Thank you to everyone who has stumbled upon my blog. I know I have a couple of friends who say they read it sometimes (thanks, friends!), but to be almost at 5,000 views means that lots of strangers have found their way here.

It really is crazy that so many people have taken the time to click some sort of link to get here. And even if you don’t like what you find/read, it still tickles me pink that I have gone from 22 views in June 2010 to 1,472 views in February. So, thank you thank you thank you a thousand times over for checking out my blog πŸ™‚

Today was super productive, which is always nice.

I have been sleeping better (woot) even though I am super stressed out about everything. My mom made chocolate chip muffins, so breakfast was fun. We played some Wii bowling and then got ready to run errands. We stopped at Michael’s so she could get another scrapbook (she’s in the midst of scrapping the 6 week trip she took with my sister last summer and needed a third scrapbook). Then we went to Target to get some groceries. My mom totally got hit on at the deli counter by some other customer… I just hung back with the cart and chuckled. When we were driving to the gas station after leaving Target we laughed like whoa at that guy’s expense. I told mom she should have flashed him her wedding ring. She did say “my husband” at some point in the conversation, but that guy just kept right on going. HILARIOUS.

When we got home I let the dogs outside so they could play. I’m so used to the MN weather now that since it was in the upper 20s/lower 30s today, I didn’t wear a coat. So, I was outside with the dogs for awhile throwing some sort of frisbee thing for Moose. She was so full of snow by time we were done. Too cute πŸ™‚

Since there was not a new episode of Glee on tonight because of American Idol, I watched some Glee with lunch. I opted for “Never Been Kissed” because I like the songs in the episode, it’s the first appearance of Blaine, and I am a huge Max Adler fan and this episode (along with the Superbowl one) really shows his range of emotions as a conflicted Karofsky. Plus, I could watch and rewatch that “Teenage Dream” scene a bajillion times and never tire of it. How can you not be a lot a bit in love with Blaine/Darren Criss? (Yes, I’m talking to YOU, Molly J…)

After lunch/Glee, I coached my mom on how to use my coding key and coding sheet for my thesis as she agreed to do my inter-coder reliability. (For the record, my mom is the best mom in the world and the greatest mom of all time… she did not have to do this for me, but she did. And for this, and many many many other reasons, she is the best mom ever.) My mom does not know as much as I do when it comes to movies, film history, the Academy Awards, and the history of the Academy Awards. But she was super patient in learning how to use the coding sheet, and after awhile, she was really getting into what she was doing. Over time, she was outright happy when she came across women who were nominated for stuff… saying “You go girl!” and doing some fist pumps every now and again. My mom has always been supportive of me, what I do, and what I believe in. I know at times I tend to veer off into feminist rhetoric (maybe not on here, but I definitely did during undergrad when I was in a video production program surrounded by a fair amount of misogynists… though to be fair, for every jerk who thought men were God’s gift to the movies, there was a guy who was gentlemanly and inclusive of women, even though there were only a handful of us in the program), and I think that by helping with my coding, my mom got a chance to literally see what a minority we are in the film industry.

After awhile, we took a break (I was finishing up editing my thesis proposal draft – woot!) and played some Dance on Broadway. I totally beat my own score for “You Can’t Stop the Beat” – yay me! I got, like, 63,000+ points. Woot woot!

I then helped my mom make dinner. We watched the news and then I folded laundry until it was time for American Idol.

The Top 12 guys sang tonight. I am digging a few of the guys… my two favorites are Brett Loewenstern and Casey Abrams. Brett might be the cutest person of all time, with his wildly curly red hair, his giant Star of David necklace, and his sincerity when it comes to being kind to others. When Ryan Seacrest called him back to the stage and Brett misinterpreted it as a want for a hug, my mom and I laughed so hard that she was in tears and I seriously almost peed in my pants.

And then there’s Casey Abrams… Mmm Mmm Casey Abrams. He kinda reminds me of Seth Rogen, but sexier because he can SING. I seriously hopes he makes it through because I would very much enjoy seeing him perform every week.

No new Glee on tonight, but they showed a few promos for next week’s episode (“Sexy”) and the regionals episode (“Original Song”). I cannot wait for both these episodes… Love me some WARBLERS!!!

Well, I should get going…

Have a good one!