April 2011

(btw before I start typing about my day, some small animal just tried to crawl it’s way through my window. My heart is racing… bah)

So, I totally stayed up past midnight last night so I could buy the soundtrack to Starship before I even saw it. I was just too excited to go to sleep – that’s how much of a dork I am. You can get it on iTunes or Amazon… it’s only $8.91 for the whole album. πŸ™‚

I did manage to get to sleep and then woke up around 7:30. It was raining and continued to do so until 3:00 or so. As much as this rain sucked, it is absolutely nothing compared to the horrific weather and natural disasters that have been plaguing the south east part of the US 😦 I cannot imagine what it feels like to have experienced that sort of turmoil. My heart goes out to those who have been affected by these horrible tornadoes and storms.

(the animal is still trying to get into my room… I’m too scared to get up out of bed to see what it is)

My dad took me out to breakfast (Panera bagels are God’s food… we don’t keep bagels around the house anymore b/c they have too many carbs [my dad is diabetic and has to watch his carb intake all the time], so I totally got a bagel this morning. It tasted like heaven. My people love bagels… my genetics determined before I was born that I too would love bagels. And I do…). We then went to the Fleet Farm to get the oil changed in my car, and some stuff my dad needed for the boat his park just received.

We drove home and I stayed with the dogs and had lunch while my dad went out to look at other boats with a friend of his. (With so many lakes in this state, there is always need for boats. We have a canoe and a kayak, and access to another boat… good thing we’re all accustomed to being out on the water.)

I played with my dogs and watched an episode of My So Called Life. I just started watching the series a few days ago, so I’m only a couple episodes in. I think I’m a little too old for the target audience, but it’s a show I had always meant to watch, so I’m just getting to it now.

I am still waiting for notes from my thesis chair so I can edit my paper before I send it to the other members of my committee. It was going on 1:30 and I knew the mailman wasn’t going to come for another hour or so at least, so I opted to run some errands to kill time while my laundry was drying. I returned some shoes at DSW and then all of those Sex and the City DVDs I bought the other day at Target. I got home and folded clothes, and by that time, my dad was back.

We started watching Escape from New York, but we both fell asleep in our respective chairs. I woke up around 4:30 and played with the dogs, fed them dinner and let them outside. By this time, the mail had come, but there were no notes from my professor.

I started to cry, but only for a bit.

I am just beyond frustrated. My professor told me he’d send the notes Monday. Which meant I should have gotten them by Thursday or Friday at the latest. I don’t think he’s sent them yet. I think this because I sent him multiple emails this week regarding the status of said notes and he hasn’t gotten back to me. BUT, the other two members of my committee did get back to me within mere hours when I sent them all an email inquiring the date/time of my thesis defense.

Since there isn’t anything I can do about my thesis chair right this second, I will wait until tomorrow morning to shoot him another email – there will be no pleasantries. I will be firm and in control. I will express my epic discontent with this whole process. I tried to change thesis chairs, but he kept me with him because from our conversations, he made it sound like he was going to work with me so I would graduate on time. I sent him my materials with far more time than the 2 weeks it is customary to have a professor read the paper. I have also already expressed my need to graduate on time because I cannot financially extend this thesis process to another quarter. I’ve already paid over $450 in order to graduate in June. I cannot just absorb that cost and shell out another $450 in the fall because my professor was not responsible enough to answer my emails or get back to me in the timely manner that he should.

And I just KNOW that he’s going to tell me that he took so long because my writing is so bad and my editing skills are nonexistent. I can just FEEL this line coming my way.

You know why I went to journalism school? SO I COULD LEARN HOW TO BECOME A BETTER WRITER. You know what skill I did not get at journalism school? HOW TO BE A BETTER WRITER.

I’m just really pissy right now and upset.

I am overwhelmed with stress – so much so that my eye has started twitching on a regular basis and my tension headaches are back with a vengeance.

I am trying to plan how I’m going to be able to finish on time. Because I’m leaving Friday morning for Kansas, I don’t have a lot of time to work on my paper this week… especially because (1) I still don’t have the notes back from my professor, so I don’t have any idea what needs editing/my attention and (2) I’m working 9-5/5:30 Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. This leaves only Tuesday to really work on my paper… and I won’t be able to do that unless I get my notes on Monday. AND, I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna happen.

SO, I think I will try and get Thursday off from work. Hopefully I will have my notes by then. Hopefully I can find someone to cover my shift. If not, then I’ll just call in and suffer the consequences – that will count against my sales goals for the day, it’ll look bad on my record, and that’ll be $50 that I won’t earn because I won’t be working. But, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

I am beyond pissed off, but I am not in control of my professor’s time table, as much as I have told him about the schedule I need to be keeping.

God, I am so tired right now, but I know I will have trouble sleeping because of all this stress 😦 Booooooooooo

Besides all this shitty school stuff, the rest of my day was fine. Dinner with my dad was fun. Then we came home and watched Casino Royale, my favorite James Bond movie. (I saw it twice in theaters, and probably have seen it 15+ times on DVD…). After that, I watched the first five parts of Act 1 of STARSHIP!!!!!!!

I really wanted to stay up and watch the whole thing, but I will watch the rest of it tomorrow. Instead of watching it on my computer, I’m watching it in the living room through our Blu-ray player… everything looks better on a ginormous flat-screen TV than my computer screen. So, I’ll finish watching it tomorrow since I SURE AS SHIT WON’T BE EDITING MY THESIS.

Sorry… I’m frustrated.

Anyway, I am LOVING Starship, just based off of the five parts I watched already!

I’m so happy for the StarKid people for their great work… I am really impressed with the puppets!

Starship is available on DVD, which I will totally be getting soon!!

Anyway, I should try and sleep.

Have a good one

I was sound asleep at 3 am this morning when the wedding stuff would have started here in Central Time.

I have nothing against William and Kate… I just have priorities, and those involve sleep.

I did see the two of them on the balcony when I was having my cereal this morning. That was enough royal wedding related stuff for me, thank you very much.

It’s cool that so many people were really into this whole event – but that just wasn’t for me.

So, I slept until around 7:30ish and then got up and fed the dogs and fish.

