I just got home from a super slow evening at work. Because there were hardly any people there, I had a lot of time to myself… and since there is music playing (albeit Adult Contemporary, mostly), I sing really loud if there is no one else around.

There are a couple songs that come on every now and again that I like. But, my favorite songs are the ones that come on that have been covered or will be covered by the cast of Glee. So, even though I *hate* Train’s “Hey Soul Sister,” when it blares on the loudspeakers at work, I think of the Glee version and chuckle đŸ™‚

Tonight, I was folding pillowcases and putting them back in their packaging (which is a lot harder than it should be), and THIS SONG came on. Now, this song is featured on NEXT WEEK’S episode of Glee. Having already youtubed the song so I am prepared for the Glee version when it comes out next Friday, I began trying to familiarize myself with the lyrics and guess how it’s going to fit in with the plot… The opening lines of the song have got everyone all hot and bothered (well, at least us weird people who already know who is singing the song). So, after hearing this at work, I am beyond curious about how this is going to fit into next week’s show.

Besides a slow evening at work, I got a little bit of stuff done today. My mom finished coding, so I will calculate inter-coder reliability tomorrow and type up some more of my paper. I will also email my thesis proposal draft back to my committee so that they’ll have it for when I do my proposal defense on the 30th.

I watched a couple more episodes of Community with commentary. I friggin’ love that show so much.

My mom and I also played Dance on Broadway… and I totally beat two of her scores today!!!!!!! So, we each have 10 high scores now. Woot! I was determined to beat her score for “Little Shop of Horrors” and I did by 600 points. And I beat her score on “Bend and Snap”. WOOT!!!!!!!

(We are too competitive, it’s ridiculous)

And what else, what else…?

Not much really.

Except that I was perusing some websites I frequent and found the link to the unlisted “Dress and Tie” MUSIC VIDEO!!! It’s PERFECTION…

Well, off to read some, then to sleep some…

Have a good one