I mean, I knew I totally inherited her anti-socialness… but my fierce need to compete and win is all her fault. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

So, my mom and I play games against each other on the Wii just about every day. We usually bowl, do our Wii Fitness Age, play billiards and/or dance. We always are trying to one-up the other person. And we’re always yelling at the television, trying to will the other person’s Mii to mess up. The competition really heats up when we are playing billiards or dancing. I kicked her butt in billiards today, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of smack talk that my mom throws down. And then today we started to get back on track with our Wii dancing (while the siblings were here, our schedule was thrown off a bit… but that was a-okay b/c siblings are more important than video games 🙂 ). So, we did our Dance on Broadway game. And I totally beat two of my mom’s scores and she was pissed. Not “I hate you” pissed, but she vowed she would reclaim her scores sooner rather than later…

I love my mom. (I love my dad and siblings too, of course). My mom is awesome. She’s funny. She’s smart. She’s educated. She’s caring. She’s responsible. She’s loving. She’s basically the best person on the planet. She doles out advice and tough love, often in the same sentence. My dad often comments how much my mom and I are alike… usually it’s about how we have the same laugh or make the same faces depending on our moods. Our body language is similar. We are always dancing whenever there is music on. I’m glad to be like my mom. And I hope to continue being like my mom because she is an awesome lady. I know I’m lucky to be her daughter. And I am continually grateful to have been born into my family.

Oh, besides all the Wii stuff, my mom and I played our TCM Scene It game again… I won, but only just. She caught a lucky break by rolling a 4 when she was on the double spot and got an easy question. I know this version of the game is not easy for her, since she hasn’t seen as many films as I have, nor has she researched the amount of film stuff I have. (Even though I haven’t seen a lot of the older movies that the game asks questions about, I am able to come up with correct answers a lot of the time from personal research and/or stuff I learned – and remembered – in my various film classes.) But, she’s a good sport and agrees to play.

I was hoping to make a bit of headway thesis-wise today. I am not going to print up any stats until after my thesis proposal defense on Wednesday, but I was going to plan out some charts/tables that I’ll need. I can work on that tomorrow. My mom opted not to do any housework today and she convinced me to keep playing Wii games and whatnot with her. But, starting tomorrow, game time is pretty much over (or at least greatly reduced) as I need to get work done. For reals.

Besides games and whatnot, I watched a movie today. Winter’s Bone came in the mail through Netflix, so I had to watch it so we could send it back as soon as possible b/c my parents didn’t want to watch it.

I liked Winter’s Bone a lot. I hadn’t really read up much about it, though I knew it was critically acclaimed and that it was nominated for 4 Oscars. It didn’t win any, but the praise it got was well deserved. I’m glad I finally saw it. I just need to see 127 Hours, and then I’ll have seen all of the Best Picture nominees from this year!!

And, really that’s about all for today… my mom and I watched Amazing Race. Then we texted with my brother for awhile (he is back at school but wishes he was not… poor kid). Now I’ll read some stuff and watch last week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, and maybe some Community and/or Parks and Rec.

I work tomorrow night, but hope to get some thesis stuff done during the day. Then I have a few days off… Must. Get. Lots. Done.

Have a good one