I spent breakfast watching the balcony stuff but quickly turned that off because I couldn’t handle Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters talking about how they rated William and Kate’s kisses. So, instead I watched some StarKid stuff on youtube while I are my cold pizza and an orange (breakfast of champions, yo). Starship premieres tomorrow night, so I am just getting myself pumped up for this big event πŸ™‚

After breakfast, I spent a little while making some mix CDs for my trip next week. Not to brag, but I do make the greatest mix CDs of all time. I made my 8th, 9th and 10th Broadway mixes so I now have 10 70+ minute CDs with the best Broadway songs from my extended collection of Broadway albums. Then I made a few Darren Criss mixes and will make a Glee mix and a current mix during the week. Also, the StarKid album for Starship is available to be bought/downloaded tomorrow, so I will gladly pay $8.91 for my copy on Amazon tomorrow morning πŸ™‚ I can’t wait!! And they supposedly will have a 2-disc DVD of the show, which I am super excited about. I’m going to wait to buy it on the Digitour (I’m assuming they will have stuff for sale then… if not, I’ll order it when I get back).

I then sent out some emails… I still haven’t gotten my notes in the mail from my professor (so, there goes my epic plans to edit my paper and send it out to my committee tomorrow 😦 ). So, what I did was send my entire committee (including my thesis chair) an email saying that I want to solidify a date/time for my thesis defense now, even though I haven’t sent them my paper yet. I’m hoping (1) this will hurry my thesis chair along (2) move this whole process along (3) ensure that I will still graduate on time. I technically have until next weekend to send my paper to the rest of my committee to still have enough time (i.e. 2 weeks) for them to read my paper before my defense. BUT, I had off from work this weekend, and the only other day I have off next week is Tuesday, because I leave for Kansas on Friday. So, I needed my notes DAYS AGO from my thesis chair, but they still haven’t showed up yet. Which EPICALLY pisses me off. But, I literally have no control over when he mails stuff to me. So, what is a girl to do? (Besides cry a bit… which I did yesterday because I just became so overwhelmed with stress and whatnot).

So, now that I can’t edit tomorrow (unless by some miracle, I get the notes in the mail tomorrow…), I will get the oil changed in my car and run my errands to Target and maybe DSW.

I just wish my thesis chair would have sent me the notes on Monday like he said he would. If he sent something Monday, it would have gotten here by now. So, that obviously didn’t happen. Grrrr

I then had to work the rest of the day today, from 3-9. I was SWAMPED. I didn’t get to take my break until after 7:30, and I didn’t even get a whole break because there were so many people waiting for help. Bah.

But, time went quick, I opened an account and met my goals, so no one can yell at me. Yay.

When I got home, my dad and I finished watching Unstoppable. It was okay. Chris Pine is hot… that’s really all that I took away from that movie. It would have been a pretty mundane movie had it not been for the constant pans and tracking shots that Tony Scott is famous for. Also, the movie was set in Southern PA, which is where I grew up… so it was kinda interesting to see an action movie taking place in the geographic region I was born into.

And now I shall go to sleep… my dad asked me if I wanted to go out to breakfast tomorrow morning. We were supposed to go out to dinner… though that might still happen too. We’ll see. I’m not setting an alarm, but I’ll likely still wake up early. Not as early as him… but probably still before 8. I wish I could sleep in, but I can’t. Especially since I’m so stressed out about thesis stuff. BAH.

Well, have a good one

So, I basically worked all day.

The end.

Seriously, though… I got up around 7 to feed the dogs and let them outside. I sucked down a mug of tea (scratchy throat, yo) while I watched the news. Or, rather, I had GMA on, but they just keep talking about the Royal Wedding. I mean, yay for William and Kate, but I’m not waking up at 3 am tomorrow morning to watch their wedding.

I drove to work for 9:35 and then worked my ass off until I left at 5. I was super busy the whole day. And busy is good… it made the time go by quicker. But I was by myself for a few hours this morning and I was trying to help people and field phone calls and it got to be a bit much at times.

But, I had a bunch of people tell me that I made their day and that I was really helpful, so that made me feel pretty good about myself πŸ™‚ It’s nice getting to make other people happy.

I also found out today that my manager is no longer working at my workplace. But, as much as I did not see eye to eye with my manager at times, the circumstances in which my manager is no longer working at my workplace seem very shady. So, I feel a bit bad about the whole situation. But, there is nothing I can do about it. And hopefully I won’t be working at my workplace much longer, as I still intend to graduate in June.

That’s becoming slightly less probable, since I have yet to get editing notes for my thesis from my thesis chair yet. He said he was going to read my paper last weekend and send notes on Monday. If he mailed something Monday, you’d think I would have it by now. Time is running out. I need those notes as soon as possible, so I can edit my paper and send it to my thesis committee soon so then they can read it and I can defend it.

So, later tonight I will be sending an email to my thesis chair and I will call him tomorrow morning (it’s already 9 pm in OH… not the best time to call my professor’s office, since he won’t be there…).

I have this whole weekend off, so I was seriously hoping I’d have my notes by now so I could edit. I only have 3 days off before I leave for Kansas next weekend. I need to get this shit done. Now.

(Awwwwwwwwww… Casey just got kicked off of Idol 😦 I think it’s because he sang a jazz number, and the whole of America doesn’t get jazz. I don’t really get jazz, but I liked Casey a lot.)

Well, now I’ll watch Bones, Parks and Rec and 30 Rock… then I’ll catch up on some reading and go to sleep. Ah, sleep.

I gotta work tomorrow… boo. But then the weekend off (hopefully to EDIT! and watch Starship!!!!!!!!)

Have a good one

I’m only halfway kidding about this… but not really.

My mom is leaving tomorrow morning to go visit my sister for a few days, so I’ll be here with my dad. I spent all last summer with him and survived, so I know I can handle four days.

We’re sitting here watching Christian Slater’s show while we wait for Happy Endings to start at 9:00. My dad is making all sorts of bad jokes and whatnot… you know, the usual.

I love my dad πŸ™‚

Plus, I’ll be at work most of Thursday and Friday… and so will he. So everyone’s a winner here.

I had a mostly uneventful day.

I did wake up in time to see the president’s mini-press conference while I was eating breakfast. I think it is bonkers ridiculous for people to question the president’s place of birth. I mean, surely he’s been confirmed a US citizen by this point, since he made it this far in our federal government. Donald Trump (and others who questioned Obama’s birth place) have wasted soooooooo much time with this ridiculous birth certificate witch hunt. I applaud the president for calling out the media and the people who have kept focus on birth certificate issues instead of the much MUCH bigger problems/issues our country is facing. We’re in multiple wars, our economy is still pretty horrendous compared to what it has been in the past, and the budget is still way out of whack. Not to mention health care, gas prices, lack of wage increases to deal with the crap economy/high gas prices… To me, this is all waaaaaaaay more important than if Obama was born in Hawaii… which he was. OF COURSE.

