So, I totally woke up at 5:45 this morning. Not cool… not cool at all 😦

At 7:30, I dragged myself upstairs and played with the dogs for a bit. My parents went out on a breakfast date, so I made myself an egg sandwich and then watched some Glee (“Special Education”… I figure I should re-watch Sectionals before we get to Regionals, eh?).

After Glee, I went to my room to try and fix my auto insurance policy information on the Interweb. Success.

When my parents got home, my mom and I played some Wii sports and billiards. I beat her again, as my learning curve is excellent.

I finished watching the second act of A Very Potter Musical. It was totally fitting because that part is (loosely) based on the end of the 7th book… and that’s the real HP movie that totally comes out this summer 🙂 I cannot freakin’ wait to see HP 7 Part II, though at the same time I will be beyond sad when the series is over 😦 I love all things HP… the books, the movies… my sister and I keep talking about going to Florida to the HP theme park. That’ll be the day 🙂

During lunch, I started rewatching Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. I friggin’ LOVE this movie. This is my absolutely favorite scene from the film – I laugh out loud during the whole juggling/gravity bit. Every time. EVERY. TIME.

Gary Oldman and Tim Roth are so great in this movie… and the dialogue is amazing. Well, that’s because it’s written by Tom Stoppard based off of his play of the same name. And Tom Stoppard is a genius (see also: Shakespeare in Love and The Coast of Utopia, and a bajillion other works).

I worked this evening from 4:00-9:15. I met my goal after a few hours, so they switched me to a different area to help straighten up. So, even though I was stuck with people I don’t know in a place I was not familiar with in the slightest, at least there was loud teeny bopperish music (Jason Derulo, Taylor Swift, etc…). So, that kept me alert and awake.

Now I am super tired as I am typing this. But I have 20-some minutes left until SNL is on… and it’s a new episode. Zach Galifianakis is back to host. He did pretty awesome the first time around, so hopefully this time will be just as great.

I need to remember to move my clocks forward. Daylight Savings time (or whatever the hell “Spring Forward” is really called) is the worst.

Well, I should get going… gonna grab a snack before the show starts. I only had a granola bar for dinner, so my stomach is growling some ungodly sounds.

Have a good one 🙂