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Before I gush about tonight’s episode of Glee, may I first address the most important issue of the today – International Women’s Day.

This year marks the 100th year of the event that recognizes and celebrates women and their empowerment in various political and social arenas. I am so proud to be a woman, and I am especially proud to be one in today’s society. Though we still have an extremely long way to go in order to achieve gender equality (such as equal pay as well as other opportunities), I am continually thankful for what opportunities I have had in my lifetime. From athletics to college education to being allowed to partake in my own interests and activities (even though there were still some hurdles when I majored in Video Production and Film as an undergrad… not gonna lie), I haven’t been stopped from doing anything I wanted to do because of my gender.

I should have gotten more work done on my thesis stuff today, but I didn’t because both of my parents were home all day. (I did make a list of the kinds of charts I’ll need for my thesis… I will work on those tomorrow.)

My dad and I watched some Community. My mom and I Wiied – I beat one of her Dance on Broadway scores while she hustles me in Wii Billiards.

I also made a cookie bar… and it was delicious. (I brought my iPod dock up to the kitchen and blasted Darren Criss, Glee, Charlene Kaye, Pink, Bruno Mars, StarKid and Maroon 5 music like whoa throughout the top floor of the house while I sang, danced and stirred batter.)

And since today was Glee Tuesday, here’s what happened in this week’s episode:

Glee – “Sexy”


Instead of running through the plot of the whole show like a story, this week I’m gonna break the show apart based on the 5 music numbers and their surrounding plots. I will go in order of the songs as they were performed…

1. “Do You Wanna Touch Me” – Holly Holliday and the New Directions

So, this theme was “Sexy” and Holly Holliday was back at McKinley, subbing for the Health and Wellness teacher (“bad case of the herps…”). Will was thrilled. Emma, not so much. Emma opened the show with the celibacy club and it’s two members (Quinn and Rachel), preaching abstinence and mentioning something about a fear of the “hose monster,” which I assume is a reference to her husband’s penis. (Obviously Emma and Uncle Jesse… I mean, Dentist Carl… haven’t consummated their Vegas wedding from Episode 9.) Holly Holliday thinks that Emma is pretty square when it comes to her preaching abstinence. Like the alcohol episode, this one comes with a “lesson” for the kids… Knowledge is power. Sex education and information about sex and its possible consequences is where it’s at.

I laughed out loud when they cut to the Sex Ed glass and Holly pulled out a condom and a cucumber. Finn and Mercedes reactions to cucumbers being a means of people to get pregnant was a great way to show how ignorance is not your BFF in this situation.

So, after Mr. Schue starts his glee kids off on an awkward conversation about learning about sex, Holly strolls in and saves the day with her song/lesson of “Do You Wanna Touch Me.” In mere minutes, Holly, Santana and Brittany were grinding on chairs and dancing about while they and the other glee kids kept ripping open their top layer of clothing and singing along. The number was a bit over the top (and totally not appropriate if this was a real high school setting…), but it got the point across.

2. “Animal” – Blaine, Kurt and The Warblers

Blaine and Kurt were at the Lima Bean when they were approached by Sue Sylvester. She spilled to “Porcelain” (Kurt) about how New Directions was practicing a sexy number and how that’s the way to take advantage of them at regionals. Blaine’s face as Sue mixed up the weirdest cup of coffee ever was priceless. It was cute to see Kurt so unamused as he would comment to Blaine about Sue’s behavior. There was some serious missed opportunities in this scene – the writers should have had Sue interact more with Blaine. She barely acknowledged his presence… yet I feel there was ample opportunity to remark about his height, the amount of gel in his hair, his scarf, his nationality… really you could take your pick. And Sue called Kurt “Porcelain” multiple times… yet the writers didn’t have Blaine question this at all. Wouldn’t you want to know why a crazy woman in a tracksuit was calling your friend “Porcelain”? Also, is Blaine even aware that Kurt used to be a Cheerio? (*And* on the football team?) Come on, writers. You had such opportunities for Jane Lynch and Darren Criss to interact.

