“… I feel the chemicals kicking in.”

Oh My Glee, I cannot get that song out of my head! Probably doesn’t help that I have watched that performance probably a bajillion times in the past couple days. I cannot get over it 🙂

And I am super pumped that tomorrow is First Listen Friday, so we’ll get the songs for next week’s episode, “Original Songs”. I am beyond pumped for all of the Warblers songs. J’adore the Warblers and all of the guys who play Warblers. If you are a fan of Glee, but haven’t started following these guys on Twitter, you are missing out. I’m just sayin’… as much as I love New Directions, I am a Warblers gal through and through.

So, last night was another fitful night of sleep. I have a sore throat and was having trouble breathing so it didn’t hurt. I dragged myself upstairs this morning and just stood there with my hood pulled over my head as the dogs attacked me with kisses. Hot tea helped a bit… I am pretty sure I had 6-7 mugs of tea today. I would have drank more, but I thought I was going to float away as it was.

I didn’t work on any SPSS stuff today, but I did finish formatting all of the thesis stuff I have done thus far, and I made up my title pages, approval pages, abstract page, acknowledgements, table of contents, tables page, figures page, and fixed some of the headings throughout my paper. I will SPSS this weekend. I am just super scared that I messed up some coding (even though my inter-coder reliability was, like, 98%) and that I’m going to SPSS bad data, even though I’m sure my data is fine. UGH! But, it will get done, for reals… especially since my sister will be here in a week, and my brother soon after. I don’t want to have to worry about thesis stuff while they are here because I would rather spend time with my siblings.

Besides computer/thesis stuff, I watched a lot more of A Very Potter Musical while I sucked down my mugs of tea. I was laughing so hard at various points that I thought I was going to choke on my tea and soup. And I’ve seen this thing soooooo many times by now. But I was watching the “To Dance Again” bit, and I was reminded of the gif of Joe Walker as Voldemort dancing and I just started laughing really hard… I can’t help it 🙂

What else, what else? Oh, America totally got it right by ousting (SPOILER ALERT) AshTon on American Idol tonight. (END SPOILER) She had too much of an attitude for someone who hasn’t earned the right to call herself a diva yet.

My mom and I watched Bones… it was the second episode of the sniper case. As much as I’m not a fan of David Boreanaz as a person, I love me some Special Agent Seeley Booth. My mom reads the Bones books, and loves mysteries… she’s the one who got me started watching Bones a few years ago. I like watching this show and trying to guess who the killer is before the end of the episode. However, we know who the sniper is, so that aspect of interactive watching is temporarily gone.

My NBC shows were reruns, alas, so nothing new to look forward to there. We got Cyrus in the mail from netflix, so we’ll watch that tomorrow – woot!

Anyway, I am tired and my throat is still scratchy, so I’m gonna go to sleep. I have work in the morning – boo.

Have a good one