So, yesterday I was beyond upset about being under so much stress and whatnot because of my thesis and busy schedule the next few weeks/months.

I slept maybe 3 hours last night. I tried going to bed early, but I just tossed and turned for hours. I was too tired to turn the light on and be productive, but too awake to fall asleep. It’s been over a week of this kind of restlessness now, and I expect it to last awhile longer. Somehow I manage to stay awake during the day, though while I was waiting for my lunch to cook in the microwave, I basically was napping standing up in the kitchen. My eyes were closed tight and I just kind of stood there, swaying a bit to stay on my feet as my ravioli reheated.

I was up before 7:30, but I stayed in bed, trying to will myself back to sleep. That was a no go for launch, as Yukon started barking really loudly (there were guys outside trimming trees… she doesn’t like noises like that).

So, I dragged myself out of bed and went into the bathroom to wash the sleep outta my eyes. I didn’t even turn the light on because I was still so tired/out of it, but when I looked in the mirror, I could see the damage that this week’s lack of sleep has done. It basically looked like I got punched in the eyes – that’s how dark they are. Throughout the day they’ve gotten a bit better. The blackness has gone away, but there are bags there big enough to be checked at the airport. Alas.

After some breakfast, I went back to my room to work on my thesis stuff. Yesterday I had made a list of what I need to get done in the next few weeks. So, I started chipping away at that…

… and while I was looking up some statistics and fact-checking a few things online, I realized that I had royally screwed up some of my data. Luckily it was easy to fix… it just took a couple hours. And, while I was I fixing my mishaps, I somehow found out that I missed one category during 1968. So, I had to insert a new row in my data to accommodate for this one missing piece of information. But, since that was around 260-something out of 1470 lines of data, I then had to re-number 1200 cases. That took probably 30 minutes (my eyes were going screwy on me, so I had to go back and fix a couple of the numbers I had just fixed!).

Even though this was super stressful in itself, I was surprisingly more chill than I thought I was going to be in this epically frustrating situation. I am going to attribute some of that to Darren Criss.

Being a fan of him and his work, of course I have an iTunes playlist dedicated to songs that he wrote and/or sung. Said playlist is 8.8 hours long… which meant I could pretty much just listen to this all day without having to skip anything, since I worked in several-hour increments at a time.

So, for the first time in my entire life, I listened to one artist for an entire day without skipping any songs. (I am the queen of the “next” button.)

Sometimes I was so focused on what I was doing, I wasn’t even paying attention to what song was playing. But his music made great background noise and allowed me to get through what I was fixing.

At various points, I would come out of my funk/intense focus and actually listen to what song was playing. Sometimes it’d be a Warblers song from Glee (“Animal” and “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” always make me chuckle). Other times it would be a song from AVPM/AVPS (Oh, “Ginny’s Song” & reprise, you make me smile so… “You’re cuter than a guinea piiiiiiiiiiiiiiig… I wanna take you up to Winnipeg, THAT’S IN CANADA!”). A lot of the times, it’d be a song from one of his many live performances (“Part of Your World” is so money… as is his version of “Granger Danger” with Joey Richter from his gig at The Roxy.).

Besides writing songs for the StarKid shows, Darren Criss also released an EP last year. It only has 5 songs on it, but they are really great. Two of them were featured in StarKid productions (“Sami” in Little White Lie and “Not Alone” in A Very Potter Musical). Though the show versions are solid, I prefer the versions off the EP. “Not Alone” is a beautiful anthem. The other three songs are amazing too… the title track, “Human,” in an anthem of a different sorts. Besides epic appreciate for a baseball simile (“I feel like a shortstop / Along third base / I may just help you but I still don’t like your face”), I think the message of the song is good. (i.e. That we’re just dumb humans.) “Jealousy” is pretty powerful. It’s an inner monologue put to music. My favorite verse goes “Oh and I can’t stand what I’m feeling / It’s just like poison in my veins / I know that I’m speaking / But I don’t know what I’m saying.” That’s some honest prose… But my favorite track on the album is “Don’t You” because it’s refrain of “Don’t you want the way I feel for you” is just so downright simple and sweet.

So besides listening to Darren Criss’s music all day long, I’ve been rewatching A Very Potter Sequel (on youtube via our Blu-ray player… so it’s basically like watching it as if it were a movie playing on our ginormous television). I rewatched A Very Potter Musical the other week, but the Sequel is definitely my favorite. I could rewatch the “Harry Freakin’ Potter” and “No Way” scenes a bajillion times over, but I’m actually rewatching most of the Sequel. Right now my mom and I are in the living room waiting for my dad to get home, and since my NBC shows are reruns, I’m watching the Sequel. At this very second, I’m on Act 1 Part 13… the whole Umbridge “Did you get ma text?” bit and where Dumbledore tells her that he only hit on her because he thought she was a sexy man. Oh, StarKid, how I love your reinterpretation of the HP books/movies…

Switching from StarKid to American Idol… I was soooooooooooooooo happy that Thia and Nayima went home tonight 🙂 Yay America for sending the right people home once again. I also liked how the contestants performed with each other in small groups. It’s a way we get to see them sing more, and it’s good to see that they all seem to be getting along/seem like legitimate friends.

Well… I’m off to watch some more AVPS. (It’s the Quidditch scene… love those Hogwarts Physical Education shirts. I may have to get one…)

I have to work most of the day tomorrow and Saturday, so that’ll suck. Hopefully I will get to talk with my manager and see if I can work things out so I can skip the convention/get to go see my sister instead in May.

Have a good one