What a productive day I had – go me 🙂

I had to be up early to go to work from 9:45-3:15. What a hella slow day at work… oh my goodness. I walked around in circles for awhile. Tried to sing and dance a bit, but the music is extra lame these past few weeks, so even that was hard to keep up. Luckily, one of my most favorite work colleagues was there for 1/3 of the time I was, so we got to chat and whatnot. That’s always nice.

After work, I did go to the Old Navy and Target. It took me longer than it should have to get there b/c I got totally turned around and ended up heading in the wrong direction (which also happened on the way home… blah). At Old Navy, I got the right kind of black pants I needed (i.e. *not* short ones… even though my legs are freakishly short for how tall I am, short pants are not becoming on me. Not in the slightest…). *And* they were 30% off… *and* I had a 10% off coupon. So, yay me. I also got a shirt for, like 80 cents. And I got this gorgeous trench coat for about $18… I love it. And I needed a trench coat, so it was perfect. Now I just need to find the perfect pair of boots and I will be all set.

After Old Navy, I went to Target for my Wii Glee Karaoke Revolution Version 2. They had the game (yay!), but only the version with a microphone (boo!). Now, I already have, like, four microphones (four Wii microphones… I only have two actual microphones, though I’m in the market for a sparkly one), so I was pissed that if I wanted the game right then and there, I would have to shell out $10 more than I expected. But, I needed the game. (Okay, WANTED the game badly), so I got it along with some other essentials… Cadbury Eggs, hairbands, bandaids, and toothpaste (Crest Kids Sparkly Fun toothpaste b/c I was feeling nostalgic).

When I finally made it home (after getting turned around on one of the streets I’m familiar with… shame on me), I threw all my stuff in my room, ripped open my Glee game and sang a couple songs.

While I am not impressed with the songs they opted to put on this version (the second half of Season One, song-wise, is amazing… but soooooooooooo many good songs are not on the game. Songs not on the game, but I wish they were: Bohemian Rhapsody, Home, Run Joey Run, Like A Prayer, Another One Bites the Dust, all of the mash-ups, Express Yourself, Hello, Poker Face, Highway to Hell, Piano Man, Rose’s Turn and then some.)

But they friggin’ put PINK HOUSES on the game?!?!?!?! Kurt sang, what, three lines from that song, and it wasn’t even a real Kurt song. It was Kurt pretending to be someone he wasn’t to impress his dad. UGH GLEE GAME, WHY ARE YOU SO LAME?

But, this second version is a bit better than the first in its set up. For the scrapbook, it lists the criteria to pass each song on the song’s title screen, which totally helps. Also, you get “stickers” for passing all of the criteria per song. I only sang three songs so I haven’t quite felt out the whole game yet. But, I got a perfect on “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on my first go-round, and almost perfect on “Dream On”. However, “Bad Romance” was harder than I thought… I must practice my Gaga.

Since I didn’t eat lunch, I was hungry like whoa, so I stopped playing and my parents and I had dinner. While they were making corned beef sandwiches (gross), I had leftover pizza. As I was getting my pizza, my dad told me he had read some of my blog entries. Not that this is a private blog or anything, but I don’t really want my parents reading this.

Well, he read it (and if you’re reading this, dad, then Hi.), and he mentioned that he read the post about how I thought he and my mom were adorable. Unfortunately that post also was one where I mentioned thinking the guy I helped at work was attractive.

Cue the beginning of a (thankfully short) conversation of my dad trying to give me relationship advice. Thank goodness my mom walked in right then, as I was like “Please make him stop giving me relationship advice” and she told him to stop and he did.

So, as much as I love my dad (and I do, Dad, I love you lots), that was not the conversation to be having right then and there in the kitchen. The reason I don’t talk to my parents about relationship stuff is because I know that 1.) it’ll get epically awkward and/or 2.) I’ll get teased about it incessantly. So, from now on, I shan’t be posting any personal stuff that I don’t want my parents (well, really just my dad) questioning me about later. Not that my personal life is super exciting these days… but to be on the safe side I just won’t post about it.

After dinner, I worked on some more chart stuff for my thesis. After going about it the long way, I finally figured out how to make my life much easier in Excel. I didn’t master the program, but I figured out what filters I could use so I wouldn’t have to cut and paste a bunch of stuff onto a different sheet in order to sum it all up. So, that was a huge relief.

During all this math stuff, I watched the Glee re-run that was on tonight – “Grilled Cheesus”. (Here were my original thoughts on that episode back in October when it first aired…) Chris Colfer KILLS me in this episode. When he sings “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” my heart breaks every time. Every. Time.

I was super excited for the promo for the upcoming episodes in a couple weeks. (SPOILER ALERT) I spied Blaine in civilian clothes… pushing Karofsky. I am very much looking forward to the Kurt/Blaine/Karofsky confrontation. I’m looking forward to some Angry Blaine… it should be some good character development. Also “Born This Way”. I love this song. I love Glee. I will love Glee and this song. And I’m super looking forward to “Somewhere Only We Know”… even though they didn’t show any of that in the promo, but it’s supposed to be on the next episode. Yay for new Glee in a few weeks!!) (END SPOILERS)

Well, off to bed… gotta work a few hours tomorrow, then I have 3 days off to kick butt on more thesis stuff. I’m finishing this fucker. (Pardon my French)

Have a good one