Man, I can’t wait until I start sleeping well on a regular basis. These past few weeks have been killing me. I had another night of little sleep and I was walking around like a zombie most of the day.

I don’t understand how I haven’t been scolded for yawning so much at work. I can’t help it. When there is little or no people around to help, I just start yawning up a storm. I then walk in circles snapping to myself in time with the music to keep my mind occupied while I try desperately to not fall asleep exactly where I am standing.

Luckily I only had to work 4 hours. When I got home, I sat with my mom out on our sun porch and had a sandwich. The weather has been so nice around here as of late. Too bad I have to spent a bulk of the next week down in my dungeon of a room working on my paper.

After my snack, I went to said dungeon to double check all of the paper charts I made thus far for my thesis. Since I had done some of them completely by hand (as in did calculations w/either mental math or with a bit of assistance with a calculator), I went through everything using Excel to make sure my math was right. I was super proud of myself – I only made two teeny tiny mistakes. However, I’m glad I double checked. Now I can dive head first into making computerized charts tomorrow morning.

I would have started that process today, but since I was so tired, I didn’t trust myself to make charts without messing up. Plus, I came up with another aspect of my charts that I think I should include, so I will need to figure out how to work those into the charts I have planned out already. As is, I think I will need five charts. I think anymore than that would be over kill.

Plus, I cut my thesis stuff short today because my dad was supposed to be on the news. We either missed his interview, though, or they edited it out for time because he was not on during the hour and a half we had the news channel on. Oh well.

After dinner, I grabbed my blanket, pillow and latest edition of Vanity Fair (hello Rob Lowe...) and settled myself down on the couch. I didn’t last long with the magazine, as my eyes were closing fast. So, I rested a bit before American Idol started.

The remaining 9 contestants are all pretty good, so it’s going to be rough seeing people go home over the next month or so. This week’s theme was Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (You know, I lived in Ohio for 14 years after the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opened and I never once went there… whoops.) I dug Jason, Casey, James, Scott and Stefano’s performances. Paul actually kinda did okay this week… at least he was singing out. Of the three girls that are left, Pia is my favorite. But, really most of the people left are really great, so it should be good shows the rest of the season.

Well, I am super tired, so I am going to read some stuff real quick and then go to bed. I have my alarm set for 8:30 so I can get up and get to work… I am determined to get my thesis stuff done on time. Grrrr

Have a good one