposal defense is tomorrow. I am beyond nervous. I will tweak my summary tomorrow morning and that’s really the best I can do.


Well, off to watch last week’s Modern Family. Then some reading and then I’ll try to sleep… that likely won’t happen, but a girl’s gotta try.

Have a good one

Oh my goodness, I was on fuego today with my vocals while I was in the shower and then brushing my teeth. I mean, geez… my bathroom has the best acoustics ever. For a minute there, I actually thought I was a good singer.

For some reason today, I decided to make the ultimate diva playlist. I’m talking Barbra, Whitney, Mariah, Celine, Christina, Beyonce, J-Hud, Britney, Mandy, Idina, Pink, Gaga, Selena, and then some… I was singing my heart out like my life depended on it. And you know what? I didn’t think I sounded that bad. And I am my worst critic… I think I am a “meh” singer most of the time. I used to be really, really bad, but over the years I have practiced a lot and have expanded my range quite a bit.

Now, I don’t think that I am anywhere near as good of a singer as any of the ladies listed above… but I have grown leaps and bounds vocally over the past few years. Not that that really does me any good, besides being able to sing for longer (and better) in the car on road trips, or score really well on my Wii karaoke games. As much as I would love to sing/perform for a living (the most ginormous pipe dream of all time, lemme tell ya… at least for me), I know that is not in the cards for me. So, I will just stick with it as my favorite hobby 🙂

Today was a fairly unproductive day. I mean, I did make a list of the kinds/sizes of charts I’ll need to make for my thesis. I caught up on some reading. I painted my toenails electric blue. I’m almost finished watching Please Give, and I worked for a few hours. But on a whole, I didn’t accomplish much. Tomorrow I will try to start constructing some of these tables. I’ll also help my mom with some spring cleaning stuff.

My thesis proposal defense is on Wednesday. I am panicking very much. I mean, I don’t think it will go horrible or anything, but I have absolutely zero idea what to expect. I have to do it via phone conference b/c I am in MN and my professors are in Ohio. And I suck at talking on the phone… so that’s not good. I am just really really scared about how it’s going to turn out. I mean, if they tell me I need to redo a bunch of stuff, there is an extremely good chance I will just burst into tears right then and there. No joke 😦


Well, I should try and sleep… that’s not going to be easy. So perhaps I’ll read for a bit. Catch up on some more TV I missed last week. Etc.

Have a good one

I mean, I knew I totally inherited her anti-socialness… but my fierce need to compete and win is all her fault. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

So, my mom and I play games against each other on the Wii just about every day. We usually bowl, do our Wii Fitness Age, play billiards and/or dance. We always are trying to one-up the other person. And we’re always yelling at the television, trying to will the other person’s Mii to mess up. The competition really heats up when we are playing billiards or dancing. I kicked her butt in billiards today, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of smack talk that my mom throws down. And then today we started to get back on track with our Wii dancing (while the siblings were here, our schedule was thrown off a bit… but that was a-okay b/c siblings are more important than video games 🙂 ). So, we did our Dance on Broadway game. And I totally beat two of my mom’s scores and she was pissed. Not “I hate you” pissed, but she vowed she would reclaim her scores sooner rather than later…

I love my mom. (I love my dad and siblings too, of course). My mom is awesome. She’s funny. She’s smart. She’s educated. She’s caring. She’s responsible. She’s loving. She’s basically the best person on the planet. She doles out advice and tough love, often in the same sentence. My dad often comments how much my mom and I are alike… usually it’s about how we have the same laugh or make the same faces depending on our moods. Our body language is similar. We are always dancing whenever there is music on. I’m glad to be like my mom. And I hope to continue being like my mom because she is an awesome lady. I know I’m lucky to be her daughter. And I am continually grateful to have been born into my family.

