I woke up at 7:30 and dragged myself upstairs to eat some oatmeal before work. As I got to the top of the steps, the first thing my mom said to me before she said “good morning” was “An earthquake hit Japan and there was a giant tsunami.”

Even though I don’t know anyone directly impacted by this earthquake and tsunami, my heart just broke over and over again as I watched the news this morning (and then again during dinner). I cannot imagine experiencing something like that. First to experience an 8.9 earthquake, followed by all of that water just slamming into the coast and then racing throughout the land, sweeping away everything in its path… I am in awe and horror of the amount of damage that has been done, and the damage that will follow in the coming days. I can’t even wrap my head around what is under that water. People have died. More people will likely die. I am constantly amazed by the destructive power of nature. No one could prevent something like that… earthquakes aren’t someone’s fault (absolutely NO pun intended, honest to God). Earthquakes don’t happen to just bad people. Tsunami’s don’t just wash away uninhabited land. Innocent people are affected. Hundreds of thousands, nay millions, of lives were affected.

I watched ABC news all morning and evening and some of the same footage both times. With all of the technology we have, people were filming during the earthquake and there was aerial footage of the waves pouring over land. I felt like throwing up my oatmeal and later my mashed sweet potatoes as I watched. I know I just typed this a couple paragraphs ago, but I seriously cannot imagine experiencing this first hand. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have been, and will continue to be, affected by these natural disasters.

I was in an earthquake once. It was a few years ago when I was living in Indiana. It happened at night, and on a night when my sister (who I shared an apartment with) was out of town. Though it wasn’t a very big earthquake, it was enough to shake my bed and wake me up in the process. I remember holding onto the sides of my bed, thinking I was having a heart attack and/or a tornado was coming (it was just so loud). I had probably 20 bottles of nail polish lined up on my dresser and they all rattled… so much so that I swore they were all going to fall on the floor. The earthquake ended very soon after it started, but I was really scared. At work the next day, we had a super small aftershock. It was so small that I was the only one in my office to feel it, and I had to look up on a local news site to confirm that it had happened, as my colleagues thought I was crazy/paranoid.

That was NOTHING compared to what happened today, and I was so scared of that. Kinda made me put things into perspective as I was watching the news…

I did have work today from 9;45-2:45. I was super busy, and of course was the only on in my area. Boo. There was double coverage elsewhere nearby, so around 2, I asked if someone could cover me for a few minutes while I scarfed down a granola bar. I was getting so lightheaded and dehydrated that I was afraid if I didn’t eat something and have a drink of water, I was going to knock something over. And where I work, that would not be a good thing.

When I got out of work, I went to Borders to do something I have never, ever done in my entire life – I bought a magazine that is aimed for gay men.

Now, I totally knew that I was going to buy this magazine when I went into the store. It was actually my reason for stopping in to begin with. As a straight woman, I have never had a need to buy, let alone even read, a magazine that is published for the gay male community. However, I had some St. Patrick’s Day $$ in my wallet (thanks, parents), and I wanted a hard copy of the magazine that had Darren Criss on the cover. Ergo, I bought me some “Out” magazine.

And let me tell you, fellow straight women, gay guy magazines are awesome. I should have discovered this earlier.

I only heard about this magazine to begin with because I found a link online to its cover article about Darren Criss (and the subsequent photo spread… holy hell, right?). And like the fan girl that I am, I wanted to have a hard copy of the magazine because (1) I think it’s really cool that he’s getting that kind of press and (2) did you see those pictures?

*This* is why gay guy magazines are great for women. They are chock-full of advertisements and articles about beautiful and successful guys. I mean, I like reading my fashion/women’s magazines (when I lived with my sister, we got Vogue, Marie Claire, Lucky, Cosmo, Glamour, etc…), but time after time, I would get a bit sad looking at all those girls who are a size 0 when I know there is no way in hell I was ever going to look like them. So, when I got home with my “Out” magazine, after I ogled the Darren Criss pictures, I actually read the rest of the magazine. And it was really interesting… it was the Hollywood issue, so there were some great articles about gay cinema (which I totally support, as you can tell with the inclusion of Bent, Saved!, In & Out, Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, among other movies in my DVD collection), the stage show of Adventures of Priscilla (which is totally one of my favorite movies, duh), and an article about DADT (which I was totally against and was glad that it got overturned). So, bravo “Out” magazine. I kinda have a girl crush on you 🙂

Also when I got home from work, I immediately logged onto my computer so I could hear the songs that will be featured in next week’s episode of Glee. I was totally freaking out on the whole drive home because I was super excited to hear (SPOILER ALERT) the Warblers versions of “Raise Your Glass,” “Misery,” “Candles,” and Kurt’s version of “Blackbird.” Though, to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t wowed by any of these songs 😦 “Raise Your Glass” is one of my favorite songs of the moment (the Pink version), but I will need to let the Warblers version grow on me. Same with “Misery“. I was really, really looking forward to some angsty Blaine, but it’s just not there. Probably just another Glee song where you wish there would be relevant plot points hidden in the lyrics, but there likely isn’t. Alas. And “Candles“… what a lame song. I may change my mind later (I need to see them sing this. Like whoa.), but for now, it’s lame sauce. And I wish “Blackbird” was taken a bit slower… like how Kurt sang “I Wanna Hold Your Hand“. When I heard Kurt was gonna sing “Blackbird,” I was mentally preparing myself that I was going to tear up. But I did not. Maybe in context of the show it’ll be more moving. But for now – meh.” (END SPOILERS)

Like I said earlier, I watched more news. 😦 Then my parents and I watched Cyrus. We laughed our asses off. I was borderline crying during this scene:

Because it totally reminded me of this scene from Glee a few weeks ago 🙂

John C. Reilly and Jonah Hill are friggin’ awesome.

After the movie, I kicked my mom’s ass in Wii billiards. She was pretty bummed… oh well. Maybe she’ll win tomorrow.

I gotta work tomorrow night, but then it’s a new SNL!!!!!! Woot

Have a good one