Oh my goodness, I was on fuego today with my vocals while I was in the shower and then brushing my teeth. I mean, geez… my bathroom has the best acoustics ever. For a minute there, I actually thought I was a good singer.

For some reason today, I decided to make the ultimate diva playlist. I’m talking Barbra, Whitney, Mariah, Celine, Christina, Beyonce, J-Hud, Britney, Mandy, Idina, Pink, Gaga, Selena, and then some… I was singing my heart out like my life depended on it. And you know what? I didn’t think I sounded that bad. And I am my worst critic… I think I am a “meh” singer most of the time. I used to be really, really bad, but over the years I have practiced a lot and have expanded my range quite a bit.

Now, I don’t think that I am anywhere near as good of a singer as any of the ladies listed above… but I have grown leaps and bounds vocally over the past few years. Not that that really does me any good, besides being able to sing for longer (and better) in the car on road trips, or score really well on my Wii karaoke games. As much as I would love to sing/perform for a living (the most ginormous pipe dream of all time, lemme tell ya… at least for me), I know that is not in the cards for me. So, I will just stick with it as my favorite hobby 🙂

Today was a fairly unproductive day. I mean, I did make a list of the kinds/sizes of charts I’ll need to make for my thesis. I caught up on some reading. I painted my toenails electric blue. I’m almost finished watching Please Give, and I worked for a few hours. But on a whole, I didn’t accomplish much. Tomorrow I will try to start constructing some of these tables. I’ll also help my mom with some spring cleaning stuff.

My thesis proposal defense is on Wednesday. I am panicking very much. I mean, I don’t think it will go horrible or anything, but I have absolutely zero idea what to expect. I have to do it via phone conference b/c I am in MN and my professors are in Ohio. And I suck at talking on the phone… so that’s not good. I am just really really scared about how it’s going to turn out. I mean, if they tell me I need to redo a bunch of stuff, there is an extremely good chance I will just burst into tears right then and there. No joke 😦


Well, I should try and sleep… that’s not going to be easy. So perhaps I’ll read for a bit. Catch up on some more TV I missed last week. Etc.

Have a good one