Oh, besides all the Wii stuff, my mom and I played our TCM Scene It game again… I won, but only just. She caught a lucky break by rolling a 4 when she was on the double spot and got an easy question. I know this version of the game is not easy for her, since she hasn’t seen as many films as I have, nor has she researched the amount of film stuff I have. (Even though I haven’t seen a lot of the older movies that the game asks questions about, I am able to come up with correct answers a lot of the time from personal research and/or stuff I learned – and remembered – in my various film classes.) But, she’s a good sport and agrees to play.

I was hoping to make a bit of headway thesis-wise today. I am not going to print up any stats until after my thesis proposal defense on Wednesday, but I was going to plan out some charts/tables that I’ll need. I can work on that tomorrow. My mom opted not to do any housework today and she convinced me to keep playing Wii games and whatnot with her. But, starting tomorrow, game time is pretty much over (or at least greatly reduced) as I need to get work done. For reals.

Besides games and whatnot, I watched a movie today. Winter’s Bone came in the mail through Netflix, so I had to watch it so we could send it back as soon as possible b/c my parents didn’t want to watch it.

I liked Winter’s Bone a lot. I hadn’t really read up much about it, though I knew it was critically acclaimed and that it was nominated for 4 Oscars. It didn’t win any, but the praise it got was well deserved. I’m glad I finally saw it. I just need to see 127 Hours, and then I’ll have seen all of the Best Picture nominees from this year!!

And, really that’s about all for today… my mom and I watched Amazing Race. Then we texted with my brother for awhile (he is back at school but wishes he was not… poor kid). Now I’ll read some stuff and watch last week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, and maybe some Community and/or Parks and Rec.

I work tomorrow night, but hope to get some thesis stuff done during the day. Then I have a few days off… Must. Get. Lots. Done.

Have a good one

I totally had a juice box with my pizza when I got home from work tonight. And you know what? It was delicious. As juice boxes always are. I don’t care how old I am, I will always appreciate and love juice boxes.

My, what a weird day. I did not sleep very well at all last night. I have so much stuff running through my head… most of it thesis/future related. And I know that worrying about it at 3 in the morning isn’t going to do me any good, but I just can’t get it out of my head. I have off tomorrow and several more days this week, so I know i have some time to properly sit and do work, but I worry so much at night and don’t sleep that I’m tired throughout the day. But then when it’s time to sleep, I can’t because my brain is still thinking too much about stuff that cannot be dealt with right now. My mind grapes are bouts to explode. Epic 😦

I didn’t have to work until 3, so I started watching a movie this afternoon while I was eating lunch. I couldn’t sit through any more of See This Movie (sorry, Seth Meyers), so I started watching Please Give, as I like the writer/director (Nicole Holofcener). So far, so good. But it’s a Sony Pictures Classic movie… you really can’t go wrong with something from Sony Pictures Classics 🙂

Work was crazy. We were either super busy or dead as a doornail. When I got there, there were 5 people (including me) in my work area… which was definitely 2 people too many. Though I was consistently busy for most of the day, there were epic spans of time where a couple of us had absolutely nothing to do so we just stood around and talked (which is totally frowned upon… and I’m sure we’ll get a talkin’ to soon). But there were also large chunks of time where we didn’t see customers for 15-30 minutes. What were we supposed to do?

I was just thankful that all of my colleagues are awesome ladies who are easy to talk to. I felt bad, though, because some of them had to deal with the craziest and rudest people today. What gives? Why do people think they are entitled to be rude or extremely bossy to us? It’s people like these who make me want to flip out at work. Geez.

I was glad to only be at work for a few hours. I caught a bit of the DWTS rerun and then played some billiards w/my mom. I was so tired/not into it that she won both games. So, I’m typing this up, then gonna read for a bit and watch Parks & Rec from a couple weeks ago, and then try to sleep. I need sleep. Like whoa

I need to see this in a bad way. How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying is one of my favorite musicals of all time. I have never seen it performed on stage, but I have seen the movie a bajillion times and have worn out my 1994 revival cast album and then some.

