Family first, yo 🙂

Actually, my brother just borrowed my copy of Beverly Hills Cop and is watching it as I type this. I can hear the dialogue and sound effects through my vent. I’m going to be heading to bed momentarily because I am super sleepy. It’s raining/sleeting/snowing/whatever here and it’s really loud outside. It should be changing over to just snow soon, so hopefully it’ll quiet down, as I could use some sleep.

Once my brother heads back to school, I will post my freakishly long blogs about what I did and my thesis stuff. Right now, since he’s in town, thesis stuff is on hold. Especially because I have my proposal defense next wednesday. I didn’t want to get too far into my charts and stuff in case they were like, “Oh, you need to redo all this.” BTW – if they tell me that, I will (1) cry and (2) punch a hole through my computer and/or wall. My thesis chair has had my material for 5 months now. And if he waits until next Wednesday to tell me to redo my coding sheet/anything else, I will f-ing flip out. I need to graduate in June. Not “want”. NEED.

Today my brother and I watched Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. What a horrible, horrible movie. We called Jake Gyllenhaal’s character “Dustpan” and then just ragged on him and the rest of the cast/dialogue/effects/plot points (or lack thereof) throughout the whole movie. We made it much more enjoyable than it actually was. What a POS movie.

Glee was a rerun (it was “The Subsitute”… here were my thoughts on that episode from a prior post), so instead we watched a couple episodes of Pawn Stars while we waited for that ABC special about movies. That was a horrible special. Who the heck votes on these things?! When I’m back to posting my epic posts, I will delve further into my disappointment with this special. They left out a lot of great films. A LOT.

(I can totally hear “Axel F” through my vents right now… awesome). One of the greatest 80s themes of all time.

Well, I’m off to bed… have a good one