After that, I spent the rest of the day puttering around my room. I got rid of a bunch of clutter on my dresser. I went through all of my shoes and gave 3 pairs to my mom. I bought last night’s episode of Glee and uploaded it onto my iPod so I can watch Chris Colfer sing “As If We Never Said Goodbye” as many times as I want until the end of time. I packed up a bag of sweaters that I know I likely won’t be needing (even though it flurried a bit today). I put all my dirty clothes into one pile so I can do laundry on Saturday. I put all the stuff I need to return in one area so I can deal with that (maybe also on Saturday…).

What I really wanted/needed to be working on is my thesis, but I haven’t received my notes from my professor yet. If I don’t get them tomorrow, I will be contacting him Friday morning to see what the deal is with that. I wanted to have my edits done by the very beginning of May so that I could send my paper the rest of my committee and figure out when I’m going to defend this thing. I am running out of time and stuff needs to start happening. I hate not having all of this completely under control – I hate relying on other people like this.


I also finished watching What’s Up, Doc? today. I laughed so hard, even though I’ve seen the movie before and I knew what was coming πŸ™‚ But it’s just such a great screwball comedy – I love it! I would actually like to adapt this movie into an updated version… I have a few ideas of how it could be tweaked to fit the present day. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the time to actually type this out, but I think it would be a fun project if I ever had free time.

Two minutes until Happy Endings, so I’ll finish this later…

… okay, Happy Endings is over (God, I love this show! Max is my favorite character πŸ™‚ )

So, American Idol was pretty awesome tonight. I grew up on Carole King’s music (both the songs she sang and the songs she wrote), so I was familiar with almost all of the songs that the contestants sang tonight. My absolute favorite performance of the night was James Durbin singing “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”.

It was, in a word, perfect. I love his voice. I love his stage presence. I love his musicianship. The boy can sing and he OWNED that stage. I used to want Casey to win this season, but I am now 100% behind James. He has always delivered a solid performance, he always looks like he’s having the best time, and every time he sings it’s like he’s singing at one of his own shows. I really, really hope he keeps getting voted through because he deserves to win this thing.

Well… I should get going. Hafta be up early to take care of the dogs before I go to work. I’m working until 5 tomorrow… booooooooo. But, then I get to see my dogs and hang out with my dad tomorrow night. So, it’ll be fine.

Have a good one!

[P.S. So, while I was brushing my teeth, I rewatched the “Somewhere Only We Know” and “As If We Never Said Goodbye” from last night’s episode of Glee. And while some of the more literal visual cues in AIWNSG are a bit overdone (the cardboard trees and painted scenes, and then him sitting at the makeup mirrors – oy), I really appreciate the cut to Rachel when Kurt sings the line “So watch me fly, we all know I can do it…” because it’s such a great nod to their “Defying Gravity” diva-off from Season One. πŸ™‚ I could seriously watch these two song sequences from last night’s show on repeat for all eternity.]

So, right now I’m watching The Voice with my parents. I like singing shows, and I like the four artists who are picking the teams, so I thought I’d check it out. I like the concept of blind auditions… just listening to someone’s voice and judging them solely on that, and not how he/she looks. Because, really, shouldn’t music be about the quality of the song, and not what the singer looks like? (btw – Adam Levine is making me laugh like whoa…)

These blind auditions totally fit in with the theme of tonight’s Glee (which I will discuss at great length in a bit). People who were born to sing… regardless what these people look like, they were born to sing.

I had to work this morning from 9:45-1:45. It was pouring on the drive over, which was zero fun. Although, I should be thankful that it was just rain and not the epic tornadoes that the southern part of the country has been experiencing.

(Dude, this Voice show has toooooooooo many commercials. Blah. And one of those commercials is for the local news on after the show… and it’s showing people holding signs for Equal Marriage. Which I TOTALLY support. But I guess there are people around here who are trying to get an anti-gay marriage law into the State[?] constitution. How the heck is it 2011 and people still don’t have equal rights in this country?! That boggles my mind to no end. Regardless of people’s religious beliefs, I think it would just make the most sense for all people [who are all created equal, so says the U.S. Constitution] to have equal rights. Right?)

Anyway, I digress…

So, I worked for 4 hours today. And I was stuck in the area of my workplace where they don’t play music. Blah 😦 Luckily I was super busy, so even w/o my music, time went by quickly. And, I made a bunch of people happy today, which is always nice… the one thing I actually like about my job is when I get to make someone else feel good. I like saving people money. I like helping them pick out something for a loved one. I like hearing their stories about where they’ve been that day, or why their at my workplace. I hate my job for what it is, but I love getting little glimpses into other people’s lives like this. So, I try to see the good in what I do, even though I know I cannot do this for much longer. (When I’m at work, I listen to colleagues chatting with the higher ups… and I am continually amazed that some people are working at my workplace for their career. I just could not do that for years and years at a time… props to them for doing so. But if I am at my workplace for more than a few more months, my spirit will completely crush, and I will be left soulless. I kid you not.)

After work, I drove home as fast as the laws would allow. I didn’t get a break at work (for the bajillionth time… way to go, people who make the schedule and schedule zero double-coverage on the entire floor), so I was in need of some foodage. I made a turkey and hardboiled egg wrap, with a side of cold stuffing. (Go ahead and judge, but it is soooooooo good cold.) I ate my wonderfully disgusting food and then went down to my room to watch the Q&A w/Darren Criss at Billboard.com.

This week’s livestream was highly uneventful compared to last week’s. The stream kept freezing and had a bunch of glitches in it, so I missed chunks of it here and there. (Boo.) Also, the interviewer asked mostly the same questions that he’s answered a bajillion times before. But, Darren Criss gives great interviews, regardless that he sounds like a broken record every time. I really appreciate that he does take time out of what I’m assuming is a bonkers busy schedule to do Q&As like that. There has probably been this surge of interviews with him because of the Warblers album, which makes sense… the more press he does, the more people know about the album… but he deserves the recognition he’s been getting. He’s talented and he’s not a dick about it. That’s kinda refreshing.

The rest of the afternoon/evening was spent waiting for Glee to happen. I played some Wii sports with my mom, kept her company while she made dinner, watched the news, read some more of the book I’m in the middle of (On Chisel Beach, by Ian McEwan, one of my favorite authors).

And then, by some grace of God, it was Glee-o’clock


To start, I liked this week’s episode waaaaaaaaay better than last week’s episode.