So, after this run-in w/Sue at the Lima Bean, Blaine gets it in his head that the Warblers need to get a little sexy for regionals. Cue this ginormous warehouse with the Warblers, some scaffolding and a line of girls in private school uniforms. Blaine tells the girls that the Warblers are going for something sexy… he asks them if the Warblers are “scream-worthy” and “Do we make your knees turn to jelly?”. (Um, you do, Darren Criss… day-yum.)

The Warblers then perform “Animal” by the Neon Kings. And most of them are pretty sexy… except for poor Kurt. The faces he was making and the dancing he was doing made me and my mom laugh out loud. I had to put down what I was eating so I didn’t choke from laughing at the reaction shots of Blaine looking at Kurt’s un-sexyness. (btw – j’adore the moment in the number when Blaine throws that beach ball and then another one just clocks Kurt in the head…)

Poor Kurt was a hot mess. After the performance, Blaine asked Kurt what was up, and Kurt said that he didn’t know what he was doing because he’s about as sexy as a baby penguin. Blaine said they would figure something out…

… which turned out to be smizing lessons in Kurt’s mirror. And while in real life, Chris Colfer has zero problem being sexy, poor Kurt could not get a sexy smoulder going on to save his life. Then, and I totally applaud the writers for this, they had Blaine initiate a conversation with Kurt about sex. Kurt was totally not ready for this and said he didn’t know how to be sexy because he doesn’t know the first thing about sex, after which Blaine called Kurt out on his blushing (awwwwwww). Kurt then admitted that he watched “those movies” (Kurt’s obviously too polite/embarrassed to say “porn”) but that he always stopped because he thought about the people as children and then wondered what their mothers thought.

It was a sweet little moment when Blaine repositioned himself so that he could give Kurt his full attention – sitting cross-legged on the bench and staring up at Kurt. Blaine suggested that they two of them have a conversation about sex, and offered to share what he knew on the topic. Kurt quickly declined and explained he didn’t want to know the graphic details. I love how Kurt said that he loved Broadway musicals because a touch of the fingertip is as sexy as it gets… the boy likes his romance (which Blaine admitted a few episodes ago that he’s bad at, alas.). Blaine gently told Kurt that Kurt’s going to have to learn about sex someday, but Kurt quickly declined and told Blaine that Blaine better leave. This last moment was important because Kurt completely broke eye contact and instead was searching about in Blaine’s general direction.

Even bigger applause for the Glee writers for the scene between Blaine and Burt Hummel. Though I was a bit bummed that the whole “Hey, didn’t you wake up drunk in my son’s bed last episode?” never got mentioned, props to the writers for this scene. Blaine approached Burt in his shop and flat out told Burt that he (Burt) and Kurt needed to have the sex talk. Burt asked Blaine if Blaine was gay or straight, and upon Blaine saying he was gay, Burt said “good… I mean, whatever, but, uh, good for Kurt” because he thinks Kurt needs someone like him (i.e. gay) to talk to.

Blaine remarks how he tried to talk to Kurt, but how that didn’t work. Burt tries to brush it off like Kurt will talk about sex when he’s ready, but Blaine counters that by that point it might be too late. He offers up some “stats” that Dalton doesn’t offer Sex Ed, and often those programs don’t cover what sex is like for the gay community. Blaine commented on how Kurt is the most compassionate and moral person he’s ever met (awwwwwww, Blaine cares about Kurt so much!!), but how Kurt needs to find out about sex sooner rather than later. But then Blaine said that he is “blown away” by Burt and Kurt’s father/son relationship. He then confesses that he thinks his own dad only restored a car with him because it might turn him (Blaine) straight. (btw – Darren Criss’s face during this monologue is freakin’ heartbreaking.) and

Burt asks if Blaine’s dad talked with him about “this kind of stuff”, but Blaine explains how he had to find it out for himself. And while he points out the Internet has all the information, he mentions that he went looking for it, but how Kurt won’t. Blaine then poses a hypothetical about one day Kurt might be at a party, have some drinks, which could lead to fooling around with some guy without first knowing the consequences of unprotected sex (btw – I think it is very, very likely that this is Blaine’s backstory… and I’m wondering if the writers will explore that). how Burt should take advantage of that to talk with Kurt about sex before it’s too late.

