First of all, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Robin!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Dude, I was just reminiscing about how you had everyone meet up at Broney’s on the first day of Spring Quarter last year. Those were good times… I hope you had the best birthday today!!

So, since my thesis proposal defense is tomorrow, I obviously have not been sleeping very well. I rolled out of bed around 8:30 (I don’t think I fell asleep until well after 3… boo) to see the last bit of Britney on GMA. I sucked down a piping hot mug of tea as I cringed during her performance. Now, I love me some Britney Spears… I have been a fan of her music since the “… Hit Me Baby One More Time” days. But her dancing just isn’t what it was. And you know she’s not singing… I’m not calling what she did half-assed (b/c God knows I wouldn’t be able to get up there and perform like her), but it just didn’t seem full-out. And I love her new music. I just wish she looked like she loved it too 😦

After GMA and some horrendous Wii sports with my mom (I did so poorly on the age thing today, which sucked), I went back down to my room to work on thesis stuff. I figured I could start organizing my data for one of the charts I need to make. I knew that even if they told me I had to change something on my coding sheet w/regards to number of categories I’m working with, the amount of nominees and winners per year is going to be the same. So, I spent the day counting nominees and winners.

I know this could have been done in SPSS, but I have yet to download it onto my mom’s computer. And, I wasn’t going to do the SPSS until after I had my proposal defense, so working out all the numbers by hand/with my trusty TI-83 Plus was the way to go today. I love math, so this was actually quite enjoyable and a way for me to calm myself in preparation for tomorrow.

I got an email from my thesis chair and he suggested I have a 10 minute summary ready for the committee for tomorrow’s conference call. I wrote something out, but I will edit it tomorrow morning. I couldn’t think straight and knew I needed to sleep on what I wrote in order to actually make it make sense.

Today during lunch I finished watching Please Give. I liked it a lot… I am totally a fan of movies with solid scripts and no need for special effects. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love explosions and shoot ’em ups (totally saw Shoot ‘Em Up in theaters – SNAP), but I appreciate a quality script over effects any day of the week.

After lunch I did some laundry and continued to work on my math stuff. I took a break before dinner b/c my eyes were going screwy and did the dishes for my mom. She’s been busy doing spring cleaning. Plus, she hadn’t been feeling well the past couple days, so I’m trying to help out where I can.

We’ve been on an Italian kick around here (which oddly kinda coincides with the anniversary of the passing of my very, very Italian great-grandfather… not that we planned that or anything. Actually, my parents were influenced with this week’s Italian meals after watching Eat Pray Love. Boo.), so we had ravioli. YUM like whoa.

During meals my mom usually reads, so I get to watch whatever I want. I opted to continue watching a documentary about screenwriters that I started awhile ago called Tales From the Script. I love it. I am fascinated by screenwriters. I took a few screenwriting classes and actually cranked out a couple short scripts in undergrad (one which totally got made into a short film for one of our classes… check out the trailer!!! We totally shot that where they shot the plane scene in Fight Club, among other movies and TV shows. Here’s a really great article about Aero Mockups 🙂 )

I started a couple outlines for feature scripts, but I haven’t made the time to work on them. I never thought I was a good enough writer. But I was super proud of Turbulence 🙂

Watching this documentary got me thinking about what I want to be when I grow up. I keep thinking that I might like to work for a film production company. I’m super interested in how films get made, which films get made, which films don’t get made, etc… So, I think I may look into that. Or something like that. I dunno…

After dinner, I folded laundry and worked a bit more on my thesis stuff I was doing today. I finished up during the commercials of Glee and DWTS.

So, it was Glee Tuesday… not a new episode, unfortunately. But a rerun of “Special Education” (2×9)


Now, since I already discussed this episode here, I won’t give you a play by play of the plot. I will, however, delve into some thoughts I have about this episode, having seen it probably 10-15 times by now.