I was a fan that the show started off with the glee club rehearsing dancing for Nationals and Finn accidentally smacking Rachel in the face and breaking her nose in the process. Finn and Rachel aren’t dating anymore, but he still cares about her and the fact that he was the one to break her nose was a good segue into the other Finchel moments in the episode later on.

Rachel’s nose doctor was a douchebag, which was also very much needed for the episode. Even though it was a clean break, the doctor commented that Rachel should consider a nose job to fix her deviated septum. He said it could make her sing better, but also was suggesting that it would make her look better/look more like an actress. Rachel counters with Barbra (Streisand), but the doctor shoots her down. (For shame, doctor man. For shame.)

In glee club, Rachel tells the others that she’s considering the nose job (getting a nose like, Quinn, for example). But everyone else seems to think it’s a bad idea. Except for Santana… she brings up how everyone has something they’d like to change about themselves. She says she’s “keepin’ it real”. Will asks why they are all down on themselves leads Mercedes to bring up how the thing that makes you different is what other people at the school use to bring you down. This glee conversation prompts Will to talk with Emma about the kids’ lack of self-acceptance.

Emma (who still is wiping off her grapes… but refuses to use the acronym OCD to describe herself) and Will talk, and she mentions how she may not have been “Born this way,” but that’s her lot in life. Will gets an idea to use Gaga to help the kids out with self-acceptance.

Meanwhile, in the hallway, Quinn is hanging up prom queen signs. Santana watches and her inner monologue goes on about how if she (Santana) was prom queen, she could make Brittany be with her (b/c Brit would believe something like that…). But, she opines that she wouldn’t have enough votes. So, she thinks about getting the jock vote – cue Sam walking by doing a Sean Connery bit from The Hunt for Red October (I laughed so hard, I almost spat). Santana passes and her eyes turn to Karofsky who is walking down the hall… and checking out Sam’s ass as Sam leans over the water fountain. Uh huh…

Santana catches this and her gaydar goes off like whoa.

At the Lima Bean, Santana (who is sitting w/Tina, Mercedes, Blaine and Kurt) stares at Brittany and Artie. Tina and Mercedes are talking about Nationals and that gets to Kurt, who sarcastically comments how the Warblers are prepping to perform at a nursing home in a strip-mall next to a bank. The girls ask if there is anyway that Kurt could come back to McKinley. Blaine says he’d be all for it if it wasn’t for Karofsky. Santana is intrigued by the mention of his name, and is all like, “Huh?” Blaine says that Kurt needs to be safe (awwww…) and Kurt asks if they can change the subject. Santana’s flawless inner monologue determines that the way to winning prom queen and getting Brittany (and winning Nationals) would be to get Kurt back.

The next day at glee, Mr. Schue tells the kids that their next assignment is a two-parter… singing a song about accepting themselves and then a group Gaga number (“Born This Way”). Emma is there to help the kids with their costumes… a white t-shirt with a word/phrase that says something about themselves that they can’t change. She had a shirt for herself that was to be an example for the kids… and her shirt said Ginger. Will was pissed it didn’t say OCD… but more on that later.

In the hallway, Lauren eyeballs the Prom King & Queen crowns. Puck sees this and she tells him about how she was in pageants when she was little, but how she won’t get a crown now. He vows that she will be prom queen. (Note – I love Puck and Lauren together. It was strictly comical at first, but over time has become quite a dynamic relationship. They are both strong characters, but also have completely sensitive and vulnerable moments. I hope they last awhile longer πŸ™‚ )

Back at the doctor, Rachel and Quinn wait in the waiting room. Quinn is pumped that Rachel wants her nose. Rachel asks Quinn what it’s like to look like she does. Quinn says that it’s pretty awesome… and you can tell Rachel is jealous. Not ready to go under the knife quite yet, Rachel asks if they could do some photo composites so she can see what she’d look like after the procedure.

In the waiting room/doctor’s office/other locations around McKinley, Quinn and Rachel sing a duet of a mash-up of “Unpretty/I Feel Pretty“. I LOVED this mash-up. Glee can get preachy at times, but I thought that this mash-up was completely appropriate and very socially relevant. I know when I was in high school, there were times when I would just feel so out of the loop because I wasn’t as pretty as some of the other girls in my class… and I know that was not a me-specific problem. So, to see Rachel and Quinn sing this was a really great moment, because you could tell Rachel was just so torn about the nose job. (For the record, though, I never thought about getting a nose job. I like my nose. Sure, it’s big and it has a bit of a hilly ski slope down the front of it, but it hold my glasses up just fine and makes me, me πŸ™‚ )

Back at the Lima Bean, Santana and Karofsky are out for coffee. Karofsky goes on about how he’s not surprised Santana asked him out because he’s a stub, but she quickly tells him to stop because she knows he’s gay. He scoffs and asks how she knows that. She tells him she say him checking out Sam’s ass. He scoffs again and says that he was just seeing what jeans he had on. She then tells him that she knows about him because of his interaction with Kurt before the benefit last week about the “truth getting out”. She’s like, “Boom. It’s out.” He threatens to beat them up, but she takes his hand and tells him that he’s going to be one of those people to stay in the closet, get married, have some kids and then get caught later on. She accepts that about him, but says that he needs her and she needs him because they “play on the same team”. He tells her that he isn’t gay, but she says she’s trying to help him out by being each other’s beards so they can be prom king and queen so they can rule the school.

Finn and Quinn’s conversation at the lockers was one of my favorite moments in the show. I liked how it was shot (very artsy), but I also thought it was good to see Finn sticking up for Rachel and expressing to Quinn that he didn’t think it was right of her to help Rachel with the nose job stuff and going against Mr. Schue’s lesson of self-acceptance. Quinn questions why they are fighting about Rachel (b/c Finn still likes her, duh…). It was also pretty good foreshadowing when Quinn stated, “Maybe I’m not down with this week’s lesson,” slammed her locked and left Finn all confused (as he usually is) and saying “I love this lesson.”

And I LOVED Finn’s music number of “I Gotta Be Me.” Props to Cory Monteith for a solid vocal and an adorably awkward dance sequence πŸ™‚ Finn’s inability to dance, though a forever running gag, just makes me smile. He owns not dancing. And that’s self-acceptance to the max.