Daniel Radcliffe as J. Pierpont Finch… brilliant

So, my brother had to go back from whence he came today… which epically sucks. He’s basically the funniest person on the planet, and it was just really nice having him around for a week to hang out and watch crappy movies. But, he’s got a lot of school work to do this weekend and his classes start back up on Monday. So, he had to go 😦 Boo reality.

I worked for 5+ hours today… work was alright. I was with my favorite colleague, which is always nice. And some of my other favorite people were there too… *and* I get to work with them tomorrow. So, even though work is not the most fun place ever, at least I get to be with fun people. We get what we have to do done, but it’s nice to be around fun people for when it gets super boring. We should be busy tomorrow, though. I was busy most of today. Everyone is getting sick, though, so I’m sure I’ll catch something soon.

When I got home from work, I walked up to the front door to get in the house and I could hear our television from the porch. I walked in the house to find my parents watching Eat, Pray, Love at a ridiculously loud volume (oh, hearing… why does everyone in our house have poor hearing?). So, I was stuck watching that with them… I’m not a Julia Roberts fan. I tried reading the book but I couldn’t get through it. The movie wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. But, I hate how a bunch of the characters in the movie were all like (to Julia’s character), “You need a man.”

Man, I hear the same thing from everyone at work. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ oh Pete, people. Give me a freakin’ break.

I get it – I’m alone right now. But you know what? It’s kinda okay… I need to be focused on my thesis stuff right now so I can graduate and move on with my life.

In non-relationship news, I need to reiterate how much I love music. Like I wrote in yesterday’s post, I just put another 800 or so songs on my iPod the other day. I put it on Shuffle and here’s what I heard today:

1. Charlene Kaye and Darren Criss collaborations – I cannot come close to describing the epic amounts of joy I feel when one of their duets comes on. Their voices compliment each other so well, and I just love love love the lyrics to Charlene Kaye’s songs. And besides the songs being so amazing, the music videos are awesome as well…

“Skin and Bones” – The cutest music video of all time. For reals. Esp. at 2:25 when Darren Criss plays a cardboard trumpet. Adorable

“Dress and Tie” – Ohmygod I love this song and it will be played at my wedding. The lyrics kill me… “Oh my heart’s been tried time and again. I always thought that it was me, but… I see now just how wrong I was. No, I haven’t known you for a lifetime, but somehow I’ve never been more sure that you’re for me. Mmm baby please don’t, don’t leave just come and dance with me tonight.” And the chorus… oh, the chorus. What a glorious chorus 🙂 *And* I have those pink glasses… 😉 Do yourself a favor. Buy this song. Listen to it all the time. You’re welcome.

2. “Tiny Dancer” – I think I have at least 4 versions of “Tiny Dancer” on my iPod, and all of them are fabulous. I have: (1) The Elton John original (2) The Almost Famous bus sing-a-long (3) Darren Criss cover [couldn’t find it on youtube… sorry, as you are missing out like whoa] (4) Ben Folds cover. All are awesome. But this song is just awesome…

3. Broadway musicals!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize how obsessed I was with showtunes. I mean, I should have realized this addiction… I used to put on a mix of Broadway songs, grab my hairbrush/water bottle/microphone (yes, I have 2… and I want more… well, I want a sparkly one like Rachel Berry on Glee) and just sing them full-out while practicing facial expressions/acting in the mirror. I got to the point where I could pretty much cry on cue depending on the emotional need for the song. But, I have 4100+ songs on my iPod, and when I put it on shuffle, it played “Omigod” from Legally Blonde: The Musical, “The Blame” from Titanic: The Musical and “Madame Guillotine” from The Scarlet Pimpernel back to back to back. I love Broadway. I love showtunes. I can’t help it…

“Omigod” – Omigod, I love this song. I love this show. (Which is odd, b/c I don’t really like the movie…) But I l-o-v-e the music from this show… and I wish I could sing like Laura Bell Bundy.