Blaine tells Burt that he doesn’t have the kind of relationship with his dad that Burt and Kurt have. Blaine, like Kurt earlier, breaks eye contact with Burt and tells him that it would be really cool if he took advantage of the closeness of their relationship to inform Kurt about sex. Blaine apologizes for overstepping his boundaries with the conversation (Burt’s “You are” is PRICELESS”) and then leaves. But, this conversation must have had an impact on Burt…

… because later in the show, Burt and Kurt were in the kitchen and Burt had several pamphlets from the free clinic about (gay) sex for his son. Kurt totally did not want to hear all this from his dad, but Burt sat Kurt down and they had the talk. Now, the show skirted the details by saying that everything regarding the “mechanics” of sex was in the pamphlets, but it was a great bit of writing having Burt explain the intimate, as opposed to the physical side, of sex.

I love Mike O’Malley and how he plays Burt Hummel. Burt Hummel is, in my opinion, the greatest father character in the history of television. What a multi-layered character. He lost his wife a decade ago and was stuck being a single father to a gay son. And even though Burt is not a homophobe, you can tell he doesn’t 100% “get” his son, but that he loves him unconditionally. I always look forward to Burt and Kurt scenes because they pretty much just break your heart. Talking about feelings and sex with your teenage (gay) son cannot be the easiest of topics for a manly man of a dad like Burt Hummel. But the writers (and O’Malley) have made Burt Hummel an extremely sensitive guy who is full of love and who would do anything to protect his son and family. (btw – where is Carol and Finn? We haven’t seen the whole Hummel-Hudson family together since the wedding…) And the best part was, that Burt didn’t tell Kurt that he didn’t want Kurt to ever have sex. Instead, he told him to respect himself and not just have sex to have sex because he’s worthy of more than that. I take this as Burt wants Kurt to find love and be happy. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW 🙂

I hope we get a lot more Burt/Blaine, Burt/Kurt, Burt/Kurt/Blaine scenes down the road. They are my three favorite characters on the show, hands down.

Also, I think this was a great episode for Blaine and Kurt and their friendship/relationship. We know Kurt likes Blaine, and Blaine cares about Kurt, but this was a big step for the two of them. I mean, friends talk about sex. But I think the writers did a good job showing the awkwardness when one is a high schooler talking about sex and sexual inexperiences (esp. with the person he likes).

[Added 3/9 – Blaine and Kurt are opposite sides of the same coin. Kurt likes romance. He’s all about the little moments… with Blaine it’s been the flirty duets, their conversations, knowing each other’s coffee orders. He’s old school Hollywood meets Broadway. His music numbers are classy and/or chock-full of heart felt emotions. (See: “Defying Gravity,” “A House is not a Home,” and “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”). Blaine is more about the big gestures of proclamation. In “Silly Love Songs,” he didn’t want to just tell his hopeful Valentine that his feelings have changed. Instead, he enlisted the Warblers to sing a sexy song for a crush, titled “When I Get You Alone”. All of Blaine’s songs (those with the Warblers, except for “Silly Love Songs,” and his duet with Rachel) have suggestive (or even flat-out sexual) lyrics. Not that Blaine isn’t capable of dialing it down a bit… his scenes with Kurt are always respectful and their conversations are more on par, emotionally. If just that their musical stylings and outward charisma are completely different. Their differences are what makes them work. Kurt allows Blaine to have those much-needed moments of vulnerability, whereas Blaine has allowed Kurt to become part of a school where he is not persecuted for being himself.]