But then Rachel decides to tell the others that she’s getting a nose job and passes around pictures of her with Quinn’s nose. Tina calls her a hypocrite and says that she (Rachel) does not like herself very much but that she (Tina) is going to embrace what she doesn’t like about herself. Puck is pissed and tells Rachel that she shouldn’t do it. (yay Puck) Finn asks her not to do it, and tells her that she’s beautiful. Awwwww, Finn. Maybe I don’t hate you so much anymore. Maybe.

Will and Emma are at lunch again and he tells her he was mad she didn’t put OCD on her shirt the other day. She balks and tells him it’s not appropriate to talk about her personal problems in front of the kids like that. After a discussion about her lack of addressing her problem, he whips out unwashed berries and tries to get her to eat some. She won’t. Of course.

In glee again (don’t these kids have other classes/home lives outside of school?), Figgins asks the kids to hear out Karofsky, who is apologizing about how he’s been a bully to everyone, especially Kurt. He says he knows what he did was wrong and wants to reach out to Kurt so that Kurt can come back. You see Santana reciting his speech, so you know she’s the mastermind behind the whole plan of Karofsky’s Guardian Angels program to stop bullying at McKinley. They also announce that they are dating. People are shocked by all of this… and rightly so.

(Note – even though Karofsky’s anti-bullying front is seemingly just a front right now, I think this plot line has a potential to grow into an actual character arc for him. Once he figures out how to accept himself, maybe “Nice Karofsky” won’t just be an act. And, I really like Max Adler, the actor who plays Karofsky. He is such an important part of why this show works so well. I want to like Karofsky because I like Max Adler. And I think that eventually, the audience will come to like Karofsky so long as Karofsky keeps heading in the right direction.)

Cut to Burt and Kurt Hummel, Dave Karofsky and his dad, Figgins and Mr. Schue in Figgins’ office. I know I sound like a broken record, but Burt Hummel is seriously one of my favorite television characters of all time. (Mike O’Malley is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I love that Burt is so passionate about Kurt being safe. And I like that he points out that the bullying stopped b/c the top offender stopped. I also like Karofsky’s dad. He seems to mean well. And I wish we got more (or will get more) of the Karofskys’ back story.

I was also glad that the writers wrote the bit between Kurt and Karofsky where they were talking alone in Figgins’ office while the adults waited outside. As much as authority figures are important, peer-on-peer interaction is beyond influential in a high school setting. So, I thought it was really great to have Kurt call Karofsky out like he did and demanding that Karofsky owes him the truth (esp. when Kurt never told anyone but Blaine about the kiss). Karofsky spills about how it was all Santana’s idea (to be prom queen & get Kurt back for Nationals), and Kurt is repulsed and impressed all at the same time. Kurt makes a pop culture reference that goes over Karofsky’s head, and Kurt replies that he needs to know those things if he is gay. Karofsky counters back that he’s not sure if he is gay (which leaves the writers with some wiggle room, I guess), and Kurt goes along with that response and tells Karofsky that he (Kurt) could either tell everyone the truth, or come back to McKinley and then they need to form a PFLAG chapter at McKinley because regardless of Karofsky’s sexual identity, he needs to be educated. Karofsky doesn’t look too happy about that.

In the girl’s bathroom, Rachel looks at her nose. Puck walks in and he tries to talk some sense into her. That her nose is a birthright. He asks for an hour of her time the next day…

Meanwhile, outside, Kurt Hummel announces that he is officially back at McKinley. Mercedes tells him there are some people who want to say goodbye to him, and the Warblers descend down the stairs.

Blaine tells Kurt that he was a great addition to Dalton and the Warblers and how he made them a better team. He says that he’ll still have Kurt after school and on the weekends, but the other Warblers won’t, so they wanted to say goodbye.

Blaine and the Warblers proceed to serenade an obviously touched/moved Kurt with “Somewhere Only We Know”. And there are tears… and it’s really a very moving Glee performance. And as the Warblers hug Kurt goodbye and New Directions hug him hello, Kurt’s crying and Blaine’s teary eyed. As the song ends, the two boys embrace in a desperate hug where Kurt then whispers to Blaine, “I’ll never say goodbye to you.” (TEARS :*( ) They part, and Blaine walks back to the steps. Part way up, he turns to give a tearful goodbye to Kurt, who is busy fraternizing with his McKinley friends.

(And inside, I’m thinking, “WHAT?!” It took 10 episodes for these two to get together, and now they are at different schools and that’s how their goodbye goes? I mean, I loved the song and the heartfelt emotion brilliantly acted by Chris Colfer and Darren Criss, but how can you keep those two apart for 10 episodes and then put them together for two, only to physically split them up – they are still “together” with nothing more than a parting hug and some tears. Where’s the “we can do this, regardless of the distance” talk? Right? And Blaine says they’ll see each other after school and on weekends, but the audience hardly sees these characters outside of the school setting… I’m just saying. I know the show is about New Directions and all, but you can’t just completely forget about Blaine since he’s with Kurt and Kurt is pretty much the star of the show by now…)

And then, as if the “Somewhere Only We Know” didn’t tug at my heartstrings enough, the next scene was Kurt singing “As If We Never Said Goodbye“. (I can’t find a video of this yet, but I will post one soon. Just hand Chris Colfer the Emmy already, Jesus.) The vocal was flawless. Of course. And it was just so nice to see Kurt in his element… dressed in his flawless Kurt outfit. Singing to himself *and* to the glee kids. (God, I hope Chris Colfer sings this on the tour. I’ll have to bring a sweatshirt for the goosebumps I will surely get if I hear this live.) I was hoping, though, at the end of that scene that Karofsky would be in the hallway listening to Kurt sing. Alas…

The next scene caught me way off guard… when Lauren confronts Quinn about her real past. How Quinn’s real name is Lucy… and how she used to have glasses, be chubby, have acne, and a different nose. Quinn didn’t like who she was when she was younger, so she changed herself… because she didn’t want to be Lucy Caboosey anymore. She lost weight, used Proactive, and got a nose job. No wonder Quinn didn’t like the self-acceptance lesson. Well played, Glee writers. Well played. I did not see that coming. But I dug it. (That picture was horrible, though… and not super believable. It was like Ryan Reynolds in Just Friends.)

Later at the mall, Puck and Kurt give Rachel a Barbra-vention. There is a flash mob to the song “Barbra Streisand” and everyone dances. Yay team. (btw – I love that Kurt and Puck get along/are friends. Especially since Puck was soooo mean to Kurt in the beginning of Season One. But I think those two make a great pair because they are so different. I think Puck is one of the best characters on the show… that character is just great.)

