Friday night television sucks. I used to DVR Numb3rs, but sadly that show is no more. I may or may not check out the NAACP awards tonight (I do love me an awards show…), but a part of me wishes that ABC would bring back its TGIF lineup.

Remember TGIF?

They’d have episodes of Boy Meets World, Sister, Sister, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Step by Step, Full House, Family Matters, etc… those were the DAYS!!

I am not embarrassed to admit that I have seen every episode of Boy Meets World and Full House at least twice. Especially Full House… man, the ABC Family channel reruns that show all the time, so I totally got my Full House fill between classes or during dinner when I was in undergrad and grad school.

But now Friday night TV is super crappy. I miss Numb3rs 😦 Who doesn’t love a show about the FBI and Math starring Rob Morrow and Bernard the Elf? (omg, j’adore David Krumholtz… in everything he’s been in. Numb3rs, 10 Things I Hate About You, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, The Addams Family Values, Liberty Heights, etc…)

I’m sure tonight I’ll end up watching a movie or something.

I am super tired, which is why I am blogging at 3:45 pm instead of right before I head to bed tonight. Truth is, I have been up since 5:45 and I am ready to fall asleep any second now.

I had my alarm set for 7:30 (since I have to wake up at 6:30 tomorrow morning, and I was trying to ease myself into waking up early…), but I woke up at 5:45 and could not get back to sleep. I was evening playing the Alphabet Game and the True Love game in my head (as they both involve lists and counting things/math… I love math. I know, I’m weird. But, I have been playing them for over a decade and they are the only things that seem to help me get to sleep more often than not.).

I got some stuff done today. I cleaned my bathroom, did some laundry, sent my thesis proposal draft to the members of my committee, played some Wii games with my mom, and started watching See This Movie. (Thus far, I am not impressed… sorry, Seth Meyers)

It’s also First Listen Friday for the Glee songs for the next episode, so I have been listening to THIS on repeat all day… 🙂 Why isn’t it Tuesday night yet?!

Alas… I should get upstairs and snuggle a dog or lay down and watch a movie. I have work all day tomorrow… boo. Also, Miley Cyrus is hosting SNL tomorrow night… Boo squared.

Have a good one!