“The Blame” – My FAVORITE song from this show!! I love songs where there is overlapping dialogue/lyrics (like the “Quintet” from West Side Story). This song is so money. And j’adore Michael Cerveris. My sister and I saw him as Sweeney Todd in Sweeney Todd a few years ago. I am so glad this clip is on youtube w/the original cast!! “Well then Thank You, Mr. Ismay for your contribution. Now please pray for some miraculous solution. You’re timing is perfect! Now help us please, if you can.”

Madame Guillotine” – The broadway version isn’t online, but this clip was pretty pimp, if only for the awesome location. I love the music for The Scarlet Pimpernel. I haven’t seen the show, but I know the whole soundtrack by heart 🙂

Music is, like, the best thing ever.

Well, have a good one!!

I will laugh hysterically every time I watch Tremors. I have probably seen this movie 50+ times over the past 20 years. Everyone in my family pretty much knows this entire movie by heart. It’s definitely my favorite Kevin Bacon movie of all time – I love him as Val. The best scene (though there are oh so many to chose from) is when Val and Earl are outrunning the tremor and they jump that concrete trench… the dialogue after the jump is sooooooo money and its delivery is perfection (much like the town – OH SNAP).

I love this movie. I will always love this movie. And I love that I’m watching it with a majority of my family members right now… it’s definitely one of “our” movies 🙂

Today we also watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Hot Rod, because my brother hadn’t seen either of those movies. He liked Forgetting Sarah Marshall (but who doesn’t? Jason Segel is a delight) but hated Hot Rod. Hot Rod is a pretty stupid movie (even though j’adore the boys from The Lonely Island). We did laugh really hard at that scene where Andy Samberg just keeps falling down that mountain… hahahahaha 🙂

Besides watching a bunch of movies, I kicked my mom’s butt in some Wii billiards and the TCM version of Scene It. What a hard version of that game! I mean, I’ve seen a gazillion movies in my day, but even I don’t know a good chunk of the older movies/actors/directors they ask questions about on the game. But, there are a bunch of questions about Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart, and at least I’m familiar with a fair amount of their films. But still… those questions/film clips are tough even for me.

On the thesis-front, I tried to install Snow Leopard on my computer so I could install the SPSS program I need to analyze the data for my content analysis. Well, it turns out my stupid Powerbook G4 can’t install Snow Leopard because it’s got a PowerPC Processor and not an Intel Processor. I HATE TECHNOLOGY. I really, really wish I could just up and buy a new computer so I wouldn’t have all these problems. But I totally can’t afford one right now… However, if I’m not able to put SPSS on my mom or dad’s PC, then buying a new computer might have to become a priority. This just epically pisses me off… I mean, I know my Mac is “old” by today’s standards. But it’s still in great working condition… I just wish it was more compatible with more stuff. BLAH

So, did you watch American Idol tonight? It was probably the best results show of all time. (SPOILER ALERT) Dude, I knew Casey was going to be the one who had to “sing for his life,” and I knew if that were the case, the judges were going to use their save. I did not, however, think I was going to get so emotional while I was watching all of this happen. When the judges were waving their arms to get Casey to stop singing and then they told him he was safe and he started shaking and whatnot… my mom and I totally lost it. We were laughing and crying at the same time because he was just so overcome wish shock and surprise. It was super emotional, man… tears came out of my eyes. That RARELY happens when I watch TV. Rarely. Like, only 2 or 3 times ever. AND Stevie Wonder was a surprise guest performer on the show tonight!! I was like, “AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH STEVIE!!!” Four for you, American Idol. Four for you. (END SPOILERS)

(BTW – my brother just farted on me. For the second time in two days. At least this time it was not in my face… but on my computer. Gross.)

What else, what else? Oh, after 30 Rock, I flipped it to our music video channel (I am continually surprised that our non-cable television gets a music video channel) and it was a Michael Bolton concert… it it was totally the part in the concert when he sang “How Can We Be Lovers (If We Can’t Be Friends)“. My night was MADE. That song is one of my many jams.