If we’re handing out Emmys for tonight’s show, then one should go to Jayma Mays (Emma) for her performance in the therapist’s office. “I don’t want to just start popping pills so I can turn into someone that everyone else wants me to be. This is who I’m supposed to be.” (or something like that…) Those line really resonated with me. Don’t get me wrong, the right pills do work for the right illnesses. But I think it was really great to point out that popping pills is not always what is best. And while pills may actually be the best thing for Emma, it’s good to show that there two sides to this equation. Popping pills does not always solve everything. But, sometimes pills are the exact things one needs to help one overcome certain adversities. (I had to take pills for a few weeks or so in high school for [what my doctor called] Depression [though I would argue that it was more anxiety/stress-induced ailments than depression… but whatever], and they helped. But, I remember not really telling anyone about it because I was afraid that people would judge me for having to take pills. My peer group lacked the knowledge about the kind of pills I was on, and I was worried that I would be socially persecuted for being on the medication I was on… you know?)

Mental illness is a serious, serious topic. And I thought Glee handled it really tastefully tonight. Again, it wasn’t preachy, but it was very effective.

Back at school, Quinn told Finn her prom campaign was over b/c there was no way she’d win. Finn pulled out the picture of “Lucy”. I like how he said that was the first picture of his girlfriend where you could really see her. Awwww… Finn.

Lauren apologizes to Quinn. Quinn says she respects Lauren (shocking, but yay!) for being able to command the hallways like she does. I like it when Quinn is nice to people.

The Brittany/Santana scene at the lockers was great. I loved Brittany’s “Lebanese” shirt she made for Santana. (She thought it spelled “lesbian”… oh, Brittany). Brit tells Santana that she was proud of her for telling her what she told her about her feelings. The two argue a bit because Santana is mad that Brittany doesn’t love her back, but Brittany does (just not in that romantic way… at least, that’s what I’m assuming as of right now).

In the auditorium, the kids gather with their Born This Way shirts (really, Mr. Schue, “Butt Chin”?). Rachel tells everyone she cancelled her appointment and is not getting the nose job.

And then they sang “Born This Way.” (No video yet… I will post soon.) And I loved it πŸ™‚ Besides me loving this song anyway (Gaga can do no wrong), I really like the message… as cheesy as that is. I like that Kurt’s back in New Directions. I liked everyone’s shirts. I liked that Santana (in her “Lebanese” shirt) and Karofsky (who looked a bit shocked) were sitting in the audience watching them.

“Born This Way” is an anthem that we all can share, regardless of who we are or what we are. And in that regard, it’s the perfect song for the glee club, as that is an eclectic mix of races, ethnicities, orientations, and religions. Glee celebrates differences/individuality and unity.

I’m sure I could go on for a bit more, but I’m tired and I don’t want to start repeating myself πŸ™‚ I might expand on some of the themes tomorrow, as I have more time to digest the episode.


Well, have a good one

I’m too excited to sleep.

I got off the phone with my sister a bit ago… we made some BIG plans for when I go visit her in a couple weeks. And now my brother will be there too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIBLINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, not only am I seeing my sister conduct a concert *and* StarKid at the Digitour… but now we’re also seeing



Yes, I know I totally saw him in Rock of Ages in September w/my mom… but ROA is going to be in Kansas while I’m in Kansas, and my sister hasn’t seen that show (we ❀ going to musicals), so we are totally going!!!!! And I am going to lose my shit again before/during/after the show because (1) I love Constantine Maroulis (2) I love Rock of Ages and (3) I love Constantine Maroulis in Rock of Ages.

My heart is racing right now as I'm typing this… I cannot friggin’ wait to see this again!

And then, after the show, we’re meeting my brother at a KC Royals game…

PRO BASEBALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, I haven’t been to a ball game in years! I friggin’ LOVE baseball. I love ballparks. I love the atmosphere. I love the uniforms. I love the rules. I love the GAME.

Jesus, it’s going to be an epic weekend.

I was super excited to see StarKid at the Digitour and get to spend some time with my sister… but now I’ll get to see my brother and a musical and Constantine and a baseball game. (And supposedly Darren Criss will be w/StarKid at the Digitour, but I’m not going to get my hopes up for that. I know I’ll get to see him perform when I see Glee Live this summer… so if he’s at the Digitour, that will just be the biggest added bonus of all time. But I am super content with seeing the other members of StarKid, as I respect and admire them all equally. I am so looking forward to Starship and seeing the StarKid people… and it would be totally awesome if I got to meet any of them afterward. But again, I’m not getting my hopes up. It’s going to just be amazing seeing any StarKid person up on that stage. πŸ™‚ )

My heart is going to explode from the amount of excitement I am feeling right now.

How am I supposed to sleep now?


I requested today off (I get three days like that a month, now, at work), so I knew I wasn’t working today… but since I normally work on Mondays and I wasn’t working today, it felt more like a Sunday. Hmmm…

I was in the middle of a weird dream when our house phone in the hallway outside of my bedroom rang and woke me up. (My dream was pretty lengthy… I was in this school-esque location that was a hybrid between the street in downtown Akron that the Main Library is on, and the Ohio University campus. And somehow I became aware that there was going to be an explosion at 11:00 am in one of the main buildings. One other person – someone from my high school biology class who I haven’t spoken to since probably junior year of high school – was also aware of the impending explosion. We didn’t know if we should tell anyone else, because we weren’t sure if the explosion was actually going to happen. So, we went about our business. I was then in some sort of classroom, writing responses back to fan letters [they weren’t fan letters for me, though]. Someone came in to ask me questions, but none of them were about the explosion, so I didn’t say anything. Then, I was walking through the campus-y area and, sure enough, at 11, there was an explosion. All of a sudden, the sky turned gray, and it was like it was night… there was rubble everywhere and some windows had blown out and there were small fires everywhere. It was like a war zone. Everyone was told that they could pack one bag before evacuating the area. When I went to my room/dorm to get my stuff, the phone rang and I woke up…)

So, I climbed out of bed and left my bedroom to walk upstairs when I saw my mom heading for the garage. My dad was at the doctor’s and forgot something he needed, so my mom was heading out to deliver what he forgot.

I poured myself some cereal and settled in on the couch next to Yukon. She usually bolts, but she stayed with me for the next 40 minutes while I finished watching The Wiz.

