I will laugh hysterically every time I watch Tremors. I have probably seen this movie 50+ times over the past 20 years. Everyone in my family pretty much knows this entire movie by heart. It’s definitely my favorite Kevin Bacon movie of all time – I love him as Val. The best scene (though there are oh so many to chose from) is when Val and Earl are outrunning the tremor and they jump that concrete trench… the dialogue after the jump is sooooooo money and its delivery is perfection (much like the town – OH SNAP).

I love this movie. I will always love this movie. And I love that I’m watching it with a majority of my family members right now… it’s definitely one of “our” movies 🙂

Today we also watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Hot Rod, because my brother hadn’t seen either of those movies. He liked Forgetting Sarah Marshall (but who doesn’t? Jason Segel is a delight) but hated Hot Rod. Hot Rod is a pretty stupid movie (even though j’adore the boys from The Lonely Island). We did laugh really hard at that scene where Andy Samberg just keeps falling down that mountain… hahahahaha 🙂

Besides watching a bunch of movies, I kicked my mom’s butt in some Wii billiards and the TCM version of Scene It. What a hard version of that game! I mean, I’ve seen a gazillion movies in my day, but even I don’t know a good chunk of the older movies/actors/directors they ask questions about on the game. But, there are a bunch of questions about Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart, and at least I’m familiar with a fair amount of their films. But still… those questions/film clips are tough even for me.

On the thesis-front, I tried to install Snow Leopard on my computer so I could install the SPSS program I need to analyze the data for my content analysis. Well, it turns out my stupid Powerbook G4 can’t install Snow Leopard because it’s got a PowerPC Processor and not an Intel Processor. I HATE TECHNOLOGY. I really, really wish I could just up and buy a new computer so I wouldn’t have all these problems. But I totally can’t afford one right now… However, if I’m not able to put SPSS on my mom or dad’s PC, then buying a new computer might have to become a priority. This just epically pisses me off… I mean, I know my Mac is “old” by today’s standards. But it’s still in great working condition… I just wish it was more compatible with more stuff. BLAH

So, did you watch American Idol tonight? It was probably the best results show of all time. (SPOILER ALERT) Dude, I knew Casey was going to be the one who had to “sing for his life,” and I knew if that were the case, the judges were going to use their save. I did not, however, think I was going to get so emotional while I was watching all of this happen. When the judges were waving their arms to get Casey to stop singing and then they told him he was safe and he started shaking and whatnot… my mom and I totally lost it. We were laughing and crying at the same time because he was just so overcome wish shock and surprise. It was super emotional, man… tears came out of my eyes. That RARELY happens when I watch TV. Rarely. Like, only 2 or 3 times ever. AND Stevie Wonder was a surprise guest performer on the show tonight!! I was like, “AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH STEVIE!!!” Four for you, American Idol. Four for you. (END SPOILERS)

(BTW – my brother just farted on me. For the second time in two days. At least this time it was not in my face… but on my computer. Gross.)

What else, what else? Oh, after 30 Rock, I flipped it to our music video channel (I am continually surprised that our non-cable television gets a music video channel) and it was a Michael Bolton concert… it it was totally the part in the concert when he sang “How Can We Be Lovers (If We Can’t Be Friends)“. My night was MADE. That song is one of my many jams.

Speaking of jams, I was putting more music on my iPod today. So, while I was listening to some of the 4100+ songs on there, my three favorites that I heard today were:

1. Nikko Smith – “One Hand, One Heart” – American Idol Season 4 finalist Nikko Smith was totally one of my favorites. And even though j’adore West Side Story, “One Hand, One Heart” was never one of my favorite songs until his version. And even though it’s less than 2 minutes long, his version of the song is BEAUTIFUL and made me love that song. I could listen to this over and over again and still love it every time.

2. Barbra Streisand – “Somewhere” – Another song from West Side Story, I know… but her version of this song takes my breath away every time I hear it. It’s so powerful and her voice just pierces through your heart. Oh man, every time I hear this song, I just go into this zone where I am just in the moment of those lyrics. She’s pleading to the other person that if they just hold on a while longer, somewhere there is a place for us. You can’t help but feel something. That last “SOMEWHERE” gives me chills like whoa.

3. Darren Criss – “Go the Distance” – Darren Criss has done a bunch of covers. And while all of them hold a special place in my heart, it’s his version of “Go the Distance” that just about breaks my heart every time I hear it. (1) His arrangement is brilliant… I love that he peppers in the piano licks from Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles”. (2) His voice when he sings the line “And a voice keeps saying, this is WHERE I’m meant to be.” (Can he just voice a Disney character already?) What kills me about his version of this song is that it’s from well before he was known for being on Glee. People are talking throughout his performance. No one really claps for him/the song. He was just some kid singing a Disney cover in some restaurant (at least, that’s what I gather from what I’ve read about his pre-Glee days…). And the lyrics of this song turned out to be pretty prophetic, which I think is really beautiful. 🙂

Well… I should shut my computer off. The Tremors characters are on the roofs of Perfection and the tremors have figured out that they’re there. So, the dad from Family Ties and Reba McEntire are bouts to gather up their firearms and homemade bombs (“a few household chemicals in the proper proportions”) and the whole gang is about to take a stand. Why is this movie so good?!?!?!?!

Have a good one 🙂