3. “Kiss” – Mr. Schue and Holly Holliday

So, where did all those tango dancers come from? At least that’s what my mom wanted to know… I told her that Will told Holly to “imagine” the stage with the backdrop. Suspend disbelief, mom! I’m not a huge Prince fan (blasphemous, I know, especially because I’m living in MN right now…), but I liked the tango between Will and Holly because they have chemistry and I think this number will help move their relationship forward (esp. b/c Gwenyth will be back for at least one more episode…)

4. “Landslide” – Holly Holliday, Santana and Brittany

Mmmkay, now we’re getting into “Really?” territory. We all know Brittany and Santana are “more than just friends” when it comes to their physical relationship. But, after one of their cuddle/makeout sessions, Brittany tells Santana that she wants to talk about their feelings because feelings make things better (she and Artie talk about feelings). Santana declines and says that feelings don’t make things better.

There is obviously something going on between them, so they approach Holly Holliday and ask her for some help. Holly asks them both if there is a possibility that either one of or both of them are lesbians. I think Santana is, but that Brittany is either bi or is just gay for Santana (because Brittany admits to Santana that she loves Artie).

Santana has a hard time talking about feelings, so Holly suggests they pick a song to sing to help express feelings. They trio on “Landsline” and Santana cries. Later she approaches Brittany at her locker and says that she loves Brittany and that she doesn’t want to be with Sam or Finn, just Brittany, but that she’s scared of what other people would say or how they would react.

So, it seems that we have another Karofsky-esque situation on our hands. While Santana admits her feelings for Brittany, she’s scared to make those feelings public. She’s a bit more evolved than Karofsky, because Karofsky has yet to verbalize his feelings or sexual orientation. However, both Santana and Karofsky have made homophbic remarks at various points during the show. (ex: during “Never Been Kissed,” Santana claims she has a million gay jokes ready when Mr. Schue tells the glee kids about the all-male a cappella group at Dalton [the Warblers]).

Also, I wonder how committed the writers are to this more sensitive Santana. Will she be nicer now that she has a secret to hide, or will she go back to her bitchy self and be sexing up Sam/Finn/Puck again to “get over” Brittany or get some sort of revenge on Brittany? It was great to see a more vulnerable side of Santana, but will the writers address this again, or will it go by the way-side like Blaine’s momentary questioning of his sexuality. I wish the writers would commit to some of their more serious plot points that seem to end up cheapened by the fact that they aren’t addressed again or to any extent later on.

5. “Afternoon Delight” – Emma, Carl, Puck, Quinn and Rachel (sorry, i couldn’t find the video)

Oh, Emma. Afternoon delight is not a food dessert (could you be thinking of Turkish Delight?)… and neither is a “nooner”. I get that her character is still caught up on Will and that she and her husband haven’t had sex yet, but did they have to make her that naive about it all? Perhaps it’s not naivety, but more of denial… Let’s go with denial. Since she’s so caught up on Will (who she totally almost had sex with during the Madonna episode, remember?), it’s understandable that she hasn’t had sex with her husband, because Emma seems like a one-man woman. Poor Dr. Carl, though. But, their marriage seemed like a sham anyway, so maybe this episode is the beginning of the end of the Howell-Pillsbury union? I am wondering how Emma’s feelings for Will are going to impact Will and Holly’s budding relationship.

Puck and Lauren are still dating (my mom cannot understand how this is) and I like that he’s thinking more about consequences of his actions. I like when Puck tries to be responsible. I still cannot stand Quinn. She’s only with Finn (are they really together, though?) because she wants to be prom queen. (Hopefully her mentioning prom means that there is a prom episode on our horizon… Dear Grilled Cheesus, please, oh please let Kurt be back at McKinley for this so he and Blaine can go to prom together. Thank you.) And then there is Rachel… who still wants to be with Finn. (Why, girls, are you throwing yourself at Finn?) Oy.

And really that’s the majority of what happened this week on Glee. Next week is regionals. I am beyond stoked because I am loving the songs that are to be featured in the episode and I read some rumors [I ain’t posting links… you can snoop the web for yourself] that should be phenomenal should they turn out to be true.


And that’s about all that’s fit to print. I have off tomorrow, but I have to go into work for some stupid training. BOOOOOOOO. So I have to miss Idol. BOOOOOOOOOOOO. Alas. At least I can sleep in

Have a good one!