As I’m typing up this blog post, 151 people have visited my blog today! That’s a new record for me 🙂 A majority of those were for my post about last night’s episode of Glee. So, thanks for checking out what I had to say. I tried to link out to as many clips and songs as I could, based off of what I could find online. I will admit that I have rewatched several scenes from the episode… especially this one 🙂 It just made me laugh… until the very end (which they don’t show on that clip). Then I just felt kinda bad for Kurt 😦 But it’s all good… Now I’m just super looking forward to next week’s episode!!!

I had off from work today, but I did have to go in for a couple hours for some training. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been – we had one of my favorite managers leading the session, so it went quickly and wasn’t super boring.

The rest of the day I spent trying to wrap my head around some thesis stuff. I was going to work on charts, but then I didn’t because I was trying to figure out what version of SPSS to download. I will look into that more tomorrow, as really I could do all my charts by hand if I had too. That would suck, and I probably won’t, but I know what I need to crosstab. So, I just have to figure out what SPSS I want and go from there.

Instead, I tried to format my thesis stuff I already have written. All of the templates from the school’s website are for PCs… and I have a Mac, so they aren’t really compatible. So, I’m having to do everything by hand, which sucks royal Hippogriff.

I got a lot done, actually, but I still have a lot to do. So, tomorrow I will press on with formatting, as well as deal with some SPSS stuff.

Other than that, I played some Wii sports with my mom (I beat her in billiards today – woot) and then watched a fairly large chuck of the First Act of A Very Potter Musical. I will never not laugh hysterically at that show… Darren Criss is SuperMegaFoxyAwesomeHot, for sure (1:56 for you uninformed folks…).

My brother texted me a little bit ago requesting we have a Lord of the Rings marathon when he comes to visit in a couple weeks. This is actually kinda funny, because I’ve been thinking about rewatching the trilogy at some point. So, that will be super fun to watch with him!

And now I’m gonna read some and then head to bed.

Have a good one