When my mom got home, we Wii sported for a bit, then got ready to run errands. We ran to a store so she could get some new pants and some shirts, then went to the library b/c she needed some books on tape for when she visits my sister this week. I got a couple more books and a couple movies (The History Boys and What’s Up, Doc?). I had wanted to rewatch What’s Up, Doc? for awhile now, so I was super excited that they had it! I started watching it during lunch. It’s such a great screwball comedy… I love Barbra Streisand and Ryan O’Neal. πŸ™‚ Plus, the plaid overnight bag in the film is gorgeous… I want one like whoa.

After lunch, I went down to my room to try and make some new playlists for mix CDs I need to make before I go visit my sister. I didn’t get to far, as I got sidetracked reading something… whoops.

My mom ducked her head in my room to see if I was up for some ping pong. Yeppers…

I actually won the first game we played! That NEVER happens! I don’t know how I did it, but I totally won the first game. I then lost the rest of the 10+ games we played, but I still won the first one! So, I was happy with that. I also hit my mom on the head with a ping pong ball and it totally knocked her over… it was pretty funny. She was fine, and everything, but we were laughing so hard we had to stop for a few minutes.

We took a break so my mom could plant some flowers. I kept her company and worked on my playlists while she gardened. I have to make a couple more Broadway mixes, a new Glee-mix, a “current” music mix, and then a couple Darren Criss mixes. So, I have a lot of work to do before I leave πŸ™‚

We ping ponged some more and then when my dad got home, we all made dinner together. We made salad with chicken, hard boiled egg, spinach, pickle, tomato and cheese… yuuuuuuum.

Now we’re watching Dancing With the Stars. It’s guilty pleasure night. And the show opened with Hanson singing “Mmm Bop“… which was totally my jam in the 7th grade. πŸ™‚ So far only two couples have danced… and both couples danced to songs that I love. (“… Baby One More Time” and “Don’t Stop Believing”) I love a lot of guilty pleasure music… it’s not guilty pleasure music to me, though. It’s just cheesetastically awesome music that I proudly listen to very loudly all the time.

Well, I’m gonna watch the rest of Dancing show and then I might head to bed. I have to be up early for work tomorrow. Boo…

But, tomorrow is Glee Tuesday (YAY!!!!!!!!!) and Darren Criss will be doing a live Q&A w/Billboard.com, so I should be home in time from work to check that out. Woot woot. But I’m super looking forward to Glee, “Born This Way”.

Have a good one!

Happy Easter to you (if you are someone who celebrates this holiday… if you don’t celebrate Easter, well then I hope you had a wonderful Sunday!)

I stayed up way later than I should have last night (I was *this close* to finishing something I was reading, so I stayed up to finish it…). So, when I woke up this morning and the sun was shining in my window, I was fairly sure I had successfully slept in.

Nope. It was 7:22 am.

Oh well…

I got up, wished my parents a Happy Easter and we had breakfast. Because it was a holiday, my mom made a mini Yeast Beast (I don’t know what the official name of it is, but it’s a breakfast dish made with thawed out frozen rolls, brown sugar, butter, butterscotch pudding powder and nuts… it is delightful).

After breakfast and some Wii Sports, we talked to my sister on the phone. My mom is visiting her this week, and I am visiting her next week. It turns out I can be there more days than I originally thought, so we were trying to plan some stuff I could do when I was there. My sister is conducting some concert, so I will see that. Then I’m gonna force her to watch some StarKid stuff before we go to the Digitour concert on the 8th.

After we hung up, my mom and I went out to the garage to play ping pong since the weather was so nice. We played 3 different times today… probably a total of 5 or 6 hours of ping pong. She won every game but one. But, that’s a lot better that I did last summer, so I was okay with it. We listened to Glee music the whole time… it was wonderful.

My mom and I get super competitive. So, it was a super intense day of ping pong. We were also both really tired, so we were saying some random stuff that the other person found incredibly funny. I can’t type out most of the stuff, as it was a “you had to be there” situation, but lots of laughs were had over my mom’s adding skills, me saying “I’m a wizard, Harry,” and me yelling “SHUCK!” really loudly. (I curse like a sailor… so you can use your imagination to figure out the two words I accidentally combined to come up with “shuck.”)

In between ping pong, I helped my mom set the table for Easter lunch. It was delicious… turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and broccoli. I don’t know why our stuffing is soooooooooo good (it’s literally just bread, celery, chicken stock and spices), but it just is. YUM YUM YUM

After lunch was more ping pong. We took a break for some angel food cake and to sit out on the deck (since the weather was gorgeous). The dogs were outside with us… they like laying out in the sun.

We played more ping pong and now we’re getting ready to watch the Amazing Race. I am bonkers tired, so I will likely pack it in very early tonight (or at least try to). I still have a couple shows to catch up on, but I might just wait until tomorrow. Who knows…

Have a good one.

I am not ashamed to admit that the first thing I thought when I woke up is that there is exactly one week until the youtube premiere of Starship! I have the day off from work (by coincidence… for serious), so I will either be sitting in front of my computer or preferably our ginormous TV w/internet access in the living room, and will watch the whole show in its entirety. I am so friggin’ pumped, you do not understand…

Especially because the following weekend I will be going to Kansas to see the StarKid people! And hopefully they will talk about Starship and the Harry Potter musicals. I am sooooooooooooooooo stoked!

(I’m a dork, I know)

Today was pretty uneventful. I woke up way earlier than I intended and just bummed around the whole morning. I caught up on my NBC shows (watched 2 episodes of Parks and Rec and an episode of Community). I’m about to watch this week’s HIMYM, so then I’ll just be an episode behind on Modern Family and Happy Endings. I figure I will be caught up sometime tomorrow or Monday. Woot.

I watched some more of The Wiz at lunch. How is that movie rated G? It is DARK. And creepy… I still have a bit left to watch. Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Lion just left The Wiz for the first time and are setting out to kill the evil lady. I’ll likely finish this up tomorrow or Monday too.

I worked for a few hours this afternoon. It was busy today… probably because people were doing last minute stuff to get ready for Easter.

After work I went to Borders to see if they had the recent issue of Billboard Magazine (the one w/Darren Criss on the cover). They didn’t, of course. So, since there really isn’t anywhere else in town that has a wide selection of magazines (I already tried Target), I ended up ordering it online. For 200% of what an actual issue costs… BOOOOOO. But, I needed it (well, wanted it bad enough to spend that much on a magazine). So, hopefully it’ll get here soon πŸ™‚

And now I’m gonna watch me some HIMYM and then read and go to sleep. Tomorrow is Easter, so I’ll be helping my mom cook all day and probably watch some crappy movies with my dad πŸ™‚

Have a good one

I know today is Good Friday.