1. Rachel Berry has secured herself a spot as one of my least favorite characters on that show (along with Quinn and Terri). I wonder why the writers make her so dislikable. I mean, Jesus. The girl is annoying and selfish. She sings really well… but there is not really that much to like about that character besides her voice. My Schue was right to flip out on her multiple times this episode, and Finn was right to dump her cheating self. What I do like about this episode is that Rachel only sings half of one song. I’m tired of that character always being in the spotlight. She does have one of the best voices on the show, but talent alone does not a star make. Rachel Berry needs to eat a slice of humble pie. I did like, though, how she and Kurt kicked started their friendship in this episode. (Though her disregard for Kurt’s feelings about Blaine in “Blame it on the Alcohol” completely ruined their friendship for me. Boo.)

2. Why don’t any of the kids parents ever go see them perform? I mean, Quinn’s mom showed up at last year’s regionals. But nobody’s parents are ever at the performances! I would LOVE to see Burt Hummel in the audience at one of these competitions. Or Rachel’s gay dads. Or Artie’s dad. Or Tina’s parents. Or Mercedes’s mom. When I was in high school, one or both of my parents were almost always at my band or choir performances.

3. This episode, for me, marks the first time that Blaine shows hints of being smitten with Kurt. We all know Kurt was instantly attracted to Blaine in “Never Been Kissed” when Blaine grabbed Kurt’s hand and then slow-mo ran with him down the hall, only to sing “Teenage Dream” directing at/to Kurt Hummel. But, it’s during Kurt’s performance of “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina” where Blaine is the one who is moved by Kurt’s performance. You can see it in his eyes… the way he stares and Kurt, and his eyes follow Kurt about the room as he sings. Blaine seems to almost tear up a bit at the end of the song – like he appreciated/felt the words and emotions that Kurt was singing. Also, during the scene toward the end of the episode when Kurt is worried about Pav… Blaine kind of gives Kurt the once over, leans in close to remind him about Warblers practice that night, smiles wide, and then pats Kurt on the knee/leg before Blaine leaves. Aw, those two.

However, this also is one of a couple episodes where Blaine is a bit dismissive toward Kurt. Kurt is down because he didn’t make it through to the next round of solo auditions, and Blaine tells him not to try so hard the next time. Kurt confides that he didn’t know caring was frowned upon and how he’s used to having to scream to be noticed. Blaine counters that he doesn’t know how things worked at Kurt’s old school, but at Dalton everyone wears uniforms and are part of a team. He doesn’t mean this to be condescending, but it was pretty much a “you need to blend in instead of stick out” talk. Kurt just kind of sits there and takes it. This is Kurt’s first episode at Dalton. Throughout later episodes of the season, Kurt does come into his own and is able to speak up to the other Warblers, as well as having meaningful conversations with Blaine as equals (whether it’s an argument, teasing, conversations about feelings, talking about sex, etc…) instead of Blaine being the more dominant contributor to the scene.

4. I’m continually glad that Will and Emma aren’t together this season. Whether they are endgame or not, who’s to say, but I think the show works better when they aren’t able to be together. I do wish, though, that there were more Will and Coach Beiste scenes, because j’adore them as BFFs. (Beiste wasn’t even in “Special Education”… alas)

And, speaking of Glee… I am beyond pumped for the Warblers album to be released on April 19th. I already have all of the songs (except the two that have yet to be released yet), but I am totally going to go buy this album so (1) I can have the CD (and it’s case… what) in my car at all times and (2) to support the Tufts Beezlebubs (who do all of the vocals for the Warblers) and Darren Criss (not a Beezlebub, but he actually does sing lead on all of the songs). I was a fan of the Bubs from when they were on The Sing Off two seasons ago, so I will gladly support their work on Glee 🙂

They just released “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” last night. This song won’t be featured on Glee – it’s just an extra song to drive Warblers fans extra crazy. I listened to it a couple times today and it just makes me laugh. I hate all things Rod Stewart, but I will gladly listen to Darren Criss growl “If you want my body and you think I’m sexy…” hahahaha Oh man, if they sing this on the tour, I will likely pee my pants from laughing so hard.


So yeah… my thesis proposal defense is tomorrow. I am beyond nervous. I will tweak my summary tomorrow morning and that’s really the best I can do.


Well, off to watch last week’s Modern Family. Then some reading and then I’ll try to sleep… that likely won’t happen, but a girl’s gotta try.

Have a good one