Speaking of jams, I was putting more music on my iPod today. So, while I was listening to some of the 4100+ songs on there, my three favorites that I heard today were:

1. Nikko Smith – “One Hand, One Heart” – American Idol Season 4 finalist Nikko Smith was totally one of my favorites. And even though j’adore West Side Story, “One Hand, One Heart” was never one of my favorite songs until his version. And even though it’s less than 2 minutes long, his version of the song is BEAUTIFUL and made me love that song. I could listen to this over and over again and still love it every time.

2. Barbra Streisand – “Somewhere” – Another song from West Side Story, I know… but her version of this song takes my breath away every time I hear it. It’s so powerful and her voice just pierces through your heart. Oh man, every time I hear this song, I just go into this zone where I am just in the moment of those lyrics. She’s pleading to the other person that if they just hold on a while longer, somewhere there is a place for us. You can’t help but feel something. That last “SOMEWHERE” gives me chills like whoa.

3. Darren Criss – “Go the Distance” – Darren Criss has done a bunch of covers. And while all of them hold a special place in my heart, it’s his version of “Go the Distance” that just about breaks my heart every time I hear it. (1) His arrangement is brilliant… I love that he peppers in the piano licks from Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles”. (2) His voice when he sings the line “And a voice keeps saying, this is WHERE I’m meant to be.” (Can he just voice a Disney character already?) What kills me about his version of this song is that it’s from well before he was known for being on Glee. People are talking throughout his performance. No one really claps for him/the song. He was just some kid singing a Disney cover in some restaurant (at least, that’s what I gather from what I’ve read about his pre-Glee days…). And the lyrics of this song turned out to be pretty prophetic, which I think is really beautiful. 🙂

Well… I should shut my computer off. The Tremors characters are on the roofs of Perfection and the tremors have figured out that they’re there. So, the dad from Family Ties and Reba McEntire are bouts to gather up their firearms and homemade bombs (“a few household chemicals in the proper proportions”) and the whole gang is about to take a stand. Why is this movie so good?!?!?!?!

Have a good one 🙂

Family first, yo 🙂

Actually, my brother just borrowed my copy of Beverly Hills Cop and is watching it as I type this. I can hear the dialogue and sound effects through my vent. I’m going to be heading to bed momentarily because I am super sleepy. It’s raining/sleeting/snowing/whatever here and it’s really loud outside. It should be changing over to just snow soon, so hopefully it’ll quiet down, as I could use some sleep.

Once my brother heads back to school, I will post my freakishly long blogs about what I did and my thesis stuff. Right now, since he’s in town, thesis stuff is on hold. Especially because I have my proposal defense next wednesday. I didn’t want to get too far into my charts and stuff in case they were like, “Oh, you need to redo all this.” BTW – if they tell me that, I will (1) cry and (2) punch a hole through my computer and/or wall. My thesis chair has had my material for 5 months now. And if he waits until next Wednesday to tell me to redo my coding sheet/anything else, I will f-ing flip out. I need to graduate in June. Not “want”. NEED.

Today my brother and I watched Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. What a horrible, horrible movie. We called Jake Gyllenhaal’s character “Dustpan” and then just ragged on him and the rest of the cast/dialogue/effects/plot points (or lack thereof) throughout the whole movie. We made it much more enjoyable than it actually was. What a POS movie.

Glee was a rerun (it was “The Subsitute”… here were my thoughts on that episode from a prior post), so instead we watched a couple episodes of Pawn Stars while we waited for that ABC special about movies. That was a horrible special. Who the heck votes on these things?! When I’m back to posting my epic posts, I will delve further into my disappointment with this special. They left out a lot of great films. A LOT.

(I can totally hear “Axel F” through my vents right now… awesome). One of the greatest 80s themes of all time.

Well, I’m off to bed… have a good one

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