I found out about PostSecret a few years ago through some friend’s link on Facebook and it has become my weekly ritual. I don’t go to church at the moment, so this is what I do on my Sunday… I read other people’s secrets. Even though I have no idea who the people are who send in the postcards, I end up feeling like I belong to some sort of community anyhow. Sometimes their secrets are my secrets, and when I read someone else’s words that echo my own thoughts, it makes me feel like I’m not alone. Like I’m not the only person who thinks about that kind of stuff, misses those kinds of people, did those kinds of things, or has those sorts of dreams.

Tonight while I was looking at the website, this postcard caught my eye because I totally think this… Actually, not only do I think this, but I always say to myself (in a purposefully horrible cockney accent, no less), “I’m in London town.” I don’t know why I do this, but I do this all the time when the situation arises. So, whoever mailed in that postcard, thank you for making me smile.

Sometimes, the secrets on those postcards just break my heart – especially the ones that I most related to. I just want to hug that person and tell them, “I totally understand what you are feeling.”

Other times I wonder if anyone would ever have a reason to write a postcard about me. Now, that sounds really selfish or narcissistic, but I honestly don’t mean it that way. It’s just that I know I have a bunch of people I could write postcards about… friends who have been there for me, family members who have loved me unconditionally, guys who broke my heart, strangers I’ve encountered who have made an impact on my life. I just sometimes wonder if I ever made an impact on anyone else. I’m pretty insignificant when you look at the big picture. But I don’t want my life to go by and not have made some sort of positive dent on society, you know?


So, I added 3 more movies to my DVD collection today. Not that I *need* any more movies, but I want so many more movies… it’s an addiction. I can’t help it. I got Stardust, Waitress and Shattered Glass. I’ve seen all of these movies several times apiece and have been wanting to add them to my ever-expanding collection for some time now.

Stardust (which I totally watched this afternoon with my mom… woot) – I will admit, I thought this movie looked kinda dumb when I saw the trailers a few years ago. I was living in Indiana at the time and a couple friends were trying to get me to go see it and I kept turning them down. Well, a couple years ago, I got this movie from the library around the time I was sick with the flu. I spent a week in bed and ended up watching this movie twice before I had to return it – I loved it. It reminds me a bit of The Princess Bride, in that it’s a bit fantastical and romantic all at the same time. I like Tristan’s arc, and the ensemble cast is pretty great. The score is pretty solid too.

Waitress – I saw this in theaters and then again on DVD a bunch of times. Though I’m not a huge Keri Russell fan, I do love me some Nathan Fillion and pies. This movie has great elements of comedy and drama, but it’s also really very sweet and charming. The story of the writer/actress/director’s death is so tragic, though 😦 I love this movie and am looking forward to watching it with commentary.

Shattered Glass – I appreciated this movie before I was even considering going to grad school for journalism, but now that I have more knowledge or media ethics, I appreciate this movie even more. It’s about Stephen Glass, a real guy who wrote fabricated articles for The New Republic magazine. This is Hayden Christensen’s best acted role to date, hands down. This movie also features an AMAZING ensemble cast led by Peter Sarsgaard. It was crime he did not get nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar that year. A crime. “He handed us fiction after fiction, and we printed them all as fact.” SOOOOOOO MONEY.

As I mentioned earlier, I spent the afternoon watching Stardust with my mom (and Moose, who spent the whole movie asleep on the couch next to me). Then we watched the news and Amazing Race. I like that I am familiar with all but one of the teams that are left – woot.

Confession time – I think I listened to this version of “Animal” probably 40 times today. I cannot wait to find out on Tuesday what the context of this song is… but I am beyond in love with the vocals. Holy hell… This best be sung on the tour.

Well, I am tres sleepy, so I am going to read for a bit and then head to bed. I got my alarm set for 9:00 so I won’t miss Darren Criss on Live with Regis and Kelly tomorrow morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good one