I just had one of those days where everything was entirely frustrating.

I’m still having trouble sleeping because my mind is so busy thinking about everything I need to get done in the next few months. I’m still having epic amounts of trouble with the SPSS program I downloaded yesterday. (I wanted to have all of my data entered and all my cross-tabs done before my siblings got in this week/end. That likely won’t happen…) I had a ridiculously unattainable pre-set goal by my bosses at work tonight that I was no where even close to reaching (which will look bad on my weekly/monthly/quarterly report). I almost was in a car accident on the way home from work. (This wasn’t even remotely close to my fault – I was driving in the middle of 3 lanes and the person on my right decided he wanted to come into my lane while I was in my lane… I had to swerve to not get hit. Luckily, there was no one beside me. But that guy didn’t even look when he opted to pull over right at that very second, even though there was NO ONE BEHIND ME for at least a half a mile. He only just put his blinker on right as he was coming over, so it wasn’t like I had time to get over into the left lane. Bah.)

So, my day as a whole was pretty crappy. And after the SPSS debacle this morning (and my hormonal mood swings from the one week a month where it extra sucks being a girl), I was in tears and ready to just crawl under a rock and just give up on everything.

But, my mom would have none of it. She told me I had 5 more minutes to be miserable and then I had to get over it. She was like, “Everything is going to be fine. You will work your computer problems out. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. maybe not even this week, but it will work itself out. You weren’t in that tsunami. You didn’t get beat up (i.e. what happened to my brother the other day). You. Are. Fine.”

So, after some tough love from my mom, I tried to suck it up. After lunch I went down to my room and donated money to Red Cross toward aid for Japan. I am super poor right now, but after mom’s talk and reading an article about all of the bodies that have washed up on shore, I thought I had to do something. So, I gave what I could. And even though that’s probably not going to make a dent in the long run, I feel good that I at least did something.

I am going to try my best to have a better attitude tomorrow. I’m still going to try and figure out my computer issues. But, I can also work on cleaning my room and helping to get the house ready for when my siblings visit this week/end. Plus, it’s Glee Tuesday 🙂 I have been looking forward to this episode for a very, very long time. So, that will be a nice way to kick back after a (hopefully) productive day.

Have a good one 🙂