And I had a chat with my parents the other day about what Good Friday is all about and the meaning behind Easter and all that jazz… Let’s just say it’s been about 17 years since I’ve been to church. (No, I take that back… I went to church once with a friend in 7th grade… but we were different faiths… but it still counts… so it’s been 14 years.)

I don’t come from a super religious family. It’s not that we don’t believe in God – because we totally do – it’s just that we don’t go to church, nor do we wave our beliefs in anyone’s faces. We believe what we believe and our tolerant of other people’s beliefs. I even took a religion class in undergrad… I mostly just sat there and listened to some more extreme classmates try and tell the rest of us what religion is right and what ones are wrong. But, I still took the class. I’ve learned about various religions over the course of my life and aspects of all of them make sense to me. I just kind of go with the flow and figure I know what’s working best for me. I know what i believe in. At times I still can’t quite wrap my mind around certain aspects of it, but so far, so good.

So, Good Friday. And Easter Sunday is upon us. I will reflect on what I remember from Bible school from way back in the day. But mostly I will just be thankful for my family and the life I have been given. I know I am blessed. And I am continually thankful for it.

Non-religiously speaking, Easter is pretty much the same as Thanksgiving in our house. We’re just really thankful to have each other and the lives we are living. And the food is the exact same too… we have turkey and all the same stuff that we have at Thanksgiving (same w/Christmas). So, it’s really Spring Thanksgiving… with more religious overtones.

Anyway… when I got up this morning, the first thing my mom did was show me a picture of a wood duck that she saw in the yard this morning. As she was showing me the picture, she asked, “Is *this* what you saw yesterday?” She thought that maybe what I thought was a pheasant yesterday was actually the wood duck, since they both have green heads. I know what a wood duck is!! And I know what a pheasant is!! It kinda hurt my feelings a bit that she thought I was wrong about the kind of bird I saw yesterday. Even though I’m not as into nature stuff as my parents, I do know my birds pretty well. (Go ahead and laugh… but I always get told the story of when I was really little, I was sitting in the back of church with my Grammy looking at a bird book when my sister and everyone else was up front… I think rehearsing for some Easter play or something… and anyway, I just sat there pointing out birds in the bird book and yelling out their names, even though I was supposed to be quiet.)

Today, I helped my mom out with some stuff to prep for Easter Sunday. After we watched Darren Criss and the other Warblers on the Ellen DeGeneres show this morning, we went to Target to get groceries for the rest of the weekend.

After lunch (during which I watched some more of The Wiz), I folded laundry and then chopped up a loaf of bread for stuffing.

While chopping said loaf, I was listening to one of my iPod mixes and there were some songs from the next episode of Glee, “Born This Way”.

(SPOILERS, YO… Plus some of my opinions)

So, if you’ve seen the promo for next week’s episode of Glee, you know that Kurt Hummel is going back to McKinley. Yesterday, there were several clips released from the episode, including the scene where Blaine and the Warblers sing “Somewhere Only We Know” to Kurt in the McKinley outside common area.

I watched this clip a bunch of times… and while I love it to pieces, especially b/c Blaine/Darren is playing piano… I got to thinking: Why didn’t the writers give us an episode of Kurt and Blaine dating while Kurt was still at Dalton? I mean, they just started this new side of their relationship, and already the writers are splitting them up. (Splitting them up distance-wise… not breaking them up, as in “they aren’t going out any more…” because they are still together.) I know there are only 6 episodes left in the season, and Kurt needed to get back to McKinley in time for prom and prepping for Nationals. But it would have been interesting to seeing Kurt and Blaine together in front of their fellow Warblers… see how the other Warblers reacted to their relationship. Give them some time together before putting them in different schools again.

That being said, Kurt’s “I’m back at McKinley” song, “As If We Never Said Goodbye” is FLAWLESS. The vocals are oh so good. I can imagine the context of this scene is him singing to himself as he is prepping to go back to McKinley/wandering the halls of the high school while no one is actually paying attention to him. Not quite a dream sequence, but one where he is able to see everyone while he is singing, but no one acknowledges him and that he is singing… like when Finn sang the first part of “Losing My Religion” in Grilled Cheesus.

Anyway, I am super looking forward to this episode. Especially when they sing “Born This Way” πŸ™‚


When I was done helping out in the kitchen, mom and I played some Wii sports, but then I went to my room to try and catch up on some TV I missed. I only watched one episode of HIMYM, then went back upstairs to watch Oprah. Chris Rock was on… and I love Chris Rock. So, that was a good hour of entertainment.

And then I fell asleep on the recliner in the living room… I was out for probably 45 minutes when my mom’s phone rang. My dad was on his way home from work, so I got up and helped my mom make tacos for dinner. We listened to more Glee music (I’m still trying to get her psyched for the Glee Live concert in June πŸ™‚ ) and then had tacos and watched Easy A with my dad.

I dug the movie… though I thought they almost over-killed it with all of the references of how they weren’t as cliched as some of the more current teen movies/TV shows have been. I liked all of the 80s movie references (John Hughes movies are the voice of a generation) and the cast was great (well… most of the cast. I’m not an Amanda Bynes fan. Sorry. Though I was pumped to see Max Crumm!). Emma Stone is funny, and I have liked her in everything I’ve seen her in. I thought the movie was pretty solid and it was highly entertaining. My parents were laughing like crazy people during the scene where Olive and Brandon are jumping up and down on the bed making sex noises.

After the movie, I kept my mom company in the kitchen while she washed dishes (I washed dishes earlier today, so it’s not like I don’t ever do chores around the house, fyi.). Then, we played 10 games of Wii Billiards. I was kicking her ass, but then she caught up… I had turned Glee music back on, and for some reason would do well in Billiards when the Warblers were on, but not when New Directions were on. Hmmm…. So, after losing 3 games in a row, and the score was Me: 5 Mom: 4, we decided to play one more game. If we tied, we would play one more, but if I won, then I was the champion. So, I clicked through my Glee-mix until I found the next Warblers song, which was “Teenage Dream.” I was doing really well, but the song ended right before I was about to take my last shot – the shot I needed to sink to win. And, “Born This Way” came on… and by the power of Gaga, I totally sank the 9 ball and won. Woot. Woot.

But, now I am tired, even though I had that bit of a nap. I am not setting my alarm, as I don’t have to be to work until 3:45… so here’s hoping I can sleep in some!!

Have a good one

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