What a long day! I have the biggest headache ever. Boooooo

I was up by 7:30 (which was totally better than yesterday waking up at 5…). I checked some email and then went upstairs to have some food before my mom, sister and I went to a 9:55am showing of Cedar Rapids.

OMG, Cedar Rapids was soooooo good. But then again, most stuff from Fox Searchlight is. (Fox Searchlight and Focus Features are my favorite art house film production companies.) I am huge fans of both Ed Helms and John C. Reilly, so I was epically pleased with this movie. The script was great, the ensemble was great, I laughed so hard in all the right places, but the story still had heart. *And* Mike O’Malley was in the movie!!!! As soon as he came on screen, my sister looked over at me and was like, “Burt Hummel?!?!?!” WOOT WOOT

My mom, sister and I all loved the movie. Before the movie was the trailer for Paul. I think I’ll be seeing that next week with my brother… I laughed at that trailer so hard that I almost choked on my cough drop.

After the movie, my mom, sister and I went to lunch at Granite City, which was pretty yummy. Then we went to the Goodwill. I was not impressed with this Goodwill, compared to the ones we used to go to in Akron, OH. As we walked the aisles, I was all, “No Me Gusta”. I did, however, walk away with a pair of black leather skinny pants for $1.99. I tried them on and I looked like I was in Speed Racer and/or The Black Eyed Peas. But for less than $2, I could not pass that up. For reals… I thought they were going to look horrible, but they actually didn’t. Yay me. (btw – they aren’t Gucci ones like the one in that linked picture… but they totally look like that, with some sort of paneling on the inner leg)

When we got home from the Goodwill, we played my sister’s Just Dance 2 game. Holy hell, that was fun and a great workout. I even beat her on a few songs. I was laughing like whoa because some of the horrendous choreography was the exact same dance moves I do on a daily basis when I sing and dance in the kitchen. I was laughing like whoa. My mom and I need to buy this game – we had too much fun and it’s a much better workout than my Broadway game.

I had to work from 6-9:15 tonight, so I missed out on a few hours with my family 😦 I have to work all day tomorrow, so that’ll be more time away from my sister. BOOOOOOOO

Work was super busy tonight. *And* right after I got there, they moved me to a different area for an hour to help clean up. So, when I clocked out, I missed my goal by 5%. But that’s totally not my fault because I was off the floor/out of my area for an hour. Boo.

And now I’m back home. I should be in bed, but since my sister and mom are still up, I am too. My dad is sleeping in his chair and the dogs are asleep. My mom and sister are working on a puzzle. I don’t know what I’ll do… maybe watch some A Very Potter Musical or Glee? πŸ™‚ Or not… my dad just woke up and put on the news. Blah. Oh wait, now he’s asleep again and Leno is on. And I hate Leno… so maybe I’ll put on something I like…

Work all day tomorrow. But then my brother will be here!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Family πŸ™‚

Have a good one